Getting rained on and drenched can turn everything into an annoying mess. Whether you are a commuter, like morning runs, are traveling or going on a hiking or camping adventure in the great outdoors, having a travel umbrella and rain jacket handy can prevent such a situation. The best rain jackets are lightweight and packable making them convenient to have with you always.

You can stow one in your backpack, bag, or carry it in a pouch when running or walking the dog. If you’re looking for a good quality rain jacket that looks great, below are the best women’s rain jackets and coats to choose from. They are designed to keep you dry and comfortable without sacrificing style.

How To Choose A Women’s Rain Jacket – Buying Guide


Some raincoats for women are water-resistant while others are waterproof. Some are thin, unlined rain shells while some have a lining that provides warmth. Consider the following factors to pick the right one for your needs:

Water Resistance

Before you order a rain jacket, find out how waterproof it is and whether it can withstand the kind of rain you need protection from. If you want a rain jacket that can withstand heavy downpours and extended exposure to rain, the jacket should be waterproof. If you want protection from light drizzles and short durations such as when dashing from your house to the car, a water-resistant rain jacket will do.

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To find out whether the jacket can offer the kind of protection you need and keep you dry, check the jacket’s fabric, waterproof rating and read its reviews by users. The fabric should be tightly woven so it has a high level of water resistance and have a waterproof breathable membrane or a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating. The seams should be fully sealed and the zippers covered with a storm flap.

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When it’s warm and wet or during strenuous activities such as running and hiking in the rain, you want a jacket to protect you from the rain and wind while also allowing perspiration to escape and air to circulate so you don’t get hot, sweaty and miserable.

Find out whether the rain jacket fabric is breathable. If the fabric is highly water resistant and therefore not very breathable, look for pit zits. These are zippered underarm openings that you can unzip to release heat build-up and allow airflow when it is hot.


The rain jacket shouldn’t be a bother to wear. Look for a jacket that is lightweight, fits well, and has a soft and moisture-wicking interior. The design should allow a full range of motion and airflow shouldn’t be restricted. An anti-chaff chin guard that protects your face against chafing and scratching when you’ve zipped the jacket all the way up is also essential.


The material should be waterproof or have a high level of water resistance and it should be breathable. In order to have these qualities, the material should have a tight weave with densely packed micropores where water droplets can’t get through but water vapor can pass through. Nylon and polyester fulfill these conditions.


A rain jacket should be lightweight so as to be easy to carry and not to weigh you down during your activities but not so ultralight that it can’t withstand rain or hold up well. If you’re looking for a comfortable summer rain jacket, choose the lightest, unlined jacket that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Packed Size

The most efficient women’s rain jacket should be easy to carry with you so you have it handy when you need it. In addition to being liThe best women’s rain jackets and raincoats come in feminine cuts that taper at the waist and attractive color options.ghtweight, it should fold down into a small form that won’t be a bother to carry. Some of the best women’s raincoats and jackets roll into their own zippered pockets into super-compact packages that can fit in a pocket, purse and won’t take much space in a backpacking backpack.

Fit and Style

In order to offer protection from rain and wind, a rain jacket should fit your body closely and offer good coverage. Measurements to take in order to determine the right size to order include chest, waist, hips, and sleeve and back length. Browsing through women’s rain jacket reviews will help you decide the best size for you.

If you will be wearing your raincoat in chilly conditions, pick a jacket with a relaxed fit or go one size up in order to have enough room for warm layers underneath. Raincoats should also have a mechanism for adjusting the tightness at the bottom hem, cuffs, and hood. The most excellent women’s rain jackets and raincoats come in feminine cuts that taper at the waist and attractive color options.



Q: Are Rain Jackets Suitable For Hiking?


Absolutely! A rain jacket comes in handy as weather is unpredictable in the great outdoors. They are very convenient as they are lightweight and can even fit in a small hiking daypack when packed. The ideal women's hiking rain jacket has a rugged shell that can hold well under a heavy hiking backpack.

Q: How To Wash A Rain Jacket?


You can machine wash or hand wash it in warm water. Be sure to check the label first and follow the washing instructions. Using bleach, fabric softener or dry cleaning rain gear can degrade its waterproofing.

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Q: How To Care For My Rain Jacket?


Wash and dry it according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once it is dry, hang it for storage to keep it in tip-top condition for when you need it next. If you notice that its water repellent treatment is no longer repelling water as it used to, restore the coating using a waterproofing spray.

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If you’re a commuter, frequent traveler, like to run in the morning, work outdoors, or love adventures in the great outdoors, you need a good rain jacket. It should be wind and waterproof, lightweight and packable into a small package, well designed to offer good coverage and durable. The most excellent women’s rain jackets are also stylish!

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