Proper clothing in the cold weather is absolutely essential for you. You want to keep warm and which in turn, means you are safe and protected at all times. Whether you are simply at home, headed to work or engaged in outdoor activity, whatever you engage in and the environment you are in affects how you pick your clothing choice.

However, some clothing elements serve a more versatile benefit. Fleece jackets are a good example of such clothing elements. On a not-so-cold day, for example, fleece jackets work great as outer layer jackets whilst in extremely cold weather or during snow sports, they are handy as mid-layers.

Gender specific clothing such as a fleece jacket for women also proves to be of more advantage. They are specifically designed for the body type and incorporate designs and styles favored for women. Listed below are the 8 best women’s fleece jackets – each outlining its unique features – the challenge is all yours to choose which works for you.

How To Choose A Fleece Jacket For Women – Buying Guide



When you are choosing the best women’s fleece jacket, the material is an important feature to consider. Because fleece jackets can be used as both outer layers on cool days and mid layer for colder days, you want them to be as warm as possible.
Typically, the fabric weight of less than 150g equates to a lightweight fleece whilst weight of at least 200g equates Midweight and that of 300g and above equates to a heavyweight fleece. However, they have to be breathable and moisture wicking to ensure you are comfortable.
Synthetic fabrics such as polyester make excellent materials. Polyester fibers are very strong and durable thus, meaning that they don’t wear off easily. Additionally, polyester is shrinkage and wrinkle resistance. And for more functionality, it boasts excellent moisture wicking, breathable and quick drying properties.
From polyester, very good fleece material is produced as well as lining such as faux Sherpa lining which mimics sheep’s wool. Blend polyester and cotton and you have excellent thermal qualities whilst maintaining the element of breathability and moisture wicking.


The best fleece jackets for women come with several functional features that add value. Some of the most common ones include;
  • Zippered closure
Provides full closure thus, allowing them to fully be women’s windproof fleece jacket
  • Collared neck
A collared neck provides full coverage to your neck, thus, when zipped up; your neck is fully covered. It also gives you an option of down turning the collar moderate coverage on less cold days.
  • Hood
Hooded fleece jackets give you an option to cover your head for added warmth
  • Adjustable hems and waist
For womens fleece jackets, adjustable hems and waistbands allow for a more shaped and contoured fit. Additionally, they also bring the jacket fabric closer to your skin for added warmth.
  • Elastic cuffs
Elastic cuffs provide a perfect fit on the hands which in turn results in full impermeable closure.
  • Contoured shape
Some fleece jackets for women are designed with contoured shapes especially on the sides, to give them a typical curved feminine shape. This gives the fleece a natural form fitting when worn.


The best women’s fleece jacket comes fabricated with a feminine ideal fit. Rather than the regular square fit that would otherwise accommodate male torsos and give women a boxy fit, womens fleece fit offer a mode contoured feminine figure fit.
Fleece jacket womens sizing also differs to that of men, for example, a Mens size 10 will not perfectly fit a size 10 woman. Additionally, the features added on to womens fleece jackets such as adjustable waistbands and contoured sides add more shape and character to fit the gender’s body.
Choosing the right fit, however, also depends on your preferences. If you want a more active and less relaxed fix, a jacket with a shorter torso and more active style is ideal. A relaxed, almost baggy fit works for a more relaxed atmosphere or activity such as camping or fishing.


The most excellent fleece jackets for women come with pockets that come in very handy. The number and design of the pockets vary – although the standard number of pockets is two. Some fleece jackets come with zippered pockets whilst some come with kangaroo style split pockets, which provide more space to comfortable stuff your hands in.
Additionally, some fleece jackets come with additional internal pockets for secure storage of more delicate items such as phones.  Fleece pockets allow you to store smaller items such as keys and Hand warmers.

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The majority of manufacturers incorporate zippered pockets and closure systems to their fleece jacket designs. The latter designs allow for more secured storage space, especially when you wear your fleece when engaging in active indulgences in the outdoors.
Zipper closures on the other end, such as YKK style zipper closure systems help to provide a more secure closure, to repel any possibility of the cold reaching your body. Additionally, they help with an easy putting on and off with a simple slide.


You want to invest in the best women’s fleece jacket of high quality. Look for fleeces made with material and construction styles suited for the outdoors. Fleece jackets are designed to be layers to your cold weather clothing – be it outer or mid, you want the material used to have efficient thermal qualities but also allow breathability for maximum performance.
A good quality fleece also comes with additional features but they have to be functional. Think of collared necks, adjustable hems and cuffs and how they add to the overall functionality of your jacket.


The durability of your fleece is important as well. You don’t want to spend money on a jacket that will not last. Examine features such as stitching. The biggest issue with the durability and quality of the jackets is perhaps, pilling. Thus, it is important to ensure that your jacket does not pill.


After material, examine the warmth of your fleece jacket. Fleece jackets are categorized into three key groups. Lightweight jackets boast a fabric density of at least 100 g/square meters; Midweight is at 200 g/square meters whilst heavy weight is at 300. The denser the material, the ore warming it is. You can easily know the warming ability of your jacket by looking at its features.
Additional details such as Sherpa inner linings help to enhance warmth. Sherpa linings made with polyester mimic insulation such as that provided by natural sheep’s wool. However, Sherpa lining offers more breathability, less weight and less bulkiness – ideal for the function of fleece jackets.



Q: What Is Fleece?


A fleece jacket is used as a mid layer in colder weather or outer jacket on cool days. Typically, it features a soft and warm texture almost like sheep's wool. Additionally, it provides windproof warmth, the inner fuzziness of the lining help to trap and maintain body heat. The outer part on the other end blocks off cold air.

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Q: Why Choose Fleece Jacket?


Fleece jackets work great as mid layer. The majority of fleece jackets are not built to be waterproof; however, they are particularly great at trapping heat. On cooler days, the same properties come in handy by being able to block out the moderately cool air and still trap heat.

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Q: How To Properly Take Care For Fleece Jacket?


Hand wash your fleece jacket with cool water and mild detergent. Lather up the water with detergent in the basin or tub to which you will be washing the fleece. Use the gentlest strokes to avoid damaging the fabric. Drain the fleece and flap to return to the original shape. Lay the fleece flat on a dry and well-ventilated area to dry it (approximately 1-4 hours depending on the area). Avoid using dryer machines because this will definitely make your fleece jacket pill. Wait until the jacket is completely dried to iron and wear. Never wear a wet fleece!

Q: Where Can I Use My Fleece Jacket?


A fleece jacket can be used anywhere during cool to cold weather. Wear them as a mid layer when you hike, ski or even commute to work on a cold winter day. You can also wear them as outer jackets as you jog or fish on a cooler day. It all depends on the design and your preferences.

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The fleece jackets for women reviews above provide helpful insight for buying the right fleece. Additionally, the reviews also outline how advantageous they can be throughout the seasons – a cost-effective advantage. Purchase just the right fleece as a mid layer for your winter hiking and use the same as an outer jacket for fall fishing.

The buying guide also provides clear guidance on what to look for when looking for fleece jackets for women. The list of the 8 best jackets above, each with their unique features is an excellent place to begin.

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