As the weather gets warm and nice, there’s no better way for you to enjoy the outdoors than to ride a bike. Whether you are at the park with your family or training for a marathon, riding a bike is a great way to keep healthy and enjoy the good weather. 

A bike designed for women will enhance your performance. The best women’s mountain bikes are built with a smaller size and shorter reach to accommodate the rather shorter women’s torsos. Women’s mountain bikes are also designed to be lighter and much more delicate construction style to allow for easier handling.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for these better suited options. The list of the 5 best women’s mountain bikes in 2020 below offers excellent options to choose from. And if you are having trouble choosing, then the feature guide below is there to walk you through.

How To Choose A Women’s Mountain Bike – Buying Guide



To find the best mountain bike for women, you must look at its style. The style of your mountain bike describes its riding nature. In general, you will come across 5 common riding styles. Family fun style mountain bike is designed for everyday outdoor fun. Whether you are looking to burn some calories, light bikepacking or simply enjoy a warm afternoon at the park with your kids, the family fun style mountain bike is the best option. 

A trail style mountain bike is designed to tackles less technical terrains. So if you plan on riding on gravel roads and open trails, then the trail style bike is ideal. The bike even allows for casual climbing and descending. Cross country style mountain bikes are built for more technical riding. Cross country bikes are designed for more steep ascents and descents and tactical trails. 

Their fork suspensions are built to accommodate rougher terrains such as those swarmed with rocks or tree roots. Bikes designed with light full suspensions or hardtails make great cross country style mountain bikes.  Just like cross country style bikes, all mountain style bikes are also designated for technical climbing. 

However, terrains that these bikes are designed to tackle tend to be wider. Thus, their focus is on high speed descents since they address moderate to slightly steep ascents and descents. Downhill style mountain bikes are the most technical of the 5 styles. These bikes are really designed for the hardcore expert rides, as they concur terrains such as large rock sections, tight descending corners, and even jumps. 

Downhill style bikes are also designed for high sped descents. Thus, you want an extremely powerful and strong full suspension design. These bikes are also extremely durable so that they are able to withstand the work, this, however, means that they tend to be a little heavier than their counterparts.


When you are choosing the best mountain bike for women, you have to design on the suspension. The suspension of your bike will highly affect its riding style. Thus, you have to know the nature of the terrain you intend to ride on. For regular family fun riding or less technical riding, a regular suspension is fine. This means that you can go for a bike with a lightweight hardtail suspension. 

This type of bike normally features a front suspension which is more than enough for your riding. However, if your goal is technical riding with rougher terrains, a full suspension is always a way to go, to give you high performance, stability and durability. So if you are bikepacking the Appalachian trail, a full suspension is a good idea.

Wheel Size

The wheel size is also a great determinant of functionality when choosing the best mountain bike for women. The size refers to the diameter of the wheel and is normally denoted in inches. Typically, there are 3 main wheel sizes for bikes, i.e. 26, 27.5 and 29 inches. 

Smaller bikes tend to have a smaller wheel size. Thus, at 26 inches, this size will be found on wheels fitted to an extra small to a small bike. Ultimately, smaller bikes fit smaller riders. The wheel size closely relates to the body size and how it helps to enhance its performance.


The frames also highly affect the performance of the bike and their riding styles. Typically, you will come across carbon, aluminum or steel frames. Carbon frames are the lightest and stronger of all. Yet, they tend to be more fragile and more likely to crack. 

Yet, carbon frame bikes tend to be more expensive. Aluminum tends to be extremely rugged and sturdy yet they are extremely lightweight. Aluminum frame bikes also tend to be a lot cheaper than carbon frames.


The braking system is also an important feature to observe. The best women’s mountain bike has a front and back brake system which improves stopping power without affecting the stability of the bike. Newer models are fitted with disc brakes. 

Disc brakes are designed to improve efficiency and higher stopping power. They are designed with a clamp like mechanism which grips the motors on the wheel prompting your bike to stop instantaneously. Rim brakes on the other end work in the same mechanism although they grip on the wheel. Because they are not as fast as disc brakes, they are ideal for non-technical riding.


You also ant your seat to be as comfortable as possible. Remember when you are riding your bike, you are seated. However, you also want it to be adjustable in terms of height. An adjusting mechanism that is quick and doesn’t require extra tools is always better. 

You never know when you may want to adjust the seat. The sat height adjustability is important because it allows you to get that perfect fit. A mountain bike with an adjustable seat can also accommodate individuals of different sizes and height.

Rim Width 

There is always a standardized guide to matching the rim width with your tire size. However, you needn’t worry about this because your bike comes with a rim and tires. You will only concern yourself when you have to replace any of these two tires. However, even with the standardized guide, depending on the manufacturer’s design, you will always come across a few millimeters difference cause a tight or loose fit.  

A tight fit is always favored as it ensures the wheel is securely held. And even in the event of a punctured tire, you can still ride the bike to safety. You also want your rims to be strong enough to support your whole bike. Alloy rims tend to be an ideal choice as they are sturdy, durable and weather resistant.



Q: Should I Buy A Women's Specific Mountain Bike?


Buying a women’s specific mountain bike is not a necessity, however, it helps to enhance your comfort level. This is because in general, women are built to relatively shorter and weigh less than men. Thus, a women’s specific mountain bike is built to cater to these specifications. A women’s specific bike allows for easier handling and comfortable riding.

Q: Why Do Women's Bikes Have A Slanted Bar?


The slanted bar design on women’s bikes is closely related to their physique. However, it also tends to be a classical excuse that has surprisingly evolved to the present day. Because when wearing dresses, manufacturers didn't want them to lift their legs up high and feel uncomfortable. Thus, the slanted bar design allows women to mount and dismount their bikes without having to lift their legs up high. 

Q: Can A Man Ride A Woman's Bike?


No, a man can’t ride a woman’s bike. This is because women's bike is built to suffice their bodies. Women’s torsos tend to be shorter whilst their weight is lighter than that of men. Thus, bikes for women are built to be smaller in size than that of men. Their construction is also less sturdy than that of men’s bikes.

Q: What Makes A Woman's Bike Different?


A woman’s bike is designed to be smaller sized and has a shorter reach than men’s’ or unisex bikes. Because of their lighter weight bodies, a woman’s bike is also constructed with less sturdy material and construction design. You will visibly spot out a woman’s bike thanks to its slanted rather than horizontal handlebar.

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The women’s mountain bike reviews provide an exceptional guide on how to choose the best mountain bike for women. They also outline their different designs and how they are designed to achieve great performance. For women, they offer useful guidance on how important the women specific mountain bikes are. And now, it’s time to choose your ideal option. The list of the 5 best women’s mountain bikes above should give you a good head start.

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