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Are you a diver and probably don’t know where best to go diving in Cozumel? Are you adventurous and passionate enough that you can travel miles away to look for the best dive spots for scuba diving, snorkeling, or free-diving? Then today is your lucky day because we have put together 10 amazing dive spots in Cozumel to make things easier for you.

So before preparing your snorkeling or scuba diving checklist, take a quick look at the Cozumel dive sites below so you can have an idea of where to start.

Why Cozumel?

Cozumel houses some of the most popular dive spots in the world. Located off the east coast of Yucatan, it is the largest island in Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, measuring about 32 miles from north to south and 9 miles from east to west.

Cozumel has been recently ranked among the top best places for innovative diving, but that does not mean that beginners are left out. The island is very appropriate for divers with different levels of experience.

Whether you are new to the underwater world and want to find out how your first scuba dive will look like or a pro diver who is looking for a change of experience, Cozumel’s got something for everyone. How about skin diving and snorkeling? These are also activities you would love to try in Cozumel.

So, if you are preparing for a dive holiday in Mexico, Cozumel diving should be the first item on your bucket list. Here are the 10 best dive sites in Cozumel.

1. Santa Rosa Wall

Santa Rosa Wall is popularly known as one of the deepest dive sites in Cozumel. The spot offers good visibility in daylight hours under normal lighting conditions.

The water current can be strong to moderate due to the nature of the wall. The site is therefore ideal for skilled and intermediate level divers. If you are a beginner, you may want to improve your buoyancy control before making Santa Rosa Wall your dive trip destination.

Santa Rosa begins at around 15meters/50feet underwater and the bottom goes past 30 meters. The water garden itself has too much to offer including vast sponges, overhangs, fire coral, swim through tunnels and caves. You may even have an encounter with eagle rays, turtles, and pelagic fish!

2. Colombia Wall

Colombia wall is yet another favorite dive spot for underwater enthusiasts. The 30 meters high plunging site houses a stunning cave, cavern systems, and a tunnel.

Divers mostly come here to see the huge coral pinnacles and barracuda, eagle rays, turtles, and the beautiful reef fish. A dynamic coral reef crowns a sheer drop off and gigantic coral pinnacles escalate 15meters/50feet from the foot. It is a site you don’t want to miss.

3. Palancar Reef

Palancar reef stretches over three and a half miles and accommodates enormous reef collections where you can find thousands of diverse coral species. Its depth drops up to 80 feet/25 meters, which enables divers to enjoy the region’s various finger coral developments.

This spot can accommodate all levels of divers. If you are new to the game, however, make sure to learn basic survival skills like underwater diving navigation, diving breathing techniques, and how to save air when diving before you go.

4. Punta Sur Reef

Punta Sur reef is an attractive site that consists of a deep wall with caverns and cracks. It is only recommended for expert divers due to its depth and strong currents there.

This site is divided into two major segments reaching depths of approximately 27 meters/90 feet.  The first segment (southern) holds a spectacular compartment named the Cathedral, which is filled with sea life including barracuda, toadfish, and spotted eagle rays. The second segment (northern) holds the Devil’s throat, a remarkable cavern creation that will really give you something to remember.

5. Barracuda Reef


Located on the northern part of the island, Barracuda is one of the most spectacular Cozumel dive sites, with currents of 2 to 10 knots. The currents can be violent at times and therefore not the best spot for beginners.

However, it is a great site to see pelagic, eagle rays, nurse sharks, leopard rays, turtles, and barracudas. Bring your diving camera and capture the hard to find black-tip reef sharks and hammerheads. If you have an underwater drone, even better, as you will be able to get even the most sneaky reef organisms on the flick.

6. Paradise Beach

The beauty of Paradise beach is that you can dive during the day and at night, which gives you an awesome experience. It is an excellent dive site for all levels of divers.

Covered with crystal clear waters, stunning reefs, and brightly colored tropical sea species, Paradise beach offers divers an experience of a lifetime. If you fancy going underwater after sunset, then this is a spot you don’t want to leave out.

7. Chankanaab Reef

Chankanaab reef is another good site for night scuba diving and snorkeling. Unlike paradise, it is less populated and has an abundance of sea life. It reaches a depth of approximately 12 meters/40feet and has two separate segments (northern and southern) split by a sand channel.

The northern segment is stuffed with marine species like crabs, lobsters, and seahorses while the southern segment is popular for spotted moray eels and toadfish. The southern segment is also slightly shallow and best for night diving.

8. Maracaibo Reef

Maracaibo reef is also known as the southernmost reef of the island.  It is exposed to currents that are sometimes unpredictable due to its location.

Of all Cozumel diving spots, this one is the deepest and therefore, divers should be more cautious when descending. Make sure to perfect your buoyancy before you go. And don’t forget to bring your camera to document your moments with the hammerheads and eagle heads.

9. Tormentos Reef

Tormentos reef is situated off the coast of the island and holds a diversity of sea life. With a depth of about 15meters/50feet, the spot is normally categorized as an intermediate level diving site. It’s healthy reef experiences a strong current and numerous tunnels that give shade to the nurse sharks, sea turtles grunts, and snappers.

10. Punta Tunich

Punta Tunich is mainly shallow with so many colorful coral projections and sponges. In this area, you will find turtles, snappers, grunts, and even nurse sharks. Punta Tunich is popular for its swift currents and drifts dives.

Global Surf Overview

Cozumel is a typically undeveloped island, yet it hides some of the most incredible dive spots in Mexico. The above sites will give you a mind-blowing underwater experience but you also need to stay safe while at it. Bring your dive computer to lower your risk of decompression sickness, stay warm while underwater, and perfect your plunging skills before you go.

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