10 Cross Training Activities For Skiers


Cross-training during the off-season can help improve your ski game when winter arrives. While both experienced and beginning skiers may know this, most people do not know the cross-training activities they should get involved in.

If you would like to be more fit and flexible the next time you mount and adjust your ski bindings, read on. We will be focusing on the best cross-training for skiing.

Top Ski Cross-Training Activities

1. Trail Running and Hiking

On top of being extremely effective ski cross-training activities, running and hiking are among the most readily available activities in the off-season. All you will need is some running or hiking shoes, an open trail, and you are all set to start your cross-training for skiing.

Running and hiking feature numerous benefits, including developing your leg strength, improving your endurance, and boosting your cardiovascular health. The activity will help you develop the fast-twitch muscles – when you decide to get on your all-mountain skis, you will have the conditioning, strength, and agility needed to charge through all the conditions.

2. Cycling

If you have tried cycling before, then you already know that the intense aerobic activity is capable of leaving the heart pumping and the lungs gasping. While the activity may not feel awesome at first, your blood vessels, brain, and heart will thank you in the long run.

Additionally, with each turn of the pedals, you will be building your leg muscles. Since the core also works hard to keep you upright on the bicycle paddle, you will have a stronger core the next time you put on the ski jacket.

3. Mountain Biking

When racing up and down the rocky biking trails, you will be working your heart, core, legs, and arms. Mountain biking generally boasts the same advantages as road cycling, with extra coordination as a bonus.

The diverse terrain you encounter will help you engage your stabilizer muscles to maintain balance. Mountain biking also introduces you to the intimidating terrain, making it easier for you to explore complicated snow terrains when the winter arrives.

4. Surfing

This type of cross-training for skiing will bring the flow of carving down the snowy terrains to water. Similar to skiing, surfing is a full-body workout – it requires all your muscle groups to work together.

The upper body will be worked when you are paddling while the leg muscles will have to guide your surfboard. The changing wave height will force you to constantly adjust your position and shift the body weight to stay balanced. All this will make you a better skier.

5. Stand Up Paddleboarding


Standing on top of a beginner stand paddleboard and rowing at the same time is not easy. To maintain balance, all your muscles will have to work together. This strength and full-body awareness will translate into skiing by giving you more confidence on the skis, improved awareness of how you are supposed to shift your body to attack your line in a better way, and strength to charge down all slopes.

6. Rollerblading

Rollerblading is one of the best ski cross-training activities you can take up during the offseason. On top of building the upper leg muscles, hips, buttocks, and the muscles available on your lower back, it helps you with balance.

The control necessary to maintain an upright position requires several major muscle fibers. This helps you acquire physical strength while increasing your motion range. Overall rollerblading should help you have a good time when you put on your ski gear.

7. Elliptical

This type of cross-training for skiing is ideal for people who are looking for an aerobic activity featuring low impact. The elliptical machines will engage both your lower and upper body while improving your endurance.

Additionally, the activity does feature cardiovascular benefits. If you use the elliptical machines while waiting for the winter season, exploring the snow on your skis should be much easier.

8. Zumba

Zumba is not just ideal for de-stressing and weight loss; the activity can help you get ready for the skiing season. It will get your heart rate up, hence boosting your cardiovascular health over time.

It helps you acquire the coordination you will need once you put on your ski gloves and get on your ski. The legs and arms will be moving in varying directions – you will need a good deal of coordination for this. With repeated practice, you should feel much comfortable moving your whole body.

9. Yoga

While yoga and skiing maybe 2 extremes, they do complement each other. The yoga positions and movements could benefit skiers and also help reduce the physical demands often placed on the body by the skiing sport.

To be comfortable when getting down the mountain on your skis, you will need concentration, balance, strength, and flexibility. Yoga, as a ski cross-training activity, should help you develop all these qualities over time.

10. Swimming

Swimming will engage your core and help with working your upper body. The ski cross-training activity will do all this while allowing your joints to rest.

If you practice swimming regularly during the offseason, you should have built your core stability when the winter season arrives. This will give you the ability to stay balanced on the ski while keeping a posture that allows you great performance. Since the activity is capable of improving the total endurance, you should be able to enjoy skiing longer, compared to skiers who do not engage in any form of cross-training for skiing.

Globo Surf Overview

If you would like to level up your skiing abilities during the offseason, the ski cross-training activities mentioned above should help you with this. The types of cross-training for skiing mentioned above should help you build your strength, agility, flexibility, endurance, and other crucial skiing qualities. Keep in mind that this list does not feature all the ski cross-training activities – you can always find new activities to add to this list.

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