The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Boat At A Boat Show And From A Dealer


Many believe that the best deals when buying a boat is during the annual boat shows. There is truth to this as there is a lot of competition between dealers which pushes the prices of the boats to attractive lows.

On the other hand, some savvy buyers have also found a way to get great deals when visiting their dealers at their dealerships. You will need to do proper homework to know what the boat would normally go for and how good is the deal that you are getting. This involves gathering information on things like the best boat covers.

When buying a boat at a boat show, note that many dealers will experience high costs of displaying their boats as well as the costs of hauling the boats back and forth. They may want to recover these costs which means that the deals are not going to be as great.

On the other hand, waiting until the last day of the boat show can prove a great way to get that deal as the dealers are looking for a last chance to sell their boats.

These are the pros and cons of buying a boat at a boat show and buying a boat from a dealer.

Pros of buying a boat at a boat show

Whether you are buying an inflatable boat, there are plenty of advantages to buying a boat at a boat show. One is that you can get into the boat with your family and inspect how it looks like on the inside.

Also, since the dealers are incurring costs of displaying their boats which are in the tens of thousands of dollars, they will be looking to offer you great deals.

Competitors can also point out some of the flaws of the boat you are interested in which is not something that you are likely to get from the dealer trying to get you to buy their boat.

Cons of buying a boat from a boat show

While there are good reasons to buy your boat at a boat show there are also many reasons why you shouldn’t.

For one the boats on display are new and you should also consider that you can get a similar second-hand boat for an even better price.

Also, the huge competition between dealers to sell a boat could put a lot of pressure on buyers which can end up causing impulse buying. This is not the best thing especially if you do not have plenty of experience with the boat model. You could end up regretting the decision later.

Keep in mind that the boat maty comes with accessories such as marine coolers which is great.

It could take a long time to have the boat delivered to you. This is especially so if you requested any additions and accessories. Don’t be surprised to learn that the boat will take a couple of months to get to you.

Pros of buying at a dealership


One of the main benefits of buying a boat from a dealer is that the dealer can develop a good one on one relationship with you and will help you make the best buying decision.

Also, you are not in a rush which means that you don’t have to make a choice that you are going to later regret.

While you are at it check for the best marine stereo and marine speakers.

The purchase will be processed quickly and you can have your boat delivered to you within a short time. Some people have learned to visit the dealer at their premises right after the boat show. At this time the dealer is not trying to cover the costs at the boat show which would allow them to offer great deals.  These are often better than those at the boat show.

Cons of buying at the dealer

If you are going to decide to buy your boat from the dealer, you are going to want to know when is the best time of year. You certainly want to steer clear of spring and summer as this is when most of the buyers are looking to make their purchase. This means prices are high due to demand.

You will need to do your research and pick the best time to purchase from the dealer. Check for the best VHF marine radio.

Also, the type of walkthrough that you may get when buying a boat from a dealer is not always similar to what you will get when buying a boat at a boat show. Plus, the dealer may not tell you about the flaws of the boat and there is no competitor’s insight to provide you with this information.

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Whether you are planning on buying your boat from the boat show or at the dealership. You will need to do the proper research beforehand. This ensures you make the best purchase decision and negotiate the best deals.

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