Chromotherapy Sauna Therapy: Should You Try It Or Not


Chromotherapy sauna involves applying light therapy by using color. This process restores the balance in your body and many people use it to improve their overall wellness. This is not a new kind of therapy since it has been used since ancient times.

Ancient Mayans, Indians, Egyptians, and Chinese set the grounds for modern chromotherapy. Each color light is associated with a different area. For example, red light is usually used for stimulation, while blue color light is used for relaxation. In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about sauna light therapy.

What Are The Benefits of Chromotherapy Sauna?

The benefits of chromotherapy sauna include decreased muscle tension, pain relief, accelerated healing, and decreased inflammation, among other things. Here is a list of the benefits associated with sauna light therapy:

Pain Relief

Color therapy often leads to pain relief because it helps reduce muscle tension, swelling, inflammation, and other similar conditions that cause pain. Users often report better feeling better after chromotherapy sessions.

Decreased Inflammation and Reduced Swelling

Color light therapy can significantly help with inflamed and swollen areas. It is known to help catalyze the healing process as well as soothe the affected area. Also, it can reverse irritation and help your muscles relax. So, put on your sauna suit if you’re having such problems.

Accelerated Healing

Your body’s healing process can be accelerated with the help of color light treatment. Rejuvenating light therapy is used to speed up the healing process of burns, wounds, post-surgical scars, and even more. You can even go to an outside sauna to get these health benefits.

Increased Range of Motion

Using chromotherapy sauna can make your muscles more relaxed, as well as lubricate your joints. This leads to an increased range of motion of your body. If the range of motion is increased, it can lead to many benefits, such as injury prevention and improved flexibility.

Improved Circulation

Certain colors can even have heat-like effects on your body because they vibrate at different frequencies. This can positively affect the circulation of your body. Using an infrared sauna as well as applying chromotherapy gives the best results.

Regulated Mood

Color light therapy can help relax the body as well as dissolve tensions and knots. This can be done when the appropriate type of light is applied to tight muscle areas. Doing this can significantly reduce stress, which is another amazing benefit of sauna light therapy.

SAD Relief (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Everyone has their internal biological clock which helps us adjust to the weather conditions and the phenomenon of nights and days. But, winter months can usually trigger Seasonal Affective Disorder by making it confused with lack of sunlight and much shorter days.

Chromotherapy can also help with these symptoms. Certain colors can help ease the symptoms of SAD, improving your sleeping patterns, general sleep quality, as well as regulating your mood during those cold days.

Improved Sleep

Muscle relaxation and mood boost can lead to improved sleep and regulated sleeping patterns in those who try chromotherapy. But, combining sauna with sauna rocks and chromotherapy will lead to the best possible results, making you notice the difference much faster.


Spending time in a chromotherapy sauna can reactivate skin cells as well as energize your skin. This leads to an increased production of collagen, which can, in turn, improve your skin’s elasticity and give it a much smoother appearance.

What is Chromotherapy Used to Treat?


Chromotherapy is used to treat many different conditions, such as impurities in the bloodstream, bronchitis, asthma, glandular diseases, eye and nose conditions, pain, stress, psychosis, and even more. Every color light is used to treat different kinds of the condition because each color has its vibration which differently affects the body.

For example, red color light is a warm color which is the lowest in the visible spectrum.  It is used to increase the breathing rate, as well as raise blood pressure and increase the pulse, so it should not be used on people with high blood pressure. The red color light can support nervous and circulatory functions. Besides, it can help decrease lethargy and tiredness.

Strong pink color light is used as a cleanser to strengthen your body, particularly your veins and arteries. Generally, it is better to use strong pink than red on people with hypertension. On the other hand, pink color light can fight against the impurities in the bloodstream.

Strong yellow is used to strengthen the body, while yellow is used for many different conditions, such as sin conditions, indigestion, glandular diseases, nervous system problems, lymphatic disorders, and hepatitis. Also, it can strengthen metabolism. Orange helps with bronchitis and asthma, and assists in eliminating localized fat.

Green color light can help your body relax because it has a calming effect. On the other hand, strong green has regenerative, anti-septic, and anti-infectious effects.  Strong blue has positive effects on infections, nervous tension, and stress, while blue has some tranquilizing qualities. It can relieve migraines, headaches, stress, colds, rheumatism, muscle cramps, and stomach pains, among other things.

Indigo light has a calming effect and it can also be used to treat eye, ear, and noise conditions. Violet color light is used to soothe organs, relax muscles, as well as calm the nervous system. It is often used to treat the spleen and the lymphatic system. Besides, it can help with psychosis and urinary disorders.

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Sauna light therapy can have many positive effects on your body. It is also called chromotherapy, and it involves using different color lights for healing purposes. This kind of therapy is dating back to Mayans and has been used ever since. Of course, it has gone through many changes.

Today, it is used to treat different kinds of conditions, from pain to psychosis. Sauna light therapy can help your body relax, as well as bring you many health benefits, such as pain relief, anti-aging effects, improved circulation, mood boosts, better sleep, etc.

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