Camping When Pregnant: Have A Great Experience With Our Guide


Camping is one of the most fun ways to connect with Mother Nature – sleeping outdoors in the cool night breeze, observing the stars, and waking up to the amazing sunrise. Surely, every experience is beautiful and breathtaking!

It is important to spend time in the natural world, especially in those moments when we are creating a life inside us. Although many women may not consider camping while pregnant the best way to spend their time, the peaceful and tranquil environment is good for you and the baby.

If you love backcountry adventuring and are tired of sitting at home when the outside is so warm and inviting, there is no reason for you to cancel your camping trip.  As long as you and your bundle of joy are healthy and safe, the following tips will enable you to have an enjoyable and comfortable escapade from nature.

Have The Right Gear

1. Sleeping Arrangements

To have a good and comfortable sleep in the wilderness, you are going to need a little more camping gear pieces than the average camper but that is okay. If you have enough room in your car, then you should have no trouble carrying whatever is required.

The first thing you should pack is a tent with a tarp. This ensures that you stay dry even when it rains. A sleeping bag and a comfortable one for that matter is a must if you don’t want to keep turning and tossing the whole night. You can throw in a couple of blankets just in case the weather changes later.

A hammock will also be a great add on. Although you may not sleep on it, hammocks are comfy, and just lounging in one for a few hours as you read your favorite novel will help you relieve the strain of the weight in your baby bump. How about a pregnancy pillow/body pillow? Not a must-have but if you want to make your sleep even cozier, you will definitely need this.

2. Clothes

If you are camping during pregnancy, you must make sure that the clothes you wear are as comfortable as possible. If you will only be gone for a day or a few hours, you may not require a change of clothes unless you really need to bring some.

Going out for days, however, will require you to pack a couple of loose-fitting jeans and bed pants, long t-shirts and tank tops, and a swimsuit if there is a swimmable river or lake nearby. Also, bring a comfortable pair of hiking shoes or sandals and plenty of socks and wear.

3. Food

Since you will be more active, make sure to pack enough snacks that will sustain you through the days that you will be gone. Even if it may be impossible to eat completely healthy while out there, ensure that your munchies are nutritious enough for the baby. Granola bars, cheese, crackers, and fresh fruits, will contain plenty of proteins, carbs, vitamins, and nutrients that you and your baby need to survive in the wilderness.

Eat these in between meals and stash some in your fanny pack so you don’t end up starving yourself while performing your activities. The finest meals to bring on such a trip will be those that are easy to prepare. Sometimes you will feel too pooped to cook when you get back to the campsite and the best way to make sure that you and your baby don’t sleep hungry is having something that you can fix quickly for dinner.

4. Water

You will be spending the best part of your day out in the sun, so your body is going to lose plenty of water through evaporation and perspiration. Carry enough water to make sure you are always hydrated. This is very important especially if you are camping at a place with a scarcity of water.

If you will be doing your campsite set up at a spot near a water source, however, and you will be refilling your water bottles, pack up some purifiers just to make sure that the water is safe before consumption. Staying hydrated will prevent your ankles and feet from swelling up.

5. Medication

Average campers may not need to bring any prescription on their backcountry trips but if you are camping while pregnant, you don’t want to leave behind any medication you are on. This includes your prenatal vitamins too.

The best place to hide these will be in your first aid kit because this is one of those things that you are not likely to forget. Another item that should go into your kit is a bug spray to keep pests at bay. If the area is infested with mosquitos, you may want to add a mosquito net to the setup.

Camp Nearby


When you have a bun in the oven, it wouldn’t be a great idea to camp at a place far from home. Even if you are “craving” a spot that is 50 miles away, it would be better to consider something closer to where you live. That way, even if things go awry when you are out there, you can always bail and walk/drive safely back home.


Since you’ll be downing too much water, it would be nice to set up your tent at a place where you can access a restroom effortlessly, to make that countless pee breaks much easier, especially at night. Squatting in a bush, half asleep with a huge baby bump can be too much torture, so if you can get a spot with some porta-potties that you can easily walk to at night, grab it and set up for the night.

Heavy Lifting

If you are going camping while pregnant, we would advise that you select a site where you will not have to drag a pack full of gear down some bumpy road. Consider a spot that is close to your car so that even if you were to take a walk down the trails, you will just need to bring a fanny pack, a bottle of water, and a few snacks.

Your doctor will probably warn you against carrying or lifting heavy stuff so you don’t exert too much pressure on your belly. Therefore, if you are going to pitch your shelter at a place away from your car, have someone help you carry the hefty bags and erect the tent for you.


Out in the woods, you won’t have luxuries like a nice bathtub, hot tub, or hot shower. You may not even be lucky enough to find a lake or river to swim on. But remember you will be sweating more so you will eventually need to bathe. That said, make sure to pack a camping shower so you can freshen up whenever you need to.

If you find a campsite that has a bathing area, go for it, as this is even likely to have hot water. Just remember to bring all the materials you need for a nice bubble bath.


When you are knocked up, even the slightest heat from the sun feels scorching, so keep that in mind when planning your camping trip. Consider a location with natural shade so you don’t have to bring a lot of equipment. Also, when you are on-site, avoid doing your activities at midday when the sun is roasting. Whenever possible, try sitting in the shade.

Of course, you will need to pack a couple of sun-protective clothing like a sunhat, sunglasses, and an outfit that covers most of your skin.  Don’t forget a tanning lotion and sunscreen too if you still want to keep your skin moisturized and protected from the UV rays.

Go With Someone

Normally, there is totally nothing wrong with women camping by themselves. If you are carrying life inside you, however, you may want to be a little careful. Even if the baby is healthy and the pregnancy has been going quite smoothly, never put yourself in a position where you will be all alone in the wild.

What if you develop a sudden medical problem? What if you start to feel dizzy? Or got stranded because you can’t find your way back? Your life will be a lot easier if you bring someone with you.

But don’t just bring anyone – make sure whoever tags along is someone who understands your situation. In those moments when you are feeling all grumpy, archy, swollen, and bloated, you need someone who can stand with you until the end. Your hubby would be your best bet!

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Camping while pregnant is not always easy, but it can be amazing to enjoy your much-loved adventures with a baby bump.  If you have the energy to do it, camping with a pea in the pod can be safe and so much fun. Sure, you may have to make a few adaptations, but it is worth your while because you will have something to remember. And after the baby is finally here, you can plan an exciting family camping trip.

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