10 Best Budget Dive Sites


Even if you are on a budget, you can still enjoy scuba diving. All you need to know is where you can find cheap dive trips.

Depending on where you reside in the world, getting to the dive sites on this list may be a little bit expensive. However, once you get to the dive sites, the cost of diving, and traveling in general, becomes exceptionally low.

Top Cheap Dive Trips

1. Cozumel, Mexico

Low prices are not the only reason scuba divers grab their scuba safety gear and head to Cozumel. This destination features attractive reefs and eye-popping drop-offs.

Once you land on Mexico’s biggest Caribbean island with your scuba mask, scuba tank, and other gear, you will have access to numerous dive operators, lots of accommodations, and laid-back drift diving. The fact that 7 nights of accommodation, 5 days of diving, airfare, and a daily buffet costs $800 per individual proves that Cozumel is one of the cheap dive trips.

One thing to note is that you have to take your scuba diving safety seriously. The island features a renowned and constant current.

2. Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras

Bay Islands are not just popular among people who like donning dive boots. They are also popular among budget travelers and backpackers. Their popularity can be attributed to the availability of cheap eats and affordable accommodations. Armed with $25 every day, you should have the ability to get 3 meals and sleep in a cleanroom.

The dive site features more than 15 dive centers on an island approximately 2.5 miles and 6 miles long. If you circle the island, you should be able to access more than 60 dive sites.

Traveling, once you are on the island, should not be an issue. Thai-style tuk-tuks should get you anywhere on the island for less than $5. To dive with the sharks in Bay Islands, you should visit from August to September and March to April when the whale sharks migrate through the island looking for plankton.

3. Bonaire

Bonaire is an ideal destination for people looking for cheap dive trips. For less than $500, you should be able to spend 7 nights in a comfortable room or apartment and get 6 days of unlimited diving. This destination is ideal for expert and beginning scuba divers who are interested in shore diving.

Once you land on the island, you should look for dive and drive packages offered by most operators and resorts. You should be able to access a rental truck pretty easily.

Bonaire features over 60 dive sites. On the majority of dive sites, beaches will continue under the water before dropping off to approximately 130 feet. The fact that the dive sites enjoy marine park protection means that you should have a great experience when navigating underwater.

4. Thailand

If you would like to enjoy spending a whole week diving without leaving the waters, you should head to Thailand. The dive site offers a cheap liveaboard. For approximately $1,100, you should be able to access weeklong liveaboard trips. During this time, you will visit Burma Banks, Mergui Archipelago, and Similan Islands.

On top of offering cheap liveaboard, Thailand has affordable accommodations. With only $65 each night, you should be able to get accommodation in a good hotel in Phuket.

Phuket can be considered to be a hub of land-based scuba diving. It gives you access to some of the rarest and exotic creatures, including ghost pipefish, tiger-tail seahorses, cuttlefish, harlequin shrimp, etc.

5. Southeast Florida


If you love shipwreck diving and you reside in the US, chances are, you have already visited Southeast Florida. The dive site features clean and comfortable hotels that won’t force you to break your bank account. In Southeast Florida, you get access to cheap dive trips, with dive boats charging about $65 to take divers to the best diving sites.

When heading to Southeast Florida, you should carry your diving camera. You should be able to photograph dramatic wrecks and also appreciate lush reefs.

6. Indonesia

Getting to Indonesia may be costly depending on where you reside. However, once you land in Indonesia, your vacation budget should last for a long time. Mid-level hotels are very affordable. Food and transportation are incredibly affordable too.

With more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia has a lot to offer those who love putting on dive gloves. If you would like to keep your budget as low as possible, sticking to shore-based diving may be an ideal option.

7. Egypt

Red sea diving offers one of the best experiences. The dive site features warm waters, good visibility, and a large number of fantastic wrecks. The marine biodiversity is also great in the Red Sea.

You should be able to get package deals from the travel agencies. Egypt, like Thailand, features cheap liveaboard trips. The cheap liveaboard trips should make it possible for you to access the sites that only a few of the shore-based divers can access.

8. Croatia

When compiling a list of cheap dive trips in Europe, you should not miss Croatia on that list. The fact that the country is yet to be discovered by mass tourism helps keep the prices in check.

Croatia features an ideal northern Mediterranean charm and is well served by the airlines. While local transport can get quite patchy, managing should not be too complicated for you.

Croatia has one of the best coastlines. The coastline features coves, bays, and hundreds of islands. All these are capable of keeping any diver busy for days.

9. Sri Lanka

With nearly 1000 miles/1600 kilometers of palm-fringed coastline, Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for anyone interested in exploring what is under the waters. The Sri Lankan waters are home to amazing creatures. Once you get under the waters, you may come across blue whales, giant barracudas, groupers, Napoleon wrasse, parrotfish, different varieties of turtles, nudibranchs, and moray eels.

The country is also home to a wide range of shipwrecks. Some of the shipwrecks you may explore include the Panadura wreck, HMS Hermes, Boiler wrecks, British Sergeants, etc.

To get involved in a 2-tank dive, you will only need to spend $60. Additionally, the room costs are affordable. This makes Sri Lanka one of the cheap dive trips you should include on your next vacation list.

10. The Philippines

The Philippines has something to offer divers irrespective of their skill level. If you are an advanced diver, you should be able to explore the deep wrecks. If you are just getting started with diving, you will appreciate the easy beach entries.

When exploring the waters in the Philippines, you will have an opportunity to identify more than 1200 pelagic and macro species. You may come across schooling reef fish, snappers, fairy basslets, jacks, triggerfish, groupers, trevally, barracuda, passing reef sharks, drummers, etc.

If you visit the Luzon region, you should be able to find various world war II warships. These lie at a depth of approximately 20 meters (66 feet).

On average, when diving in the Philippines, you will need to pay only $22 for each dive. This price includes equipment rental. It is possible to access beachfront hotels at a price that does not exceed $40 per night. Even if you decide to visit the most expensive restaurant hotels, it will be hard for you to find a restaurant selling a single person meal for more than $10.

Globo Surf Overview

If you do love diving, being on a budget should not keep you from being in the water. All you will need to do is find the best cheap dive trips. In this article, we have outlined cheap dive trips that have a lot to offer. All the sites give you access to huge marine biodiversity and numerous wrecks. You should be able to access a cheap liveaboard in the majority of these locations.

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