Cinch Hub Pop Up Tent Review


While some people think that setting up a tent is part of the adventure, for most people, they don’t want to spend a long time trying to install their tent while getting frustrated by a difficult construction and instructions that are hard to follow. This is going to be even more stressful if it is dark, windy, or raining.

That’s why popup tents can be popular, as they offer you the solution to easily setting up your tent in no time and not having to worry too much about any difficult setup. Most popup tents though only offer that solution as they come in a small size that might be uncomfortable for a lot of users.

That’s where Cinch comes in as they have made a series of popup tents that are not only easy to set up but also are spacious and come with a level of technology that will give you a very comfortable camping experience. Their Hub model is perfect for the solo traveler and might just change your view on popup tents.

It has several key features that help it stand out from the crowd and in this review, we will look further into those features to see how they are going to make your life easier. We will also look at how it ranks in some key areas before giving it an overall rating. Once you’ve finished reading this review, you’ll know whether or not the Chhe Chinch Hubinch Hub is perfect for you.



The Cinch Hub allows a comfortable and spacious sleeping area for one person with plenty of space for you to be able to place your items. Here we have a quick overview of the key features that it has before looking at them in a greater level of detail.

  • High level of ventilation
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy setup
  • LED bulbs
  • Storage pockets
  • Easy to carry bag
  • Set up for solar connectivity
  • Light reflective guy lines
  • Multi-tent connectivity
  • Dual-layer doors
  • Removable groundsheet



Size:  Length 7’4’’ Width 7’4’’ Height 6’

Packed weight: 28 pounds

Packed size: 2’10” diameter

Fly fabric: 40D nylon 4500 mm PU/silicone coating

Floor fabric: 70D nylon 10000 mm PU coating

Mesh fabric: 20D nylon lightweight mesh

User Experience

Setup: The big advantage of popup tents is just how easy they are to set up. A lot of people see the setup of a tent as a huge downside of camping but that’s not the case with this product as you are going to be able to have it set up in a matter of minutes.

It is also very easy to carry too as you are going to be able to carry it on your back in the cylindrical shape that it comes in. It’s not a lightweight tent but it’s one that most people are going to find comfortable enough, even over quite long distances.

Once you get to your destination, the color-coded nature of the installation means that you only have to follow the simple steps that it has. It’s larger than most other popup tents but still is very simple to get up. It has a removable groundsheet too and you are going to be able to enjoy a large amount of cover that it provides.

Another interesting aspect about Cinch products is that they are set up from solar panel use and this can be bought separately. This will allow you to power any electronic products that you have inside, as well as the LED lights that it has.

The Cinch Hub can also connect to other Cinch products as well to make a larger community. This can be great if you have friends or family who want to have their own space but also wants to share a home away from home with the comfort that a large tent system would provide.

Usability: One factor that might cause an issue for some people is the weight of it, as it’s quite a bit heavier than most ultralight tents. It can still be used as a backpacking tent though as for most people that weight isn’t really going to be an issue.

Another great aspect of Cinch products is that they are very well lighted and that is the case with the Hub too as it has four LED bulbs that are going to be able to give you a great level of lighting in the tent and make it feel as though you are camping in luxury.

A convenient aspect of this tent is that it has internal storage pockets available. These are great for being able to place your valuable items or anything else that you want easy access to, or you don’t want to lie around on the floor.

The Cinch Hub also has reflective guy lines too that are going to be able to increase the level of safety that you have as you are not going to accidentally trip over them when you are coming back to your tent after the sun goes down. Popup tents are popular for their usability and this product takes it one step further with the great features that it has.

Comfort: One of the most impressive aspects of Cinch products is that they have a level of comfort that you usually only expect from a glamping tent. While the Hub is a one-person product, it is still able to give you a very high level of comfort for you to enjoy.

It can have a high level of ventilation for you to stay cool on even the warmest of days. That is a big negative of a lot of tents but the Cinch holds comfort as a large priority and you don’t have to worry about that here.

It also has a good level of water resistance too which comes from the rain fly and the inner material too. You don’t have to fear waking up in a puddle of water as you do with other tents. You also don’t need to worry about a high level of condensation on the tent as it’s going to avoid that too.

Overall this is a tent that has a high level of comfort. All you need to do now is pick your perfect sleeping bag to be able to enjoy a very good night of sleep wherever you are in the world. Once it’s time to move on, then you’ll have it folded back up in no time.


  • Good weather resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Great lighting
  • Good storage options
  • Highly portable


  • Fairly heavy

Overall Rating


As we have already seen, the Cinch Hub is a very good product and one that clearly impresses when it comes to the usability and comfort of the product. Here we see how it ranks in some of the key areas before giving it an overall rating.

  • Price: 90% – When you are getting the Cinch Hub you are paying for high quality and convenient product and that is reflected in the price. When you first get it set up, you know that it had been a price that was worth paying.
  • Material: 95% – The materials used in the tent are very good and strike a perfect balance between weight and effectiveness. They have a great level of water resistance and are going to keep you comfortable and safe, while also being durable too.
  • Design: 100% – The overall design of the Cinch Hub can’t really be faulted. It is easy to set up, easy to enter and has a very large amount of space for a one-person tent. It also looks great too and there are no difficulties involved in using it.
  • Overall: 95% – This is a very good product that mixes in an excellent use of materials with a great design that gets the most out of a popup tent. It has a remarkable level of quality and overall it deserves the high rating that it has received.

Globo Surf Overview

When compared to other pop-up tents, the Chinch Hub, as well as the other products from Cinch, really do stand out from the competition. They combine the space of a regular tent with the usability of a popup tent to create one of the best products on the market.

All of that comes at a very affordable price range and you are not going to regret paying it once you have set up your tent. It is made from the best materials and the design will make sure that it is easy, usable, practical, and will also give you a good night of sleep.

It’s no surprise then that the Cinch Hub is a product that comes highly recommended for any solo traveler who is looking for the most convenient and spacious solution. This is a brilliant product and one that you are going to be very happy with for many years.

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