Camping In The Rain: How To Camp In The Rain


When it rains at the campsite, your experience can be quickly ruined, especially when you are unprepared. It can make your life miserable! To prevent the latter, make sure to check the weather forecast and prepare accordingly if you know that it will rain. 

To make the most out of camping in the rain, read on and learn from the tips that we’ll share. Rain can be frustrating, but do not let it stop you from having fun at the campsite. 

Dangers of Camping in the Rain 

Camping in the rain is fun, but it can also be dangerous. While you can play in the rain, there is a risk of falling objects from trees above your camping tent. Branches can fall from above and will disturb your sleep. 

On average, rainfall at the campsite should not be more than one inch per hour. Otherwise, it can be a big problem. When rain is too much for camping, it can get inside your tent. This will make your gears wet. Flash floods in the campground can also be a problem, especially when nearby bodies of water overflow. 

While the rain alone at the campsite will not make you sick, it can increase the presence of germs and viruses in the air. These are what will make you sick, so you have to be extra-cautious when it is raining. 

How to Camp in the Rain Tips and Tricks 

Do not let the rain dampen your spirit and ruin the fun! Preparation is the key! Keep on reading and learn from the tips we’ll share below on how to camp in the rain. 

  • Pick the Right Location 

One of the most important is to pick the right camping location. Pitch your tent away from sources of water, such as lakes and rivers. There is a tendency that they will overflow, and hence, there will be a risk of flooding. 

You should also be camping somewhere there isn’t a risk of falling objects, especially branches from old trees. Rain and wind can cause these branches to break and they can cause an accident at the campsite. 

Also, when choosing the right location, take note of the possible escape routes. If there is a need to evacuate, you should know where to go to seek refuge and be safe. 

  • Wear the Right Clothes 

Talking about tips on how to camp in the rain will be incomplete without mentioning the importance of dressing properly. Make sure that you are comfortable with what you are wearing. Wear clothes that won’t easily get wet or those made using fabrics that won’t easily absorb water, such as cotton. Base layers and insulating layers are must-haves. Pack rain jackets to help keep you dry. 

  • Get Rid of Condensation in the Tent 

Condensation is one of the biggest problems when you are camping in the rain. When humid air gets in contact with a cold surface, that is when condensation happens. To reduce condensation, picking the right location to pitch your tent is crucial. Avoid places that are near bodies of water since humidity is high in these locations. 

Proper ventilation will also help. Rollback the rainfly or keep the vestibule open, which will give the room to breathe to prevent condensation. 

  • Create a Covered Area 

Other than the tent, there should be another covered area at the campsite, such as a pop-up canopy or gazebo. This can be an area where you will gather with your family and friends so that you can still socialize even when it is raining. This is also the place where you can cook. Even if it is raining, you should not be starving, so make sure to find a way to get your food ready. 

  • Use a Bivy Sack for Sleeping 

A bivy sack can be a great alternative for setting up a temporary shelter at the campsite. When it is raining, however, you can also use it inside the tent as additional protection from the cold. It will provide an extra layer of insulation, making it easier for you to stay warm, dry, and comfortable when camping in the rain. 

  • Set-Up a Cooking Station 

As mentioned above, the rain should not be an excuse to go hungry when you are camping. Be prepared and creative. Look for an easy way to start a fire. Set up a tarp and a camping stove in the driest area of the campsite. By having a covered cooking area, you can prepare your food even when it is raining. You don’t have to worry that rain will put out the fire when there is a cover in your makeshift cooking station.  

  • Prepare Your Meals Before Camping 

For most people, cooking at the campsite when it is raining can be challenging. To make things easier, prepare meals before you head to the campsite. Pack foods that will provide you more energy to keep going while camping. Fruits and vegetables are must-haves. It will also be good to have a soup that you can easily reheat when needed to help you stay warm. 

  • Find Ways to be Entertained Inside the Tent

Rain can make camping boring. You might end up being stuck inside the tent all day and night if the rain does not stop. So, find ways to stay entertained, especially if you are camping with kids. They can get fussy after a while. Boardgames and toys will save the day. Watch movies or TV shows from phones and tablets. Cards can also be good. You will also not go wrong by reading a book. 

  • Keep Your Tent Dry 

Learning how to keep a tent dry in the rain is one thing every camper needs to know. Make sure that you have a groundsheet, which will protect the footprint of the tent. It is also good to have a large rainfly. Look for level ground and the driest area where you can set up your temporary shelter. Best of all, you need to choose a waterproof tent. 

  • Pre-Heat Your Clothes 

This is one of the best camping hacks to help you stay warm even when it is raining at your campsite. Before you pack your clothes, make sure that you pre-heat them to a temperature of at least 98.6 degrees. At night, put it in your bag next to you. In the morning, when you wear your clothes, they will keep you warm when it is raining. 

  • Stuff Hand Warmers in Your Boots 

To help your foot stay warm when it is raining, consider stuffing a packet of a hand warmer. These are small packets that can produce heat on demand. 

  • Pay Attention to Your Safety 

Leave if there is a warning from the authorities about inclement weather. Be familiar with the evacuation route. Stay away from bodies of water. Keep updated with the news so that you will know if there is mandatory evacuation required. Stay in touch with family and friends outside the campsite so that they can help you when needed. From emergency radios to pocket flashlights, make sure that you invest in gears that will come in handy in various situations. 

How Do You Prepare Camping in the Rain Checklist


Before we end this post, allow us to give you a quick rundown of some of the things that you will need to prepare.  

Waterproof Tent

Not just any tent will suffice. The best waterproof tent is a must-have for an assurance that you and your gears will stay dry even when it rains. If you are using a regular tent, learn how to waterproof a tent for your peace of mind. 

Waterproof Bags 

Protect your packed items from getting damaged by the rain, especially your food. If you do not have a waterproof bag, you would at least benefit from having a backpack rain cover.  

Camping Tarps 

Camping tarps will be handy when it rains at the campsite. It is a good groundsheet to protect the floor of the tent from the rain. 


Sleeping can be a struggle when it is raining. Aside from being anxious, it can also lower the temperature and raise the humidity. 

Sleeping Bag 

The right sleeping bags for camping can also be a lifesaver. Down sleeping bags will be useless when they are wet. It would be best to go for synthetic materials instead.


Whether you are setting up a campsite or clearing debris, rain ponchos will prevent you from being drenched. 

Waterproof Flashlight 

Even during the daytime, the campsite can be poorly lit once it starts raining. Make sure to pack a waterproof flashlight to have the light that you will need. 

Waterproof Shoes 

Keep your feet dry even when you are walking or doing something and when it is raining. To do this, check out our reviews of the best Gore-Tex boots that you can wear. 

Globo Surf Overview 

Camping in the rain can be annoying, but this is the case only if you come unprepared. Take note of our recommendations above on how to camp in the rain. From picking the right location to packing the right gears, these tips will help you make the most out of the experience, making sure that the rain does not ruin the fun.

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