How To Teach Children Snowboarding


While it may demand all the patience you can master, teaching kids to snowboard can be fun. However, if you do not know how to get your kids on beginner snowboards and improve their skills over time, the whole process can be quite frustrating. To make sure that this does not happen, we will show you how to improve the children’s snowboarding skills, quickly and easily.

Teaching Kids to Snowboard

1. Get the Necessary Children Snowboarding Gear

Once you decide to teach your kids how to snowboard, the first thing you need to focus on is keeping the kids both warm and dry. Additionally, you should focus on ensuring that the kids are safe – any accidental falls should not cause harm. To achieve this, you will need to invest in some decent children’s snowboarding gear.

Some of the children snowboarding gear you may need to invest in includes:

  • Helmets and goggles
  • Warm and well-fitting snowboarding boots
  • Wool-bend socks
  • Waterproof mittens
  • Neck gator
  • Snow pants
  • Waterproof snowboarding jacket
  • Good mid-layers and underwear
  • Butt pad and wrist guards
  • Ringlet reel/snowboard harness

After getting the above gear, you will obviously need to invest in a high-quality kid’s snowboard. You can get a soft, all-mountain snowboard that reaches chest height, from the tip to the tail.

Kids do get hungry. You won’t be able to achieve anything when the kids start complaining that their stomach is empty. To make sure that this does not happen, be sure to carry some snacks.

2. Ensure You Are Fit Enough

If you have been packing your backpack and hitting snowboarding tracks for years, chances are, you are already fit enough. It is, however, worth noting that teaching kids to snowboard can be more physical compared to snowboarding alone.

You will have to lift your kids from the snow numerous times every day. You will need to walk back uphill more times than you can imagine. When the kids go into meltdown, you may have to carry them down the slope. To handle all this, you will need to invest a couple of hours in fitness, before you and your kids set up a winter camping tent on your favorite resort.

3. Rethink Your Set-Up

You should focus on getting snowboarding gear capable of making your work much easier when you are teaching your kids how to snowboard. Ideally, focus on investing in some soft boots and a rocker board. When teaching kids to snowboard, you won’t be hitting big kickers or charging steeps. Instead, you will be going slow and scooting/walking through the flats.

You should focus on investing in some speed-entry bindings. You will have to get in and out of the bindings a lot. You should ensure that the bindings you invest in making the whole process easy for you.

4. Get the Kids Familiar with the Board

After ensuring that your kids are wearing all the necessary gear, you should try to introduce them to the feeling of gliding on the snow. The ideal children’s snowboarding terrain should feature a gentle slope. Ideally, choose a flat terrain.

After mounting the bindings, have the kid stand on the snowboard and then pull him or her around so that he/she can get the feeling of being balanced on the snowboard.  If you have a younger kid with you, use the ringlet reel or the snowboard harness – it should allow you to tow kids as young as 3 or 2 around, on the snowboard. It generally attaches to the nose of your kid’s compatible snowboard.

After ensuring that your kids are comfortable with the snowboard, ask them to jump up with the board. This should be done on flat ground.

This allows the kids to feel the different ways their snowboard can move. While this could result in the kids falling a lot, they will better understand how the board reacts.

5. Move to a Small Hill

Now, let the kid go down the hill by themselves or use the ski harness to help them maintain balance. The ski harness can also help you avoid losing the kids, which could happen if they move too fast.

Try to avoid telling the kids what they are supposed to do. Focus on having fun. Let the kids enjoy the snowboarding feeling.

The kids will end up learning a lot by doing. Only provide instructions when the kids ask about something in particular. Let the kids learn by having fun the first visits to the hill – you will still have plenty of time to tell them what they should do later.

6. Introduce the Backside Board Slide

After introducing the children snowboarding tips mentioned above, you can move on to offering more advanced instructions. The first thing that beginning snowboarders need to learn is the backside boardslide.

When introducing your kid to the backside boardslide, be sure to use the snowboard harness. The harness keeps you and your kid close. This should help you ensure that the kid does not end up falling. As your kid gets better, you can extend the harness, allowing the kid to maintain balance on his own while trying to learn the mechanics of turning.

It is also possible to teach your kid the backside boardslide by holding hands as you move down the mountain. It is worth noting that this method is generally more exhausting for the parent.

While holding hands or using the harness, help the kid lift his or her toes. Help him or her move on the slope on the backside edge.

7. Give the Kids Their Independence

After ensuring that the kids are familiar with all the necessary basics, you should allow them to try sliding down the slope on their own. After you and your kids have put on your gear, including the snowboarding gloves, let the kids follow you down the slope.

The kids should be able to exercise what they have already learned. It will also help them build the necessary confidence.

8. Teach the Kids How to Get Up

When teaching children snowboarding, you will have to deal with falling kids now and then. Getting up can be a huge problem, especially if they do not know how to do it.

To stand up, the kid is supposed to lift his or her legs, roll onto the tummy with his or her legs pointing downhill. Tell him or her to put his or her hands in front, of the snow.

Have the kid walk with the hands all the way to the snowboard or the feet. Finally, the kid will just need to push himself to the kneeling position before finally standing up.

Things to Keep in Mind When Teaching Kids to Snowboard


Avoid Powder

While powder can be tempting, try avoiding it. In powder, your chances of getting over-excited and speeding off increase. Assuming that your kids are already familiar with the snowboarding basics, they will follow you, and then end up burying the board nose after only 10 meters, maximum.

You will have to climb up the slope in the powder to rescue the kid. In worst scenarios, your kid may be buried face first.

You Can Use Some Help

If your spouse is into snowboarding, do not leave him or her behind. You will need help when teaching children snowboarding.

Your children will bother you now and then – the goggle straps being too loose or tight, the clothes being too warm, the helmets being itchy, etc. Your partner can help you deal with some of these issues.

Watch Out for Other Snow Sports Enthusiasts

You will be 100% responsible for your kid’s safety. For this reason, you have to watch out for other snowboarders or beginning skiers using the same slope.

If the other snow sports are respectable, you can use the same slope. However, if you notice that a group of teenagers is using the slope, consider finding a different slope. Teenagers can be totally irresponsible once they put on their skiing jackets and all-mountain skis.

Focus on Fun

Don’t be too strict. Avoid getting angry just because your kids did not carve correctly. If you focus on having fun, you will have a much easier time teaching kids to snowboard.

Consider Using a Trained Instructor

If you are too busy or you end up losing your temper every time you take your kid’s snowboarding, you should consider using a trained instructor. Trained instructors deal with different kids daily. This means that they will have a better idea of how to help your kids become better snowboarders, quickly and easily.

Globo Surf Overview

If you would like your kids to explore the snow on their snowboards, you have to teach them. This article shows you the steps you need to follow.

You do not have to follow the exact steps outlined in this article. You can use a variation of the steps, as long as it works for you.

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