Blaq Paks Medium Black Day Tripper Reviews


If you’re looking for a stylish and waterproof urban daypack for everyday carry, the Day Tripper is an excellent option. Its elegant simplicity, waterproof construction, built-in laptop divider, and carrying comfort make it the best day pack for commuting whether you commute by bike, motorcycle, train, bus, car, or walk to work or school.

It also works very well as a daypack for traveling. You can carry it as your personal bag when flying or lay the empty pack flat inside your travel backpack or roller luggage to rock as a daypack when exploring a new city. With its sleek and minimal urban design, it is right at home in cities.

Blaq Paks is known for making durable bags and the Day Tripper is no exception. It is hand made in Portland using high-quality materials. The exterior and the liner are waterproof and the roll-top closure system is very effective at sealing out water. With this tough and waterproof build, the Day Tripper can also handle the outdoors when used as a cycling, backpacking, or hiking daypack.

17 liters capacity is big enough to carry what you need from dawn to dusk whether you’re going on a day trip in the city or enjoying nature on the trail while the lightweight and compact form factor ensure the pack isn’t cumbersome to wear on your back. The back panel and shoulder straps are padded for carrying comfort.

The Blaq Paks Medium Day Tripper delivers big time on quality, function, and style. If it sounds like the perfect daypack for you, keep scrolling to read the rest of the review.


Designed to be the ultimate day pack, the Blaq Paks Day Tripper has a simple design that makes it incredibly versatile. Even though it has a minimal look, it has a lot going on including a roomy storage compartment, waterproof design, tough construction, brilliant functionality, and elegant style. It is designed to be comfortable to carry on your back, protect your belongings from moisture, and to offer long-lasting service. Its features as follows:

  • A single storage compartment with 17 liters capacity
  • Laptop divider on the inside
  • Waterproof face fabric and liner
  • Waterproof roll-top closure with a single strap and buckle
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Padded back panel for carrying comfort



Size: Medium

Dimensions: 15″ Tall, 11.8″ Wide, 3.42″ Deep, 9.45″ Rolltop.

Capacity: 17 Liters

Color Options: Black, Red Black, Olive Black, Camo Black, Charcoal Black, Navy w/Charcoal Trim

User Experience


Capacity: The medium Blaq Paks Day Tripper day pack has a capacity rating of 17 liters. This is enough storage volume to hold a day worth of essentials such as electronics, snacks, and toiletries, or gear and supplies for a hiking day trip or a day of sightseeing and shopping in a new city.

It features a single storage compartment with a top-loading design for ease of packing and access. Even though it doesn’t have multiple pockets or compartments, this design works well with packing cubes to keep your items well organized and protected. A laptop divider on the inside offers a place to keep your personal devices protected.

Packing flexibility is one of the best things about the Day Tripper. Whether you load the daypack halfway or fully, it expands or compresses to suit its load and still look neat thanks to the roll-top closure with an adjustable strap.

Comfort: Whether you’re carrying a laptop and smartphone-only or have it fully packed with gear for a day on the trails or out and about in a city, the Day Tripper is a comfortable size to carry on your back. It won’t weigh you down and you won’t feel exhausted even after a whole day of trekking with it on your back thanks to the padded back panel and shoulder straps. You can also adjust the shoulder straps for a perfect fit.

Functionality: The simple elegant design makes the Day Tripper day pack incredibly versatile. It is great as a business and student daypack, a travel daypack, and also suits outdoor adventures such as hiking, backpacking, and cycling.

The roll-top closure system with an over the top strap and buckle is its best functional feature. The top opens wide so loading the pack with your belongings is easy even if you’re using packing cubes to organize your gear.

With the top folded onto itself and the buckle secured, the pack won’t come loose unintentionally and you can rest assured your belongings are secured whether you’re traveling in a crowded city or on the trails. And when you need to retrieve something from inside the pack, opening it is easy and fast.

As a commuter, traveler, or outdoor adventurer, you want a waterproof pack that will protect your valuables from moisture damage. The Day Tripper meets this requirement. The exterior fabric can withstand constant downpours, the interior is lined with a waterproof liner and the roll-top closure leaves no opening for water to seep through. Whether you get caught in a downpour or are carrying cold drinks or frozen lunch, this waterproof design will ensure your pack won’t get messy and protect sensitive items from moisture damage.

Durability: Durability is one of the attributes Blaq Paks bags are best known for. This Day Tripper is hand made in Portland. The attention to detail is immaculate and the craftsmanship is guaranteed for life. It is made with high-quality material that can resist punctures and tears and features a heavy-duty strap and buckle. It is tough enough to withstand the rigor of everyday carry and even rough outdoor use and offer many years of service.


  • Simple and elegant, incredibly versatile
  • Decent storage capacity – 17 liters
  • Roll top, strap and buckle closure
  • Waterproof exterior, liner and rolltop closure
  • Easy to carry form factor
  • Padded back panel and shoulder straps
  • Hand-stitched attention to detail
  • High-quality American craftsmanship
  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee


  • Does not have multiple pockets/compartments
  • Not meant for heavier loads

Overall Rating


Capacity: 95% – 17 liters is decent capacity for a daypack and the roll-top closure with an adjustable strap offers packing flexibility. Whether you’re only bringing along a few items or loading it fully, this day pack won’t look undersized or oversized.

Comfort: 95% – The Day Tripper is just the perfect size to toss on your back as a commuter day pack or for day trips in the city or on the trail. The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded and the back panel is cushioned as well so it rests comfortably on your back.

Durability: 95% – Blaq Paks bags are known for their durability and the Day Tripper is no different. It is made of the tough and durable material that their backpacks are made of and the strap and buckle are heavy duty. It is well put together and built to last many years of daily use.

Design: 95% – High end yet understated, functional, waterproof, and comfortable, the design is on point and it makes this pack one of the most versatile day packs. The roll-top closure design that offers ease of packing, ease of access, security, and waterproof protection is also great.

Price: 90% – The Day Tripper is a premium day pack with a premium price tag. The price is consistent with the hand-made craftsmanship, high-quality materials, superior versatility, and durability. It is a worthy investment that will come in handy many times and you won’t find yourself spending money on a daypack anytime soon.

Overall: 94% – The simple elegant design, decent capacity in an easy to carry form, waterproof design, and great carrying comfort make the Blaq Paks Medium Day Tripper the ultimate day pack for commuting, traveling, and outdoor activities.

Globo Surf Overview

Blaq Paks designed The Day Tripper to be the ultimate day pack and they achieved their goal, in our opinion. Even though this daypack has a stripped-down design with minimal features, it has a lot going on including durable construction, waterproof protection, fantastic functionality, carrying comfort, and great style.

The simplicity makes it incredibly versatile. It is an excellent travel day pack for day trips in cities, at the beach, and even the great outdoors. It is also a superb option for commuting. If you need to invest in a durable, waterproof, versatile, and stylish day pack, the Blaq Paks Day Tripper Black Medium fits the bill perfectly.

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Blaq Paks Medium Black Day Tripper Reviews
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