A part of being a responsible mountain bike rider is wearing protective gear every time you head out with your bicycle. But for women, finding a mountain bike helmet can be a challenge because of sizing. Mountain biking has long been a male dominated sport, but now that it has become all-inclusive, brands are expanding their designs and providing smaller sizes to accommodate a variety of riders. 

As a woman, you will probably need a female bike helmet that has a smaller size and diameter. The best women’s mountain bike helmet will be catered to fit your head comfortably, while still providing you with maximum protection. Our list of high-quality products will help pair you with a top rated women’s mountain biking helmet that will not only look good, but feel great and have a zero percent failure rate.

How To Choose A Women’s Mountain Bike Helmet – Buying Guide


Protection and Padding

Protection and padding go hand in hand because one can’t exist without the other. The level of protection depends on the padding and the amount of padding dictates the level of protection the helmet provides. 

The best mountain bike helmet for women should have quality protection and padding to keep you safe from collisions or impacts. A thick padding will help absorb the shock of an impact and it will only guarantee that you get the best protection. 


MIPS stands for a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System and it is a newer design that focuses on spreading the force of an impact throughout the helmet so that one area doesn’t take the full force and risk breaking. MIPS is a more expensive feature, which is why some people hesitate to invest in the system. But it is ultimately designed to reduce the consequences of an impact and eliminate the risk of damage. 

A non-MIPS helmet would use a durable shell and foam padding to protect you against the damage of an impact. While this is affective, it does mean that you helmet may be more at risk from breaking if you were to it in one area or side because it cannot re-distribute the impact’s force. 

Fit and Comfort

For women, fit and comfort can be difficult to find – the reason we wrote this article. Many helmets are designed for men and the extra inches mean that they don’t fit women as snuggly. A properly fitting helmet will provide you thee protection you need, while also keeping you comfortable. 

The best mountain bike helmet for women should be snug enough that it doesn’t slide or fall off. But it shouldn’t be so tight that you feel uncomfortable or begin to develop headaches. Adjustable features like dial or chin strap can help you customize the fit and comfort of your helmet, so that you are happy all day long. 


Helmets get hot and even a top rated mountain bike helmet for women can cause you to sweat. A way to beat the heat is to have a ventilated design, which allows sweat to evaporate and fresh air to reach your scalp. 

But it is more crucial that a women’s full face mtb helmet have good ventilation because it covers more of your head and face. This means that it is hotter, and you are more likely to sweat or be uncomfortable. 

Adjustable Straps

Adjustable straps are one of the features that can affect the fit and comfort of a helmet. With the ability to change the length of the straps, you can find the exact adjustments you need to stay comfortable and still ensure that you are biking safely. 

However, not all helmets have adjustable straps. A women’s full face mountain bike helmet would not have adjustable straps because it would have a solid chin piece that is connected to the main body of the helmet instead of pieces of webbing. 


While most helmets are lightweight, you may not always be able to choose the weight of your helmet. A women’s full face mtb helmet will be heavier than a traditional design, but if you need the extra protection it isn’t worth sacrificing your safety to carry less weight. 

But if you are concerned about the weight, it should be provided in the product information or specifications so that you can estimate whether the ladies mountain bike helmet will be comfortable or frustrating for you to use. 

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Long Hair

For many women with long hair, using a helmet can be tricky. Even a top rated mountain bike helmet for women doesn’t have a solution for how to accommodate long hair. Normally, women would wear their hair down, but if it is too hot, you should consider wearing a low ponytail instead. Low ponytails are a great compromise to keep your hair out of the way but ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the fit or performance of the helmet. 


Q: What Is The Difference Between Men and Women’s Bike Helmets?


The main difference between men and women’s bike helmets is the size. Most helmets are sized by circumference and men tend to have larger heads than women. This means that the circumference of the helmet is larger, and it may not be adjustable to downside to fit women. Instead, the best women’s mountain bike helmets are catered to smaller bodies, which ensures that everyone stays safe.

Q: Why Do I Need A Women Specific Helmet?


If you are struggling to find a properly fitting helmet, a women’s specific helmet will have the right fit for smaller sized heads. A properly fitted helmet can greatly increase your level of comfort and guarantee that it stays snug while riding. Women’s mountain bike helmet reviews can also give you great reasons why you should invest in a women’s specific design. Many reviewers will write honest testimonials about the better fit and comfort of a design, so you can be inspired to find a helmet too.

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Safety is never an option, but it can be hard to choose between all the different products on the market. Especially, if many of them aren’t designed to fit your head. For women who need help and female specific sizes, our list will get you started in the right direction to begin you search. The best women’s mountain bike helmet will not only fit but guarantee that you remain injury free on every trip. 

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