CatchALure Retrieval Tool Review


The CatchALure flies and lures retriever is designed to offer a way to retrieve lures and flies quickly and easily. It enables you to get even the flies and lures that get snagged a good distance from your position.

As such, it offers a long reach and has an easy to use yet effective lure recovery mechanism. It works by attaching to a fishing rod or its own telescoping pole and using it as a teaching tool, pulling and holding the metal hook using strong magnets, and then cutting the tippet to free the lure for retrieval.

Construction using high-grade plastic means that whether you use this in freshwater, murky water, saltwater, it can withstand it all and live to help you retrieve your lures for years to come. Its features are as follows:

  • Compact and lightweight design that fits easily in a vest or tackle box
  • Easily attaches and detaches to the rod tip
  • A sharp blade safely concealed within the V-cutter for cutting the leader or tippet
  • Powerful neodymium magnets to pull the fly/lure’s metal hook and hold it securely
  • A lock ladder that securely holds the tool to your pole
  • High visibility color hues – green and yellow



Fly Fishing CatchALure Tool

Fly Rod Weights: 2-10W

Flies and Lures: Flies, Streamers, and 0-1 spinner

Weight: 4oz.

Dimensions: Height: 3-1/2″, Width: 3/4″ Rods.

Telescopic Pole Length: 1’3″ to 6’9″

Color: Green

Conventional Fishing CatchALure Tool

Fishing Rod Compatibility: All Conventional Fresh Water Rods, 7W-12W Fly Rods

Flies and Lures: Musky Flies, Spinners, Bass Plugs, Crankbaits, Poppers, Rapalas, and Others

Weight: 9oz.

Dimensions: Height: 6-1/2″, Width: 1-1/4″  

Telescopic Pole Length: 1’4″ to 8’6″

Color: Yellow

User Experience


Convenience: Catch-A-Lure is a compact and lightweight tool that won’t occupy much room in your pocket, vest, fishing backpack, or tackle box. The fly fishing version weighs a mere four ounces while the conventional version weighs nine ounces. This makes this tool convenient to have with you always. It also has a loop for lanyard attachment.

It also doubles up as a cutting tool for tippet and extra line, which makes it a great tool to have with you.

Compatibility: It fits all fishing rods including ceramic micro-tips. If you have a super-small micro-tip, you can trim the back of the lock ladder so it fits into the rod’s tip top. The fly fishing CatchALure option works with 2w-10w fly fishing rods, streamers, and 0-1 spinners.

The conventional CatchALure option is suitable for retrieving all kinds of lures and bigger flies. It is equipped with heavy-duty and stronger magnets that can pull and hold the hooks of lures including musky flies, trout and bass lures, spinners, crankbaits, Rapalas, and more.

Ease of Use: A good lure retriever should be easy to use and this is where the CatchALure fly and lure saver shines. It is designed to attach easily to your fishing rod or the telescoping pole it comes with.  Since you don’t have to re-rig your fishing pole, recovering lures and flies is a quick and easy process.

If a lure or fly gets stuck, just attach the CatchALure tool to your fishing rod tip-top or the telescoping pole and secure it there using the lock ladder. Use the fishing or telescoping pole to reach the lure. The strong magnets will pull the lure or fly’s metal hook and hold it securely against the side. Gently pull downwards and the sharp blade embedded within the V-Cutter will cut the tippet and free the lure or fly for retrieval.  

Effectiveness: As the reviews by anglers show, this tool really works. Attaching it to your pole gives you a reach advantage of almost 17 feet (your height, arm’s reach, and the pole). The blade is sharp enough to cut a strong fishing line with a 25-pound test rating and can cut monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided fishing lines easily and quickly.

The magnets are strong enough to attract and hold the hooks securely. Another great thing about this tool is its versatility. The kind of reach it gives you when you attach it to your fishing rod or the telescoping pole it comes with means that you can use it to retrieve lures from shores while wading in the water, and even from the boat.  

It is a lightweight tool engineered in such a way that it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the rod blank or tip-top. As long as you attach it in the right position and pull the rod gently and linearly when cutting the tippet, it won’t damage your valuable fishing pole. The conventional tool even comes with a rod blank protector. And if you prefer not to use it with your fishing rod, you can go for the option that comes with a telescopic pole.


  • Small and lightweight, easy to carry
  • Easy to use for fast flies and lures retrieval
  • Easily attaches to a fishing pole
  • Has a sharp hidden blade for cutting tippet
  • Equipped with powerful magnets for pulling and holding hooks
  • Four different options to retrieve all kinds of lures and flies
  • Works when wading, from the banks and off of boats
  • The tough and durable heavy-duty plastic build


  • It does take several tries to get the hang of it but the creators offer plenty of videos to follow.

Overall Ratings


Based on our assessment of the CatchALure retrieval tool, here are our ratings of the different aspects: 

Ease of Use: 90% – One of the things that make CatchALure a superior lure retrieval tool is its ease of use. It attaches and detaches easily to your fishing rod or the telescoping pole it comes with and doesn’t require you to re-rig the fishing rod to recover a stuck fly or lure. It gives you a good reach, has a sharp and safe to use a blade that easily cuts the fishing line, and strong magnets that pull and hold the lures and flies by their hooks.

Material: 95% – Made of high-grade plastic, this is a tough tool that can withstand abrasion by tree branches and brush and even exposure to salty or murky waters. It isn’t prone to rust. You will get great use from this tool for years to come.

Price: 100% – The price for the flies and lures retrieval tool itself is in line with other lure retrieval tools on the market. The option with the telescoping rod is a bit more expensive but still competitively priced. Overall, it is well worth the money and will pay for itself in just a few trips and save you a lot of money in the long term. The company donates a portion of every sale to Project Healing Waters, which helps with the rehabilitation of disabled military personnel and veterans through fly fishing.

Overall: 95% – The CatchALure tool is by far the easiest to use fly and lure retrieval tool we’ve come across. It is such a nifty gadget that offers an easy and hassle-free way to retrieve lures and flies that get caught in trees and brush. As for its ability to retrieve snagged lures, the concept is ingenious and the reviews by anglers show it has a high recovery rate. Once you get the hang of it and figure out how to use it more effectively and efficiently, losing expensive lures will be a thing of the past.

Globo Surf Overview

The best lures and flies don’t come cheap and losing them means losing money. Since flies and lures are bound to get snagged in brush and trees, a lure retrieval tool is a must-have in any tackle box. It will help your recover lures and flies that get stuck, which will save you money and reduce your environmental impact – abandoned lures hurt waterways and wildlife. Knowing that you will be able to get your lures will give you the confidence to cast even in areas with mangroves or high weeds and this will increase your catch rate and enjoyment of fishing.

The CatchALure retrieval tool is an excellent lure and flies retrieval tool. Not only does it sound good in theory, but it is also an effective flies and lures retrieval tool as the reviews by anglers prove. If you fly fish with 2w-10W fly rods, the fly fishing CatchALure is designed for you. If you fish with big and heavy flies or conventional lures such as spinners, Rapalas, and Crankbaits, the conventional CatchALure option will give you the reach and power to retrieve them if they get hung up.

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CatchALure Retrieval Tool Review
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