Cooking is a significant part of any camping trip. Most campers will bring a camp stove, which is the easiest way to whip up a meal. But not all stoves are powered by the same fuel. Isobutane and propane are popular fuels, but they can be expensive. A better option that has affordable fuel are wood burning camping stoves. A wood camp stove does not require a fuel canister, which makes it more compact, lightweight, and easy to use.

But finding a top rated wood camp stove can be difficult. Especially, if you aren’t sure what design or features make a quality camping wood stove. To help you get started in your search, we have picked the ten best wood burning camp stoves and included our comprehensive buying guide so that you can cook tasty meals on your trip with ease.

How To Choose A Wood Burning Camp Stove – Buying Guide



Whenever you are burning any type of fuel, you will need your camping stove to be made of a strong and resistant material. The most efficient wood burning camp stove will use metal in its construction because it is a heat conductive material that is long lasting. The two most popular metal used are titanium because it is lightweight and stainless steel for its durability.

Titanium is a popular metal because it is extremely lightweight, which means that you can easily use the design as a backpacking or camping wood stove. However, the downside to titanium is that due to its thin construction, it may not last as long as more durable metals.

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Stainless steel is often the favored material and the best wood camp stove will often owe its durability to the corrosion-resistant and long-lasting metal. Stainless steel is heavier than titanium, but it will last for longer because it is thicker.


Wood burning camping stoves make it easy to prepare your meals, but you also have to consider the overall weight of the stove and how easy it is to carry it in your backpack. The best wood camp stove will be lightweight so that it is easier to transport. Most of the wood burning camping stoves are all lightweight and may differ in weight by only a few ounces. But every ounce can count when you’re traveling on the trails, so it’s best to check the product specifications for the item weight, before you make a purchase.


Size is another important consideration because you’ll have to check for how many burners the stove has and how large it is overall. All of the wood burning camping stoves on our list have one burner to make them compact. When you are camping or backpacking, it can be difficult to pack large camping stoves, if not impossible.

While a single burner may slow your cooking process down, your back will thank you for not having to carry a large wood camp stove and bear unnecessary or extra weight. To accommodate for the single burner, you may want to try cooking one pot camping meals instead.

But the product specifications should always give the dimensions of the backpacking wood stove, so you can determine whether it is just right or too large for your needs. Wood burning camp stove reviews are another great resource that can help you determine the size of a design.


Stability is also an important feature of any wood burning camping stoves because you might not always have a flat area to set up your cooking area. If you use camping kitchens, you might have a better surface and enhanced stability, but you still want to ensure that your wood camp stove has a stable design overall.

The most efficient wood burning camp stove will have a wider base or a cylindrical design, so that it cannot be easily tipped over. A wider base will also help your collapsible wood burning backpacking stove support the weight of your cooking pot. Wind stability is also important and a top rated wood camp stove should have a smart design that incorporates small cutouts in the base for the wind to pass through.


Last but not least, durability is a big factor that will determine how well wood burning camping stoves perform and how long they last. The best wood camp stove will be very durable in the design and construction so that it efficiently cooks your food. The metal used should be a high quality and robust so that your wood camp stove can take a light beating and still function.

A top rated wood camp stove will be durable so that it lasts longer and ensures that you have made a quality investment. As we mentioned, stainless steel is the most durable material that is also able to withstand high temperatures so that you can use your camping wood stove for multiple years.

Wood burning camp stove reviews are another great way to determine the durability of a design. The reviewers will likely be honest about whether they believe a design is durable and has the quality to last for multiple camping trips.



Q: What Is A Wood Burning Camp Stove?


Wood burning camp stoves are very similar to gas powered backpacking stoves in their design, except that they use natural fuel and do not require you to purchase gas canisters. Instead, a wood camp stove will use biofuel like wood, twigs, leaves, pinecones, or any dry and natural material. Traditional wood burning camping stoves were quite bulky but with the advancement in camping cookware and gear, they are now compact and easy to carry.

Many wood stoves on the market today are now fully collapsible and will be constructed in the shape of a cylinder, rectangle, or pyramid. All wood stoves will use chemical-free fuel so that you stay safer and aren’t having to worry about disposing of butane gas canisters. The natural fuel is also cheaper because you can go scavenging around the campsite for dry materials, instead of purchasing expensive fuel canisters. With environmentally friendly fuel, many campers prefer to use wood burning camping stoves.

Q: Are Wood Burning Camp Stoves Safe?


Yes. A top rated wood camp stove will have a smart design that can be easily assembled. There should be a small space to place your fuel so that it can safely burn inside the walls of the stove. The wood burning camp stove will also be durable so that it never collapses under the weight of your cooking pots and it will be stable so that the stove cannot be easily tipped over. With quality features, a camping wood stove is just as safe as alcohol stoves or other stove designs for camping. Many campers will actually find that it is safer to use a wood camp stove because there are no harmful chemicals being burned as fuel.

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Q: Are There Some Limitations Of The Use Of A Wood Burning Stove?


Yes. The biggest limitations are weather conditions and campsite rules. Even the best wood camp stove is not going to perform well in heavy wind, rain, or snow. The flames can be easily snuffed out or your fuel can become wet, which makes it impossible to burn. You should also be aware of campsite rules. Some campsites have a ban against wood burning camping stoves due to fire hazards. Most bans will come into effect when it has been too dry, and the fire danger level is at a high.

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When you are looking for a safe and environmentally friendly way to cook your meals on outdoor trips, a camping wood stove is the best choice that will get the job done. A top rated wood camp stove should be durable, stable, and functional so that you can take it and cook anywhere. Wood stoves also help you save money by using an affordable and, often free, fuel source. We hope that our ten top picks and buying guide have helped educate you on what makes a quality wood camp stove that will serve you well on all your camping trips.

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