How To Choose The Right Sleeping Bag For Winter


To some, camping in the snow is horrible; like, why would anyone want to do it anyway? However, some adventure warriors love it that way and would not watch a cold season pass by without planning a winter camping trip.

Spending a night on a ground covered with snow and ice sounds like a punishment but it is fun for most nature lovers. But it only takes a single mistake to ruin this and have the worst experience; bringing the wrong type of sleeping bag!

You just don’t sleep on any; you need something to keep you warm and comfortable. Simply, a sleeping bag for winter that will ensure you survive the harsh conditions, which brings us to the big question – what do you look for when purchasing sleeping bags for sub zero temperatures?

What To Consider When Choosing A Winter Sleeping Bag


So you already have your tent and all the other winter camping gear already packed in your backpack. You want to pack your sleeping bag too but aren’t sure if what you got is good enough for the weather. Don’t worry; there are many campers who don’t know how to choose a sleeping bag for winter. The following features should guide you on picking the right bag for your trip.

The Shape Of The Sleeping Bag

This may sound irrelevant but it is very much important. There are several types of sleeping bags in regards to shape. The most popular ones are rectangular and mummy bags.

The rectangular and the pond shaped sleeping bags are a bad idea for winter camping. This is simply because there is so much empty space left between your legs and the lining and this obviously calls for heat loss.

A mummy sleeping bag being the best in this case is preferred because it leaves less space inside hence it is able to retain heat and keep you warm. It is also lighter compared to others, which makes it easier to pack it and even leave more space for the rest of your items.

The Temperature Rating

This is one of the top most things to consider. Different sleeping bags come with different temperature ratings. We all have different sleeping temperatures and how best you understand your body the better and easier for you to choose a sleeping bag for winter.

For Fall Temperature Sleeping Bags

A sleeping bag with a temperature code that is between -9 and -12 will work perfectly in the fall season. That simply means even when the temperature goes up to -12 you will still be comfortable. These types of sleeping bags are affordable and not too expensive.

However you may feel that it’s still not warm enough for you but if you cannot afford a warmer sleeping bag then a liner and probably a sleeping pad will always do magic and wonders for you.

For Winter Temperature

Winter camping is not for the weak at heart. If you haven’t learnt all the ropes, you may find it more dangerous than fun. But for those who love taking new risks, this one will be one hell of an adventure.

There is always something to learn every time you choose to try new things. This time, you have probably chosen to go for cold weather hiking and go an extra mile and for winter camping. At this point you need full assurance of your warmth and comfort, as you are obviously not ready for the terrible companion; hypothermia.

A sleeping bag with a temperature code of -18 to -29 must be exactly what you need. With this, you can be assured that even when the temperatures go to as low as -29 you will still be warm and comfortable.

These types of sleeping bags are a bit expensive but they come with too much comfort. That is not all. They are equipped with the front zip that makes it even easy for you to stay upright and probably engage in chitchat with your buddy while you are still inside the bag.

Type Of Lining

Every time lining is mentioned in relation to sleeping bags, then comfort should be the first thing that strikes your mind. There are two types of lining; the natural, also known as down filled, and the artificial, also known as synthetic.

The natural lining sleeping bags are warm and confortable and give you the feeling of being in your own bed sandwiched between thick blankets. They are also light so they don’t add to much weight to your pack.

There is a downside to that though – the fact that this sleeping bag is made of lightweight materials obviously means it can be easily compressed hence making it easier to lose its puffiness.

Sleeping bags with artificial lining on the other hand have parallel warmth and cannot be compressed easily. They are easy to maintain and do not allow moisture in.

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The above tips will help you get a perfect a sleeping bag for winter. But before you roll out your wallet to pay for your bag you should fit in to see if it’s too small or too big for you. The size of your bag matters and getting something that fits you is the first step to having a warm and comfy night.

Try using it with your sleeping pad too to see if it interferes with the interior fitness of the sleeping bag. As you do this, put on as many layers of clothing on as possible so you can get a clear picture of how it will be like out there.

When it comes to camping gear you need to get value for your money, as most of these items cost an arm and a leg. Make sure whatever you get is comfortable enough and makes your stay in the wild worth your while. Invest in the best and you will make your experience an album of sweet memories.

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