How To Clean Hot Tub Filters


Soaking yourself in hot water is one of the sweetest things one looks forward to every single time after a long day at work. This just explains how awesome a hot tub is and if you have one you obviously know what hot tub filters are.

How to have your hot tub’s performance at its best and very clean is tidying up your filters regularly.

Well, how regular?

Yes, we saw that coming!

Hot tub filters should be cleaned at least once a week. However, the cleaning should be on a weekly, monthly, and after three months basis but in different methods.

This sounds a bit twisted, but we are not leaving it here. We are sure you want a hygienically clean and sparkling hot tub, alright? So let’s get going!

Know What You Are Dealing With!

Even before you get down to this spa filter cleaning let’s first find out what these filters are made of.

· The Media

This is the outer part of the filter that resembles a fabric in appearance and the majority of them are white in color. All the water passes through here and the fabric prevents the refuse that may be in the water from getting into the tub.

· The Core

Just as the name suggests, the core is the inner part of the filter. It gives the filter strength from the flow of the water. If the core is not steady enough to support the filter the water flow will reduce.

· The End Caps

These are found at the end of the filter and are often made of plastic. They ensure the completeness of the filter by attaching it to the tub.

Three Easy Methods Of Cleaning Your Filters

Method 1 (Weekly)

This is the easiest of all and is also known as the quick rinse which should take place at least once a week. You have this day you are off duty and don’t have much on your to-do-list? This is the perfect time for this.

And you don’t need much; just your dirty hot tub filters and clean water, which should be running water probably from your sink or the water pipe in your backyard.

Take your time and let the water run through the folding in the media to remove any dirt, hair, or refuse that maybe trapped in between. After you are done and very sure that your filter is clean put it out to dry before fitting it back into the tub.

Method 2 (Monthly)

Here we will need you to invest in a hot tub filter cleaner. But what if I use bleach, dishwasher, or household cleaners? You may ask!

All those are a big NO for us. Why?

We are aware that they can give you a sparkling clean filter but they come along with their disadvantages.

Bleach will end up destroying the fibers so badly, reducing the performance of the filter, and those household cleaners are no better. If you do use the latter then be ready to deal and have foam as an issue in your hot tub. Dishwasher has the same effect on your filter as that of bleach.

You now know!

So you are ready with your hot tub cleaner, right?

Dilute as instructed by the manufacturer and put it in a clean spray bottle. Now, remove your filter from the tub and spray an ample but genuine amount of the cleaner throughout the filter. Leave it for about twenty minutes, with the cleaner still on it.

Finally, rinse the filter in clean running water and ensure you do it perfectly.

Perfectly! We insist. If this cleaner is left on the filter, then very soon you will be wasting money on chemicals, trying to get rid of foam in your hot tub. This is definitely not what you want!

Method 3 (Yearly)

It is always recommended that you change the water in your hot tub at least once after four months and when doing this, don’t leave out the cleaning of your filter.

You need to perform a chemical soak once a year to remove any traces of chemical residue that could have clogged your filters. To do this, you will require a hot tub filter cleaning chemical. Maybe you are wondering where to get these. It simple! When purchasing your hot tub ensure you ask your retailer about the best hot tub cleaning chemicals and how to get each one of them. Our point is, don’t just use any product!

Dilute the chemical with water just as instructed on the sachet or bottle. Remove your filter from the tub and soak it in the water, which should be enough for it to immerse fully.

The soaking should last for at least twenty-four hours, which is simply overnight. As soon as this duration is over, remove the filters from the solution and rinse them thoroughly to ensure that no chemical is left on them.

You all know what happens when the rinsing is not done well. The last thing anybody wants is a frothing hot tub!

Globo Surf Overview

Sometimes, how dirty your hot tub filters are is usually determined by your source of water. It would be better to install pre-filters to make it easier for your hot tub filters when cleaning the water in your tub.

Having a plan B is always a brilliant idea! Why don’t you get yourself a spare filter for your hot tub so that you can always use it when you cleaning the initial one.

These things get old too! If you notice that it is bent or looks torn, well that automatically conveys a message. It’s time to change and replace your hot tub filter!

Actually, it’s not healthy to use one filter for more than two years. If you do, you are not only endangering your health but also assuring yourself of a very poor hot tub filtration system!

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