Cargo Hauler 60 Liter Duffel Review


The Cargo Hauler 60L duffel bag from Eagle Creek strikes an excellent balance between size, functionality, storage capacity, and design to make it a great all-rounder, suitable for most situations you can think of. This duffel bag will prove useful if you find yourself on top of a mountain or bustling through the underground on your daily commute, and it will look great all the way too.

This duffel bag sits in the middle between the 40L and 90L models from the same brand making it a perfect fit for trips of a weekend or even a little longer. Eagle Creek has also paid special attention to the sustainability of the manufacturing processes. The internal compartment and side pockets provide ample room for storage and the rectangular shape of the duffel bag makes it easy to stack alongside other pieces of luggage.

The Cargo Hauler 60L duffel bag stands out because of its well-thought design, toughness, and practicality, being one of the few products that successfully manages to combine these qualities. The bag is lightweight and can be compressed down to a pouch for ease of transport and it can also be used as a backpack thanks to the detachable straps on the back.


  • Spacious main compartment
  • Can be carried in three different ways: side, top, and as a backpack
  • Ten lockable zippers and central lock point
  • Easily accessible storage compartment
  • Stylish design
  • Six fastening points to attach to the roof rack
  • Detachable backpack straps
  • Easy to use zippers, even if wearing gloves
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Durable build, reinforced at weakest points

The Cargo Hauler 60L is a superbly organized, versatile, and a lightweight duffel bag that proves comfortable to carry both as a backpack and as a regular duffle bag. It looks great thanks to a simple but stylish design and it will never feel out of place, in a bustling metropolis or the depths of the woods. The fabric is designed to withstand abrasions and keep the bag intact with its content safe for a long time.

The duffle bag’s main compartment can accommodate a standard size pillow, with room to spare, while the side pockets are spacious enough to fit a 12-inch iPad Pro. The main storage space has a divider in the middle that can be very useful to keep dirty or wet clothes separated from the clean ones but may also be easily removed to free up the whole space. You won’t have any sort of storage problem if this the only bag you bring for a trip that can be as long as a couple of weeks. The Cargo Hauler 60L is also equipped with compression straps which can be used to compact the contents or to attach gear on the outside.

Aside from being abrasion-resistant, the fabric is also waterproof and doesn’t cause any problems when you decide to fold the duffel bag into a pouch to reduce its size when you don’t need it. There are handles on the sides and the top and the backpack straps can be detached and smoothly zipped away so you can choose to carry this duffel bag in whichever way you prefer, or simply store the straps away to keep them from snagging. The bottom of the bag has foam padding for effective protection of your contents. The U-shaped lid lets you easily access the main compartment and one of the end pockets has a zippered security compartment for your valuable items.



Size: 26.75 x 10.25 x 13.5 inches (68 x 26 x 34 cm)

Capacity: 3845 cubics inched (63 L)

Weight: 2 lb, 3 oz

Material: 1000D Helix Poly Twill bottom and 150 Poly Internal lining

Colors: Earth Red, Jet Black, Arctic Blue

User Experience


Usability: The Cargo Hauler 60L is an extremely versatile tool, so you can rest assured it will be useful in any situation you might find yourself in. This is a product you will get a lot of use out of since it is tough and able to endure the most challenging situations. You don’t need to be afraid to take it out even if the sky is grey and the rains are coming, this duffle bag will stand the test of even the most demanding weather and ensure that whatever you are carrying is not damaged by the outside environment.

Features: It often happens that brands try to impress their customers by adding feature upon feature to their products, but it can sometimes feel like they have forgotten what was the original use of the things they make and are trying to turn everything into a gadget. The cargo Hauler 60L does not fall into this trap. Every one of the features it is equipped with really does improve the user’s experience, and that is how it should be. There is nothing too much or too little in this duffle bag and everything feels like it has been made just right and put in the exact place where it is needed.

Quality: There is not much to say regarding quality, simply because there is nothing to complain about. The build is excellent, and it gives you that premium feels that we so love about products. When you handle this duffle bag, you get the feeling that no corners have been cut and that the manufacturer had customer satisfaction firmly in his or her mind during the development process.

Overall Rating


Price: 95% – Price is always a touchy subject and it can often be the point where all our expectations, that have been building and building the more we find out about a product, come to an abrupt halt when we see the numbers and zeroes clearly put on paper. Luckily, this doesn’t happen in the case of the Cargo Hauler 60L. It is not the cheapest duffle bag around but it’s definitely worth a small investment if you consider the quality you’re getting and the fact that you will be able to use this bag for several years at least. It’s definitely a good buy, despite the initial doubts you may have, and you will not be disappointed. Keep in mind that often choosing a cheaper product actually brings you to spend more over the same period of time if you have to replace it soon, so it’s usually preferable to spend a bit more, in the beginning, to avoid regretting it later on.

Design: 95% – Again the Cargo Hauler 60L strikes a great balance here. It’s already hard to have a good duffle bag that can suit most situations, often being too specialized or not enough, and it’s even harder to find one that can do it looking sexy all the way. The Cargo Hauler 60L somehow managed to do exactly that. Rest assured that it will never feel out of place in any situation and will always be as useful and versatile as ever.

Overall: 95% – It’s rare to come across a product that does almost everything right, but it’s hard to find flaws in this one. The build quality is on point, right where it needs to be, and so are the size, the durability, the style, and all the other features it comes with. The design is simple and cool yet efficient and nothing feels out of place. The only complaint one could have is that the backpack straps dig a little into your shoulders while you walk, but then you have two other available ways of carrying it, so the problem is easily fixable. As for the rest, it all just simply seems to make sense. Add in the versatility it provides and anyway you look at it, this duffle bag is definitely the best buy!

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Users agree that having the right duffle bag on a trip has proven to be an essential element for the enjoyment of their travels. One might not think much of it in the beginning, dismiss it as a simple tool or a big and heavy object you are forced to drag along, but the more you take it out the more you come to identify is as an integral part of the experience. When you’ve shared so much with a simple piece of equipment, even packing before you head out already gets your senses tingling in anticipation of new adventures, and the feeling of knowing that your duffle bag is capable of handling anything you throw at it is definitely reassuring.

The Cargo Hauler 60L duffel bag ticks all the boxes. It looks great, has a ton of well-organized space, and is comfortable to bring with you even if you have to carry it for long periods of time. The pockets have always been sufficient for all of my needs and you never feel you have to worry about it breaking or about something getting detached or ruined. This duffel bag is totally worth the money you pay and it will be with you for a long time. You will definitely not be disappointed if you choose one.

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Cargo Hauler 60 Liter Duffel Review
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