When you pick the right climbing shoes, your chances of success and safety are always guaranteed. Depending on your climbing skill and style, you will come across a cross section of climbing shoe choices. However, sometimes, you want to focus on special features and characteristics to help enhance your experience. 

The best women’s climbing shoes, for example, help to enhance women’s climbing experience. These climbing shoes are designed to cater to the narrower and smaller female feet. Whilst maintaining their protective and supportive finish, the climbing shoes also offer a great and more custom fit to smaller toe areas and narrower heel of women compared to those of their male counterparts. 

Listed below are the 10 best women’s climbing shoes in 2021. Each pair offers a unique fabrication, features, and functionality on the field. The choice is all up to you.

How To Choose Women’s Climbing Shoes  – Buying Guide



The best women’s rock climbing shoes must provide a snug fit. Think of the fit as a firm handshake that is not loose and at the same time not painful. You want the shoes to offer a proper and secure fit to prevent the shoes from slipping off mid-climb. The snug fit also helps to enhance your vertical climbing performance. Typically, your toes should either be flat or curved, depending on the climbing style. However, the toes should not be too curved that they are painful.


The three common profiles on the best women’s rock climbing shoes are straight/flat, asymmetric or downturned. Flat/straight profiles are as suggested flat and straight forward. This design is ideal for beginners as it offers ample comfortability. Most neutral type shoes feature a flat profile. Asymmetric profile shoes feature a longer point over the big toe which helps to enhance climbing power. 

Many asymmetric profile designs are found in moderate or aggressive climbing shoes. Downturn profiles on the other feature pointed design or curve of the shoes at the toe. This profile is ideal for technical climbers and normally features little comfort and thin outsoles for added sensitivity and flexibility. 

Upper Material

The best women’s rock climbing shoes are built with an unlined leather fabrication. Leather material is ideal for upper build on your shoes because it offers just the ample stretch to provide a custom fit over time. Additionally, leather is known to be abrasion resistant which offers ample protection. The unlined style gives the shoes enough breathability and air circulation to leave your feet dry and fresh.

Mid Sole

Your midsole will either be soft or rigid. These designs affect your performance based on the style of climbing. Soft midsoles are normally thinner and provide greater sensitivity – an excellent trait for technical climbing. Rigid midsoles on the other tend to return the shoe to shape when pressure is applied, they offer great support and help to enhance comfort and support. Midsoles also offer support to the toe box which protects toes whilst maximizing their power during climbing. 

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Under Sole

The best women’s rock climbing shoes must have a grippy and ultra sticky rubber sole. These features on the rubber outsole help to enhance friction between the shoes and surface which in turn enhances traction. Thicker rubber outsoles offer greater support, protection, and durability but they also tend to be less sensitive. Thinner outsoles on the other end are ideal for smearing and are more prevalently used by technical climbers. 


As mentioned above, the midsoles determine flexibility. Soft midsoles are great for indoor climbing as the terrain is less complicated. The more rigid and stiffer midsoles are ideal for complicated outdoors due to their enhanced support, protection, and stability. 

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Generally, the best women’s rock climbing shoes are built with either lace up closure, Velcro strap hook and loop closure or slip-on. Slip-on climbing shoes are the easiest to put on and remove, however, they may not offer the most comfortable and secure fit. Lace up closure offers more adjustability whilst Velcro straps for ease of putting on and of your shoes. Lace up closure designs is also less likely to open up mid-climb compared to Velcro straps. Velcro strap hook and loop on the other end offer a secure closure option.


In general, you want the weight of your climbing shoes to be no more than 25 ounces. Taking into account the nature of the sport, you dot want shoes to weigh you down during the climb. Heavier shoes will definitely affect the performance and even safety of your climbing session.

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Water Resistance

The majority of the best women’s rock climbing shoes feature leather upper and rubber outsole fabrication. These two materials are known to boast quite dependable water resistant qualities which are quite essential in colder or wet environments. Always lookout for these details to ensure you have ample protection. 

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Q: What Is The Difference Between Male And Female Climbing Shoes?


The most common differences between male and female climbing shoes is their volume and width. Women’s feet tend to be narrower and smaller compared to that of males. So a size 10 women's feet is not the same as size 10 men’s feet. Women’s specific shoe tend to have lower volume, smaller toe box, and a narrower heel.

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Q: Are Unisex Shoes Good For Women?


Yes, unisex shoes for women are just as good. This is because unlike gender-specific climbing shoes, unisex shoes are designed with consideration of both genders. Thus, they are built to fit and support different foot shapes regardless of gender.

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The women’s climbing shoes reviews outline how they are designed to help enhance your climbing experience.  Climbing shoes for women feature a gender-specific design that is designed to address the specific features of women’s feet for a custom fit and performance. They are also built to provide enough support and comfort that is need by your feet. The buying guide above on the other end provides a proper guide on what to look for when choosing the best women’s climbing shoes to invest in. the list of the best women’s climbing shoes above is an ideal place to begin your search.

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