BIC iSUP 11′ WING AIR Review


You don’t have to worry about durability and performance with The 11’0 Wing Air Evo inflatable stand up paddleboard (iSUP), as it is an exceptionally rigid inflatable designed for performance and durability. Its 11 feet long and 32 inches wide planing hull makes it an incredibly stable all-around paddleboard.

Flatwater cruising on lakes, rivers, ponds and the ocean is where it shines. It glides through the water smoothly and is a complete joy to paddle. It is also suitable for long-distance touring and even has deck rigging for attaching gear, a cushy yoga-mat style deck pad for comfort on long paddling sessions, and comes with a touring fin for tracking. With its versatile shape, it’s also at home in the surf and can hold its own in choppy conditions. It is user-friendly for beginner paddlers and fun for intermediate paddlers.

Ease of storage and portability are the main reasons to get an inflatable stand up paddleboard and this is a space-efficient and highly portable SUP board. A single layer drop-stitch construction with dual-layer stringer and reinforced side rails make it super stiff and durable yet lightweight and easy to carry and store. Deflated and rolled up, it fits into the board bag it comes with and easily fits in a car, in an apartment closet, and qualifies as checked luggage on airlines.

A complete SUP package, this paddleboard comes with everything you need to start paddling, from the paddle to a safety ankle leash. Further down this review, we look deeper into The Wing Air Evo Inflatable SUP package by BIC Sport. Read on to know whether or not this is the perfect ISUP for you.



BIC Sport’s SUP Air construction technology makes The Wing Air Evo an exceptionally rigid and durable yet lightweight inflatable paddleboard. Single-layer rugged drop-stitch PVC panels keep the board comfortably lightweight. High-density top and bottom stringers and reinforcement along the rails maximize stiffness and durability and maintain the board’s rocker profile.

The planing shape makes it a stable and versatile all-around paddleboard that is easy and fun to use in all conditions. It is equipped with some amazing features that ensure a comfortable, enjoyable, and safe experience on the water:

Lightweight, deflated, and packable, it is easy to store and transport. Loaded with the deflated board and all the essential accessories, the bag is compact enough to fly with. It is a great SUP to travel with and have fun while on the go.

Three carry handles at the nose, tail, and center make the inflated board easy to carry to and from the water.

Deck bungee rigging provides storage space for everything you need to bring along, whether you’re embarking on a day-long paddling trip, a SUP fishing excursion, or a multi-day touring adventure.

The deck pad is a yoga-mat style surface that is comfortable to stand on and has a diamond groove traction pad for a secure grip.

A universal center fin box that is compatible with most fins and a thruster fins setup.



Length: 11 feet

Width: 32 inches

Thickness: 6 Inches

Weight: 23 pounds

Volume: 305 liters

Capacity: 220 pounds

Material: High-density drop-stitch PVC

Warranty: Two years warranty

User Experience

Usability: If you want a board for cruising on slow-moving rivers, ponds, lakes, and even the ocean, The Wing Air is perfect. You will also be able to go for a day, overnight, and even 2-3 days touring adventures on it. With its stability and versatility, you can even paddle it on whitewater rapids and play in the surf.

Its wide profile and plenty of stability make it perfect for individuals as well as families. It is a user-friendly and forgiving beginners stand up paddleboard and fun and relaxing for intermediate SUP paddlers.

Portability: The biggest advantage inflatable paddle boards have is portability and ease of storage and this iSUP is highly portable and easy to store. It is lightweight and has three carry handles so lifting and carrying it when it is fully inflated is easy. The deflated and rolled up ISUP together with its accessories fit in the provided backpack. This makes transporting it easy, even if you have to walk a long way to get to your destination.

Deflated and rolled into its bag, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. This makes it suitable for those with limited storage space. There’s no need to get a roof rack, as the loaded bag fits in a closet for storage and inside a car for transport. If storage space for a hardboard is a problem or you want a board you can fly with without hassles, the Wing Air is perfect.

Performance: The Wing Air Evo is a rigid inflatable stand up paddleboard that feels as stiff as a hardboard when inflated. Its versatile touring shape gives it outstanding stability and performance for all-around use in all water conditions. Flatwater cruising is where this paddleboard shines. It cuts through the water efficiently and has maximum glide. Paddling this paddleboard, you will be able to enjoy the calmness of stand up paddleboarding, relax on the water, and enjoy the views. With its rocker profile, it also handles choppier conditions gracefully.

Accessories: For the best experience on the water, the best paddleboard accessories are essential. This SUP comes with a great set that includes everything you need to get out on the water and start paddling.

It comes with a two-way pump with a pressure gauge. Using this pump gets the board inflated and ready for the water in no time. For tracking, a removable center fin is included. It comes with a great SUP paddle that is adjustable to the paddler’s height.

It also comes with a comfortable safety ankle leash. The package also includes a repair kit should any accidents occur. Finally, a board bag that is big enough to accommodate the deflated board and all the accessories are also provided.


  • A high versatile around stand up paddleboard
  • A complete SUP package that comes with great accessories
  • A cushy deck and non-slip traction pad
  • Bungee system offers storage space for the gear you need to bring along
  • Highly portable as lightweight, equipped with three handles and comes with a comfortable carry bag
  • A super rigid and durable construction make this a long-lasting iSUP


  • Does not handle well in rough conditions
  • The bungee storage space could be larger

Overall Rating

Based on our review, here are our ratings for the Bic Sport Wing Air Evo:

Price: 90% – It’s a high-end board with everything you need and want in an around stand up paddleboard and with a reasonable price tag. It is well worth the money.

Material: 95% – Most high-quality inflatable paddle boards are made with layers of PVC with a drop-stitch core and stringers and that is what The Wing Air is composed of. Its build quality and finishing are great. Its resistance to abrasion and puncturing is excellent.

Design: 95% – This is a very well-designed SUP board. The planning shape makes it stable and versatile. The construction makes it rigid and durable yet lightweight and easy to handle. Features such as the fin, bungee cord, and traction mat are all very well done. It is also a stylish SUP that is a pleasure to own and use on the water.

Overall: 93% – A high-quality inflatable paddle board designed for performance and versatility, The Bic Sport Wing Air Evo is one of the best ISUPs that you can get. It is fairly priced for how well made and durable it is and the kind of experience it offers on the water.

Globo Surf Overview

With the Wing Air Evo SUP as the paddleboard beneath your feet, you are going to be able to enjoy this amazing water sport to the maximum and reap the amazing benefits of paddleboarding.

This stand up paddleboard by Bic Sport is ideal for flatwater cruising as a solo paddler or with a companion and also works brilliantly on touring adventures. With its stability, versatility, and portability, you can actually paddle it anywhere. If you’re looking for your first SUP board, this board will serve you well even as you get more use out of it and take the step from beginner to intermediate paddler.

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BIC iSUP 11′ WING AIR Review
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