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Sometimes you go to a tub hoping to dissolve like sugar in the warm bath, to escape the hassles of the day. Other times you dive into the vigorous cold water ready to take the challenges of the day.  The beauty of a hot tub is that it provides the best of both worlds.

The freedom you get from a hot tub beats it all. The ability to have a salt-water bath or freshwater, hot or cold, soap or shampoo, massage or none, all brings a kind of wonder to a hot bathtub.

If you are looking forward to getting all the best from a hot tub, however, buy what you need. The following buying tips for hot tubs will guide you into bringing home a hot tub that you can cherish for a long time.

1. Select A Fit Resting Place For Your Hot Tub

You are bathing and your tub suddenly tips down a burrow below, because it was sitting on a pavement! Perhaps you should have thought better about where to place it. A firm, flat and level ground, preferably made of concrete, is the most ideal for laying a foundation for a tub.

You also don’t intend to be fetching water from a nearby pool to fill up your tub. It is better to have enough water, and enough channels made on the ground to conduct excess water away.

Best buying tips for hot tubs can be generated from a casual walk around your home. Seek to know the best location that is near a source of power and water, leaving enough space for normal maintenance like cleaning, and draining. Also, avoid very cold areas so that you don’t have to deal with the moss problem, now and then.

It is also important to know the sizes of your doors. This will help you in selecting a tub that can fit through doors as it is being moved to its new location. Knowing how big or small your doors are will also determine whether your tub will be indoor or outdoor.

2. Select The Right Size To Buy

Do you want to bring in a tub the size of the Roman bath or the size of a bucket? You need to answer this question before heading to the local store. The shape and size of the tub will depend on the number of guests you intend to entertain in your hot tub, their height, and size, as well as how they intend to use the tub.

3. Intended Use Of The Tub

If you are eyeing the ocean waves lovingly in the hope of one-day surfing into its magic, you want a tub that will fit all the exercise equipment, fabricated to choice.

Best bet, if you want to include a tub your kids can enjoy, go for the blow-up tubs. The soft inflated sides will help them feel at home with the water world and their pool noodles while enjoying the bubbles.

Some tub owners looking for more esoteric hydrotherapy would prefer their pumps having various settings to enable them to control the water jets. Others fancy several venturi settings for a variety of underwater massage on the whirlpool and an array of air blower sizes to the bubble that massage to their style.

If you intend to go the hydrotherapy way, however, some of the buying tips for hot tubs should come from your doctor, who can advise you on what to and not avoid.

Couples looking for a romantic bath, on the other hand, would also like to add a few essentials like the oils, and scents, and would be keener on the temperature settings.

4. Never Forget The Important Parts Of The Tub


When selecting a good tub that will give you the long-term service you desire, always remember to check the reliability of the most important parts of the tub. These are:

The Pressure System

A pressure system takes water to the jets. Before hoisting your tub to your vehicle homeward, check that the hoses from the pumps are working well and at the right pressure. You don’t need to get those fire engine pressure jets for your young ones.

Suction System

A suction system returns water to the pump. Standards require that each suction system be equipped with two intakes to reduce the chances of being trapped by too much pulling force from the pump, which can drown you. Select a tub with the proper suction force to enable a smooth flow around the tub.

Filtration System

A filtration system removes dirt from the water. Choose a filter whose accessories are easily available from the store, to make maintenance easier.

Air blower and air inducer

The air blower brings air into the water, whereas the air inducer mixes the air to form bubbles.  Select a system that can fit a variety of styles you might like to adopt in your tub. Even though you might not like the idea of your tub looking like a series of class IV rapids while you bathe, choosing an inducer system that adopts various styles allows you to have more fun with your tub.

Sanitation System

Want to give your tub water that sparkling look?  Make sure to clean the tub at least two times a week. Treating your water with chemicals will keep away the dirt, soap scum, sunscreen oils, and sweat and give you a healthy tub.

Suit your fashion when it comes to selecting the sanitization chemicals for your tub. You need to ask yourself, “Do I have to go for chlorine or bromine which decomposes in the sun, so I end up using more chemicals?” What is the cost of adding UV stabilizers for a whole year, compared to using an Ozonator?”

While at it select a tub that will be versatile to various pool test kits and one that can use chemicals you can easily get from your local store.

Heating System

Whether you are going to bring in some firewood every time you need a warm bath, or go electric, natural gas, or solar, you still need a tub cover and insulation to reduce water evaporation from the tub. A residual current device can also help to prevent electrocution from accidental coiling of your hand on a connected phone with messy wiring.

Though the heat will bring some warmth on a cold day, it would be wise to visit your doctor and get some buying tips for hot tubs related to spending too much time in the heat. You might end up boiling yourself to death!

5. Inviting Look

The beauty of a hot tub lies with the owner. Go for the more magical color of the coast redwood, in the wooden tub, if that is your thing. If you like the more pristine fiberglass, grab it for your use. For the young ones though, inflatable PVC tubs might be safer.

On the other hand, a DIYer would prefer to build one from scratch using the good old cement. The options are endless.

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Selecting a tub for your home can be daunting because of all the choices you have to make. However, getting a guide to help you choose wisely can make it easier for you to make those choices. With the above buying tips for hot tubs, you can now be able to decide the location of your tub, how big or small you want it to be, how you intend to use it, and most importantly, the easiest and most efficient way to keep it clean for a healthy bath.

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