Nothing screams fun over the winter season like engaging in snow sports such as snowboarding. However, with the nature of the conditions during this time, it is important to make sure you have the right clothing and gear.

Some manufacturers have even put smart ideas into play to make sure your clothing and gear are ideally designed not only for their main function but to also help keep you safe. Snowboard gloves with wrist guards are an excellent example of such clothing effects. They keep your hands dry and warm on the slopes whilst also keeping you comfortable and prevent any injuries.

Listed below are the 5 best gloves with wrist guard for snowboarding in 2022 – each outline their unique features and how they add value to your protection in the outdoors. The choice is all yours to go for a pair that appeals most to you.

How To Choose A Snowboard Gloves With Wrist Protection – Buying Guide


Cuff Style

The cuff style is an important feature to examine when you are deciding on the best wrist guard snowboarding gloves to invest in. it also depends on your layering, especial the outer jacket to know what cuff style to go for. Some snowboard gloves will have cuff lengths that end up on the cuff area whilst some that will go over the cuff.

The cuff length is an excellent determinant of how much coverage and protects your gloves will offer. Thus, it is only wise to go with the over the cuff style because the length helps to effectively prevent ice, snow or even cold air from seep into your jacket. However, cuff length or under the cuff length styles may also work if your jacket s fabricated with its own secure and sealable cuffs.

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Removable Wrist Guards

Top rated wrist guard snowboard gloves are constructed with removable ones. The main purpose of wrist guards on the snowboard gloves is to provide an extra layer of insulation from the cold, enhancing mobility of your hands as well as preventing hand injuries.

However, going for gloves or mittens with wrist guards that are removable enhances their versatility. The ability to remove snowboarding wrist guards from your loves also allows you to separately and effectively to ensure your comfort when wearing them. You don’t want to be wearing soiled gloves with wrist guards!

Additionally, in the outdoors, you can choose to remove the wrist guards on a less cold day or when you are not engaged in an activity that requires a tight grip. You can even use snowboard gloves with their guards removed on a normal day.


The lining of the best wrist protection snowboarding gloves has to the main function – to provide a soft and smooth feel to your hands, to provide breathability as well as add an extra layer of insulation. Like wrist guards, the lining on gloves comes in two styles – removable and non-removable linings. Additionally, the lining on gloves come in different fabrics, however, the best best gloves with wrist guard for snowboarding are fabricated with synthetic fabric.

This is because synthetic material unlike natural material such as wool boasts moisture-wicking abilities. This helps to quickly dry as well as wick away moisture out of the end. Additionally, their breathability helps to regulate and enhance air circulation to leave your hands dry and war at all times.

Material such as polyester (in fleece) is excellent lining material and they provide that soft, plush feel. Either style, removable or non-removable is ideal, however, removable works in your favor because you can easily remove it and wash it separately.

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The best wrist guard snowboard gloves will have incredible wrist protection however, this shouldn’t affect their fit. You obviously intend on using your snowboard gloves in action-packed snow sports meaning they will be a lot of maneuvers, flips, and high-speed movement done in the cold and snowy outdoors.

Thus, it is important that your gloves have that right fit on your hands without risking any slip off. You also want a snug fit – you don’t want your gloves to be too tight that they block blood circulation and bring about a new string of problems.

Additionally, that snug fit should be ideally spacious enough to accommodate inner gloves or glove liners during extremely cold weather. When testing your gloves, check to ensure that the gloves fit do not limit flexibility or mobility. Remember, you still need to be constantly using your hands even when you are snowboarding.


Insulation is perhaps one of the most important features to examine when looking for the best wrist guard snowboard gloves to invest in. can you even use snowboard gloves without proper insulation?! Insulation is the middle layer of your gloves that provides the most warmth needed. Insulation works by entrapping the heat generated by your body and retains it to maintain warmth.

The effectiveness at which, the insulation does this depends on the material. Unlike, the unpopular belief that the heavier, thicker and bulkier the insulation, the warmer the glove is – this is not the case. You can invest in a pair of thin and lightweight gloves with impeccable insulation abilities thus, allowing you to maintain the flexibility and mobility needed from these sports gloves.

Synthetic insulators such as polyfill are an excellent option and they provide ample warmth. Other materials such down fill also provide superior insulation but they may not be as dependable in the outdoors because they have very slow drying time.  So chances are you will get in trouble if they get when.

Additional Features

The best wrist protection snowboard gloves are also equipped with value-adding features to enhance their functionality. Some of the commonly added features that come with your gloves include;

Reinforced palms and fingers

A detailed reinforced fabrication on your palms comes with added benefits. These include durability and enhanced grip. Features such a polyurethane or vinyl patch on the gloves’ palms adds to their durability and longevity especially if they are to be used in the rough outdoors.

Features such as outer palm rubber linings help to enhance grip on the gloves – brands such as the Seirus use their trademark UltraGrip design to enhance grip on their gloves. Additionally, newer love designs are equipped with technological advantages such as touch screen friendly palms and fingers. This allows you to comfortably and easily operate your smartphone without having to remove your gloves.

Additionally, some glove designs come with articulated fingers to add functionality. This design helps to enhance the grip of your gloved fingers without affecting the gloves insulating abilities. Other glove designs come with nose and goggle wipe patches on the fingers or thumb areas to enhance functionality.

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For an added layer of warmth, some snowboard wrist guard gloves come fitted with zippered pockets at the back of the palms. This allows you to stuff smaller items such as hand warmers or eve keys and ticket passes. And when not in use, a good pair of gloves comes with storm leashes that allow you to store them together to prevent loss.


Added cinch straps on some glove designs help to provide full closure. This means that upon closure, no snow, ice, rain or even cold air can penetrate your gloves.


Some snowboard loves feature a 2-in-1 fabrication – so you can wear them as gloves or as mittens. Simply pull over the flap to convert the gloves into mittens. Mittens offer more insulation on extremely cold days however; they limit the mobility of your fingers and may not be as practical when you are engaging in high energy-packed activities.  Thus, you can use them interchangeably according to the circumstances and conditions.


Liners are the innermost layer of the gloves otherwise known as the lining of the gloves. You can choose to go for removable or non –removable ones. Additionally to the glove’s lining, you can also wear extra separately bought liners. Gloves with wider mouths also allow you to add a layer of separately bought glove liners on those bone piercing cold days.

Outer Shell

The outer shell of your snowboard wrist guard gloves is just as important to scrutinize as is the lining and insulation. Typically, the top-rated snowboard gloves with wrist guards are made with tough and rugged synthetic fabric such as polyester or nylon. The materials are also built to be effective wind repellents.

For weatherproof properties, the outer layers are further coated or inserted with membranes. The inserted membrane combines its build to provide waterproof and breathable abilities to the gloves.  Typically, material such as nylon and polyurethane which make membrane such as Gore-Tex are used. A polyurethane outer shell coating is also used as a durable water repellent (DWR coating).



Q: What Is The Difference Between Wrist Guard Gloves And Regular Gloves?


Wrist guard gloves are designed to be worn in high adrenaline snow sports to provide an added layer of warmth, comfort as well as to prevent the risk of injury. Unlike regular gloves, wrist guard gloves are fabricated with specially designed wrist guards that come fitted in them.

Thus, wrist guard gloves offer an added layer of protection and warmth which regular gloves do not. With the wrist guard addition incorporated within their construction, this means that writ guard gloves will have a more superior feel, and fit, unlike regular gloves which can be worn with separately bought wrist guards (and don't guarantee fit).

Q: What Should I Choose: Gloves Or Mittens?


It all depends on the circumstances. Mittens are known to offer superior warmth and insulation compared to gloves. However, gloves provide more mobility and flexibility to your fingers whilst mittens don’t. For high energy activities such as snowboarding that definitely require flexibility and mobility, gloves are a better option.

Thus, to ensure your hands keep warm on those colder days, layer your gloves with an extra pair and pay attention to the level of insulation when you are choosing a pair to invest in. however, some emerging mitten designs help to keep your hands warm whilst also allowing enough dexterity to your fingers. Many of these units feature a design whereby middle fingers are held together in a mitten style whilst the index finger and thumb are individually left out to maintain their mobility and flexibility.

Q: Why Do I Need Wrist Guard Gloves?


Wrist guard gloves add an extra layer of protection when you are snowboarding than regular gloves. Wrist guards are built as plates by using metal or plastic and they offer protection from wrist injuries – a common accident when snowboarding.

Additionally, they are also built to absorb shock from impact as well as provide superior flexibility and mobility to your hands, thus, reducing the risk of injuries. And as a perk, they also maintain the positioning of your hands, so even after a long day of snowboarding; you don’t feel any discomfort or stain on your hands. And that added layer of the guard plate adds insulation to your gloves.

Globo Surf Overview

The snowboard gloves with wristguard reviews deliver useful guidelines for picking the right accessories for your next snowboarding trip. Additionally, the reviews outline the importance and difference it makes to have the protection of wrist guard gloves on the slopes. Plus, the extra layer of warmth they provide is an add-on value that no one will want to trade off in the outdoors.

The deal-sealer is also their impeccable ability to maintain flexibility and mobility even with the layer of shock-absorbing protection they provide. The list buying guide above on the other end also guides us step by step on how to choose the perfect snowboard gloves with wrist guard for our needs. The list of the 5 best gloves with wrist protection is an excellent place to begin searching for your wrist guards for the next tourney

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