Cycop Life SWIFT 2.0 Backpack Review


The Cycop SWIFT 2.0 is a backpack designed to give you everything you need to take on life in today’s urban jungles and even stretches a bit further than that. It will immediately catch your eye for the unusual zipper, which traces a curvy “S” from the top to the bottom of the backpack to provide you with quick and easy access to different compartments, but the Cycop SWIFT 2.0 comes packed with hidden features that will make your life easier.

Those of us that are always juggling between work, travel, and sport will know how hard it is to find a backpack that works well for all of these situations. One might have the capacity but feel ungainly in an office space, while the other might fit perfectly under our desks but be vulnerable to the slightest amount of rain or bad weather. The Cyclop SWIFT 2.0 aims to reach a nice sweet spot between the two, delivering a bag that is nice to carry and looks at home in a metropolis but can also hold its own in the outdoors.

Protected by waterproof material, the inside of the Cyclop SWIFT 2.0 is full of smartly hidden pockets to let you organize your stuff without having to worry about it dropping out. The outside of the bag features several handles and straps to adjust how it feels on your shoulders or change the way you carry it around. The minimalist look is sleek and modern and fits perfectly with contemporary office attire, making the Cycop SWIFT 2.0 a very well rounded option, ready to perform in almost every urban life scenario.


The standout feature on the Cycop SWIFT 2.0 backpack is the S-shaped zipper that runs from the top to the bottom of the bag. This allows the wearer to access the internal compartments in seven different ways, with the possibility of choosing which side to open first. Thanks to this system you won’t need to take the bag off your shoulders every time you need to reach for something. Once you open the flaps you will find netted and zippered pockets inside each of them, and textures inner pockets on the back wall, to provide more options for the organization of your items. Another zippered pocket is available on the top of the bag, right under the top carrying knob, while on the sides you will find two elastic pockets designed to hold bottles.

The bottom of the Cycop SWIFT 2.0 features an isolated dry layer that is designed to hold wet items such as sports clothes or another pair of shoes. when loaded, however, this will significantly reduce the available volume inside the bag. When empty, it can simply be folded back down to let you take advantage of the whole compartment. The outer shell of the backpack uses 600D polyester and 1000D nylon to make a completely waterproof surface, so you won’t need to worry if you take it out in the rain. The Cycop SWIFT 2.0 features two breathable mesh straps that can be adjusted with top and bottom straps, something that is usually only seen on big hiking bags, while an adjustable sternum strap is also included to help evenly distribute the weight load.

The Cycop SWIFT 2.0 also has a quick access layer close to your back, which is ideal for storing a laptop or any A4 sized documents. The design is clean and sleek, with only a small logo and the diagonal line of the zipper interrupting the surface, and on the back there is also a strap designed to slide the bag onto a trolley, making it a perfect addition to a travel kit. Overall, the Cycop SWIFT 2.0 gives you everything you need to commute to work, go to the gym, or even plan a one-day outdoor trip. Here is a rundown of the most important features of this remarkable backpack.

  • S-shaped zipper provides 7 different ways of access
  • Waterproof
  • Numerous internal zippered pockets
  • Bottom isolated dry layer
  • Top carrying knob and pocket
  • Rear quick access pocket perfect for a laptop
  • Load lifter straps
  • YKK zippers
  • Minimalist design
  • Can hold a laptop of up to 15 inches
  • Adjustable chest strap



Height: 47 cm

Width: 28 cm

Depth: 20 cm

Volume: 23 liters

Materials: 600D polyester and 1000D nylon

Weight: 0.95 kg/ 2 pounds

User Experience


Usability: The Cycop SWIFT 2.0 is a nice and comfortable backpack to carry around, with more than enough storage space for the needs of the everyday commuter. The great amount of pockets is very welcome and works well to keep things organized and easily reachable. Once the zipper is completely undone and the bag laid flat, it feels as if you’re filling up a suitcase with the welcome addition of knowing that every corner is accessible whenever you need it to be. The shoulder straps are comfortable and easy to adjust even if the chest strap does not feel like the most high-quality part of the whole bag, and the top handle feels nice and comfortable in the hand. Having a rear quick-access pocket is an excellent addition and proves extremely useful in an office environment. The Cycop SWIFT 2.0, however, feels sturdy enough to sustain a day trip to the woods, especially thanks to its waterproof exterior, although if you use it to carry an extra pair of shoes you have to give up quite a bit of the internal storage space.

Design: Modern and minimalist, the Cycop SWIFT 2.0 looks exactly how you would expect a 21st-century accessory to look. With clean lines broken only by the daring diagonal cut of the zipper, the backpack will combine perfectly with any trendy working outfit and even add a touch of style to a less audacious one. The pockets are all very well integrated into the design and it’s nice to not have any sharp corners sticking out or some awkwardly shaped additions. Overall, the bag is a pleasure to look at and to carry on your back, striking a very decent balance between daring and conformity. It’s useful to remember that making something look simple and clean is very difficult, but we feel that the Cycop SWIFT 2.0 gets the job done in style.


  • Very nice to use, S-zipper works well
  • Good waterproof build
  • Beautiful minimal design
  • Has enough capacity for a day trip


  • Capacity decreases considerably if you put shoes in the bottom compartment

Overall Rating


Usability: 98% – The Cycol SWIFT 2.0 is an excellent, well-rounded bag that fits perfectly with the urban environment. The S-zipper is an ingenious and elegant way to have immediate access to different sections of the bag and works flawlessly. The waterproof exterior gives you the confidence to head out in any weather condition and the straps feel comfortable and are easy to adjust. The quick access zipper on the back is very useful and overall there is not much more to ask from a very well tough out product.

Design: 98% – Nowadays it’s not enough for urban accessories to do their job well, they have to look good too. The people behind the Cycop SWIFT 2.0 know that and you can feel they have put a special effort into designing a clean and modern looking item that will fit nicely into the wardrobe of any millennial or gen-z person. The minimal look is bound to be appreciated by fashion-conscious individuals, and even those who don’t worry too much about the way they look will recognize and appreciate the effort that is needed to make a backpack that challenges expectations.

Price: 96% – The Cycop SWIFT 2.0 is priced a bit above what you would expect to pay for a regular backpack, but then it is not a regular backpack. As will all premium and innovative items, price follows accordingly but in this case, we feel that it shouldn’t be a reason to give up on your purchase. Given the number of features that the Cycop SWIFT 2.0 brings to the table, we feel that that this is money worth spending and we’re sure you won’t be regretting it anytime soon, after having taken it out a few times.

Overall: 98% – Overall, it’s very hard to find something to dislike about the Cycop SWIFT 2.0 backpack. It feels nice, holds more than enough gear, and looks great while it does so. The innovative design makes it easy to use and a pleasure to wear, so this item earns with merit our wholehearted recommendation.

Globo Surf Overview

Striking a unique balance between style, portability, and practicality, the Cycop SWIFT 2.0 might just be the ideal backpack for the urban pro, just as its manufacturers claim it to be. You lose a bit of space if you put shoes inside, but this is something common to any backpack so we can’t count it as a negative, and aside from that every other feature pretty much hits the marked spot on.

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Cycop Life SWIFT 2.0 Backpack Review
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