How To Buy Used Hot Tub


Hot tubs are not among the cheapest items, so getting a pre-owned one may be a good money-saving solution. However, you should be very careful if you want to buy a used hot tub, as with anything that has been used before.

You can get some of the most amazing deals, but there are certain things to look for buying a used hot tub. In this article, we will guide you through the whole process so you can choose the best possible option.

Where to Buy Used Hot Tub

Used tub sales can often be found everywhere around you. It is important to find out what you can expect whether you are buying the tub at the classifieds or a dealer.

Buying at a Spa Dealers

Many hot tub dealers work by taking older spas and then cleaning them up before re-selling them. This is similar to buying used cars from car lots. Hot tub dealers often fix equipment and cosmetic issues, and they can even include a warranty for the repairs. They often take care of the filters, cover, and deep clean the spa.

Doing all the hard work and replacing the parts means the dealers will charge you much more than it would cost you to do the work on your own. In some cases, the cost can be equal to the price of a new unused hot tub.

Owner Sale

Getting a used spa is much cheaper if done via online ads. You can often stumble upon tubs for sale by those who are moving. However, these kinds of hot tubs do not come with a warranty, so that is one downside of such a purchase. Always make sure you check everything thoroughly and even hire a technician to look over the tub before you buy it.

Getting a free or cheap tub sounds nice, but the quality is often related to the price. If a hot tub price sounds too good to be true, it may mean that many parts are bad. In that case, you will have to pay a technician to do the work instead of you, as well as pay for the parts. Always take these things into account, because sometimes it is better to buy a new spa.

What You Should Look For

If you are buying a used spa, checking it before the purchase is a must. Make sure the spa is running with full water capacity for at least a day before your arrival. Also, always ask for the original manual, as well as the maintenance and repair record. It is important to check all the details, just like when you are buying a used car.

Controls and Equipment

While the spa is running, ask the owner how to operate the control pad. Check all the functions, as well as whether all the parts work properly. Also, you should check the condition of the air valve. It should provide enough air to the jets if it is functioning properly. Simply fully open the valve, slowly backing off until it is closed. If air is still passing when it is closed, it means that it has a problem.

One of the things to look for buying a used hot tub is a rapid sound in the control system. If you hear clicking, it could mean that the board has some issues, which can be expensive to repair. On the other hand, burned-out tub lights are not a major issue. Replace the bulb to check whether the bulb is causing problems, or there’s something more.

Don’t forget to check the pump while it is running. If you hear a steady and strong low-pitched hum, it means everything is fine. On the other hand, if you hear whining, grinding, or anything else, you will likely have to replace the pump.

Leaks and Spa Shell

Make sure you always check whether there are any leaks. If you cannot locate the source of the leak, you should look for discolored or dark foam. Such leaks are not very easy to fix, so it is the best idea to pass that offer.

Inspect the spa shell carefully. If you find any blisters, cracks, or similar problems, the tub is most likely not worth it. Bad cracks cannot be repaired, but you can always fix smaller issues with some Plast-Aid.

Cabinet and Insulation

If the cabinet has minor issues, such as a few broken panels or slats, there is no need to worry. On the other hand, replacing the whole cabinet can be expensive.

Cosmetic appearance shouldn’t be among the most important things to look for buying a used hot tub. Inspect the frame by removing the panels. Check whether there’s warping or rotting. The frame has to be in good condition since it will have to endure a lot of weight.



Q: Is It a Good Idea to Buy a Used Hot Tub?


It is a good idea to buy a used hot tub, but only if it is kept in a great condition. On the other hand, if you need to spend a lot of money on repair, it is probably better to get a completely new tub considering the cost.

Q: Do Hot Tubs Hold Their Value?


Built-in hot tubs hold more value because they are considered a luxury item, they are more aesthetically pleasing and they typically last longer compared to inflatable hot tubs which are more convenient but don’t hold as much value. Often, sellers may ask for a 50% price reduction, especially if the tub has been used for a few years.

Globo Surf Overview

It is no secret that getting a new hot tub can be very expensive. Another option is buying a used tub. If you are unsure whether you should buy a used hot tub, make sure you check everything before the purchase. Firstly, decide whether you will get the tub at a spa dealer or from a sale.

Next, schedule an appointment with the potential seller. Make sure the tub is full and running 24 hours before your arrival. Then, make sure you inspect everything thoroughly, such as controls, equipment, leaks, spa shell, cabinet, and insulation. Doing this can save you lots of money. Also, calculate how much money you need to spend on repairs.

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