Can You Keep A Low Hot Tub Temperature?


How hot should a hot tub be? Can I keep the temperature of my spa low when not in use? If you just purchased a spa, chances are good that you have asked yourself these questions over and over again.

Hot tubs are meant to be “hot” but sometimes, you just want to turn the temperature down so that you can cool off your body after a long day in the sun. Other times you are going away on a vacation and want to save on energy.

Want to find out the best hot tub temperature in summer? Read on! If you have also been wondering what is the perfect hot tub temperature when not in use, then today is your lucky day because we have prepared a comprehensive topic that helps you understand the temperature of your equipment better.

Read this to the end and you will find out how low you should run your spa, what temperature is bad for it, and how to maintain the ideal temperature. Let’s go!

Do You Need Low Spa Temperature?

Low hot tub temperature is effective if:

  • You want to save a few bucks on your electricity bill
  • You are pregnant, older, or have kids and looking for a safe soaking temperature
  • It’s summertime and you need something to cool you off. Your hot tub can serve as an above the ground pool during hot weather.

But we can’t leave out the drawbacks of setting your hot tub at a low temperature too. Yes, you may enjoy soaking in a cooler spa sometimes but many are the times when you won’t need it. For instance:

  • If the weather is too cold, the water could freeze inside the pipes and damage your equipment rendering it completely useless.
  • There is a reason why a hot tub was designed for “hot” water bathing and cooling it off may affect the enjoyment and relaxation it is supposed to bring with it.
  • You will enjoy the cooler soak during the hot days but you will have to heat the water whenever the nights get cold. The result? You shorten the lifespan of your hot tub heater and pay huge electricity bills.

Understanding Low Hot Tub Temperature


The rule of thumb for hot tub temperature when not in use is to set it at 5˚ lower than what your usual setting is. This will keep your spa water warm enough so that the next time you want to take a soak, it will reach the operating temperature much faster and you will save energy in the end.

But if you will be away for some time, say a month, two, or more, it would be better to lower your hot tub’s temperature further. You probably know how to winterize a hot tub but if you are not up to it, just turn the temperature down. Remember, any energy wasted is a buck wasted!

Switching Off The Power Supply To Your Hot Tub

How about unplugging my equipment from the power outlet? You may wonder! Well, while this may sound like a great energy saving tip to new hot tub users, it is actually not. Trust us, you will end up working your heater more than necessary to bring your water to your preferred temperature, and seriously, this is not time efficient at all. Besides, who wants to come back home to a cold hot tub?

That’s not even the worst part. Let’s say it’s winter and you have just turned the power supply to your spa completely off. You know you will be away for some time and it goes without saying that the water inside your hot tub will freeze before you come back home.

The freezing will not only happen in the shell but also in every other part that water passes. This includes the pipes, filters, and jets. Even before your vacation is over, the ice will start eating away the parts of your spa and if you don’t come back home to a damaged hot tub, you will spend a lot of time and energy melting the ice and heating the water back to the normal temperature.

So bringing the temperature down, just a little bit will be your best bet here. 25 ˚C will be just perfect. That way, it won’t take you too long to heat the water nor will it consume more energy than necessary.

Covering Your Spa

Lowering your hot tub temperature to 25 ˚C is one thing but making sure this temperature remains constant is another. When it is cold, water tends to cool faster than in normal weather. So even after setting this temperature, get a hot tub cover and put it on your equipment.

A cover serves as a multi-purpose glider. First, it retains the heat of the water, and second, it keeps contaminants away and prevents water loss through evaporation.

Don’t Forget The Water Chemistry

One of the biggest mistakes you will ever make is to assume that the hotter your spa is, the less you need to care for it. Okay, you need to realize that the water is not at boiling point so you are not killing any bacteria. Also carrying out your hot tub maintenance routine as needed is never an option as this is the only way to ensure the tub is healthy.

Now, let’s get back to the basics. Whether your water is at 0˚C or 100˚C, you will need to keep it balanced no matter what. Some hot tub chemicals work best in cooler waters while others work better in higher temperatures.

Chlorine, for instance, will last longer in the water when the temperature is cooler, so you can be sure that the water will still be safe when you return from your vacation. However, you must test it just to be sure and adjust the chemicals if necessary, before jumping in.

Globo Surf Overview

So, can you keep a low hot tub temperature? Heck yes! If you will not be using the hot tub for a while then feel free to bring the temperature down. But then, hot tub temperature when not in use will depend on how long the spa will be resting.

If it’s just for two to three days, subtract 5˚ from your normal temperature reading and set it at that. For longer periods, lower the temperature a little more to save on energy. Do not be tempted to unplug the equipment, as this may just make the situation worse if the water freezes. Also, make sure to treat the water before soaking.

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