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Chemicals, such as chlorine and bromine are an essential part of hot tub water safety. However, if you would like to avoid using them, it is completely possible. You can relax in a chemical-free hot tub which is still sanitary and safe.

But, achieving this requires some modifications to ensure the water is not pathogen-free. In this article, we will show you all the non-chlorine hot tub options and how you can achieve maximum water safety without chemicals. 

Chemical Free Hot Tub Guide

Going chemical-free requires making some significant changes. To achieve maximum safety and comfort, you should:

Frequently Replace Filter Cartridges

You should change replace the filter cartridge every 12-24 months if you are using a hot tub treated with chemicals. The frequency depends on how much the tub is used and its size. On the other hand, if you want to avoid chemicals, the frequency should be doubled. So, that means replacing the filter cartridges every 6-12 months.

When trying to find a replacement filter, you will be searching by the model number, cartridge number, or dimensions. You may notice that you will get two options. One is typically more expensive. This means that the more expensive option has a bigger surface area which does a better filtering job.

Frequently Drain Your Hot Tub

If you are using chemicals in your hot tub water, this means you should drain it every 4-6 months. This can depend on whether the water goes bad and the frequency of usage. On the other hand, if you are looking for non-chlorine hot tub options, try draining the tub every 2-3 months. If that is not possible, go with at least 4 months.

It is important to use products that assist purging to clean the build-up from the pipes, jets, and hoses. Biofilms may form faster if you are not using any chemicals. This may lead to biohazard situations that can damage your health.

Use Ozonator with Minerals

You need something that is going to kill bacteria and bather waste because you are not using bromine and chlorine. For example, you could use a spa mineral sanitizer or an Ozonator. Combining these two products will kill the most harmful bacteria. It is crucial not to skip this step because bacteria can cause many diseases.

Make sure you are regularly checking the Ozonator to see if it is properly working. Also, take care of the mineral cartridge by following the instructions. This will ensure an adequate amount of copper and silver ions is doing its job. Using a trusted brand is also a must since it is a matter of your health. 

Using the Non-Chlorine Shock

Minerals and ozone can indeed protect you from the majority of harmful bacteria. However, you need to do more work to be completely safe. Water oxidization or shocking the tub with a non-chlorine shock should be used as an addition to these products.

What is good about the non-chlorine shock is that it does not interfere with water chemistry and it has no odor. That means you can enjoy a relaxing bath immediately after using it. A general rule of thumb is using this kind of shock after every bath or at least once a week. Doing this will destroy and control any pathogens which other products cannot fight against. 

Balance the Tub Water

Balancing the water is important if you are using chemicals in your tub water. But, doing this frequently is even more important if you are using a chemical-free hot tub. Always make sure everything is in order.

The pH level should be maintained at 7.2-7.5. Hardness should range from 180-220 ppm. Besides, alkalinity should be at 80-120 ppm. Testing your spa water should be done at least twice a week. If needed, add some water balancing chemicals. 

Shower Before Using Hot Tub

Not showering before relaxing in a hot tub means all the oils, sweat, and even makeup will stay trapped in the water. However, sometimes you will be unable to shower before using the hot tub. Other times, your friends may come over without showering beforehand.

Whatever the case, make sure you pay special attention to the shocking process afterward. This is very important since there are no chemicals like chlorine and bromine to protect the water from harmful bacteria. 



Q: Can You Use Hot Tub Without Chemicals?


Yes, you can use a hot tub without chemicals but you need to adjust the maintenance methods. For example, you should replace the filters and drain the tub more frequently. Also, you should oxidize the water, add certain minerals, and shower before using it.

Q: How Do You Clean a Hot Tub Naturally?


You can clean your hot tub naturally by using white vinegar. Pour one gallon of vinegar into the spa water. Let it sit for about an hour and drain the water. Then, wipe the tub using a sponge or cloth and some undiluted vinegar.

Q: How Do I Keep My Hot Tub Water Crystal Clear?


Make sure you frequently clean or replace the filters and drain the tub. Also, make sure you oxidize the water by using a non-chlorine shock and shower before use to prevent any dirt build up.

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Using chemicals is essential for maintaining good hot tub hygiene and safety. However, some people prefer not to use them. The good news is that there are many non-chlorine hot tub options. To have safe water conditions without chemicals, you should adjust the tub maintenance. 

For example, you should replace the filters and drain the tub more frequently. Also, it is crucial to oxidize the water by using a non-chlorine shock. Also, you should add minerals that can fight against bacteria and balance the water. Lastly, showering before every use is essential when it comes to preventing dangerous bacteria growth. 

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