You can add aesthetics to your bike whilst also enhancing your riding safety by simply investing in bike wheel lights. The best LED bike wheel lights are designed to not only enhance your visibility in the dark but also add style to your bike.

These bike lights illuminate to give your bike a more distinctive and noticeable look. Some bike light models even motivate you to improve your pedaling and increase riding speed to complete their light patterns and give your bike a more unique look.

Below, you will find the top picks for the 10 best bike wheel lights in 2020 – to help you stay safe during your bike rides whilst also rocking a stylish look.

How To Choose Bike Wheel Lights – Buying Guide


Bike Wheel Size

Bike wheel lights will not fit all wheel sizes. So, when you are choosing the best LED bike wheel lights, you must ensure the wheel size is compatible with that of your bike. The majority of bike wheel lights can fit wheels sizes measuring from 12 to 29 inches. This means that these lights can be mounted on either adult or kids’ bikes.


The best LED bike wheel lights should also be waterproof.  Bike lights especially those built with outer toughen plastic tubing have a higher waterproof rating which allows them to survive any conditions with no damage.

Energy Efficiency 

Energy-efficient bike wheel lights help to preserve battery life especially if they use replaceable batteries. Look for smart designs such as bike wheels with sensors that will turn off the lights if you are in a bright area or if your bike is inactive for a while. 

Power Source

Lights for lighting bike wheels feature two distinct power sources. Some bike lights use replaceable batteries– such as AA or AAA batteries. Other wheel lights feature a built-in lithium-ion battery, allowing them to be USB charged.


One of the reasons why bike wheel lights make great gifts for avid bikers is their fun colors that add aesthetics to any bike. Many of the best LED bike wheel lights feature different color designs. Many will have at least 3 or more color options to choose from. 

You can choose an individual color like red, green or white, or multicolored lights. Some brands are even more creative, for example, the Activ Life Bike Wheel Lights which have a patriotic color option in red, blue, and white. 

Clamping Mechanism

The clamping mechanism represents how the lights install on your tire spokes and how easy it is to do so. This part is normally easy to understand based on the manufacturer’s design. So before you pick bike lights to purchase, check to ensure the clamping mechanism is easy and straightforward.


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Whether you want to add a pop of color to your bike or simply want to keep safe on the road in a more stylish way, the bike wheel lights reviews prove how useful these accessories are. They also make great gifts for family and friends, especially avid bikers. So, pick your choice from the 10 best bike wheel lights above to keep safe on the streets whilst also biking in style.

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