Your rock climbing experience brings about both excitement and a feeling of accomplishment. Yet, to ensure you have a successful and fun experience, you must have the right gear. Sometimes, this means that you have to prepare for the tiniest of details. Consequently, even choosing gender specific climbing gear goes a long way. 

Thus, it’s time to ditch those baggy pants you keep slipping on when climbing and invest in a good quality pair of women’s climbing pants. The best womens climbing pants are built with women specific designs that help to enhance your performance. Their form-fitting design offers superior fit whilst maintaining just the right amount of stretch, flex, and breathability to keep you comfortable and safe as you climb. 

Below is the list of the 8 best womens climbing pants in 2022. Each pair outlines their unique features – leaving you with a wide choice to pursue.

How To Choose A Women’s Climbing Pants – Buying Guide


Pants vs leggings

When choosing the best climbing pants womens options, you will come across pants as well as leggings designs. Pant style designs tend to offer a more loose fit whilst leggings offer a figure hugging fit. It all comes down to want your preferences are. In general, the majority of people who prefer pants over leggings claim that it is because leggings make them feel more exposed than pants. This is not the case for all, however. To help make that decision you can go over the pros and cons of each climbing pants style. 

Climbing pants, for example, are favored for their loose and easily breathable fit, they have more secure pockets, and tend to be more durable when compared to leggings. Additionally, with the majority of the best climbing pants womens style, you can easily roll them up or cinch them with their drawcords, depending on your desired comfort. However, not all pants offer you freedom, therefore, some pant styles may be restrictive. 

Climbing leggings on the other end are less restrictive, soft, and versatile and pair well with added climbing accessories such as harnesses.  Most importantly, climbing leggings offer the ultimate flexibility and freedom of movement. However, they may be a little too light that their coverage is not sufficient. They’re also not abrasion resistant and protective compared to climbing pants styles.

Type Of Climbing

Your choice of the best climbing pants womens option is also highly influenced by the type of climbing you intend to partake. The three common types are indoor, summer outdoor and cold weather outdoor climbing. Indoor climbing is constant, no matter the outside conditions as you can control it. With this, you don’t need thick and protective ants as those you will need in the outdoors. The most common features for indoor climbing pants should be flexible, lightweight, durable and moisture wicking.

Summer outdoor climbing pants should be fairly similar to indoor pants. However, it doesn’t hurt to have pants that are more durable and protective as you will be exploring the rougher outdoors. Look for designs such as reinforced knees and bottoms to help enhance the durability and ruggedness of the pants. 

Cold weather pants on the other end should boast features to complement your climb in such conditions.  Go for pants with features such as water-resistant, windproof and quick drying qualities. You want the climbing pants to also be moisture wicking but not too much that they bring about the cool air.


The material of your climbing pants also affects performance. In general, you want a material that offers the key features – moisture wicking, breathability, durability, ruggedness, warmth (for cold weather climbing), UPF protection (in sunny days). The best climbing pants womens are constructed with nylon or polyester with smaller amounts of stretchy material composition. These stretchy materials include spandex or elastane. The stretchy materials help to provide the right amount of stretch and flexibility to allow for freedom of movement.

Comfort And Fit

The comfort and fit all depend on the beholder. Most commonly you want your climbing pants to offer ample breathability and flex. The majority of the best climbing pants womens styles feature elasticized waistbands with gusset details and drawstrings for a customized fit. Legging style pants feature flat waistbands. Some legging pant styles such as the Ododos Women’s Climbing Pants feature a wide waistband for added coverage even during stretching or bending for more comfort.


Breathability is an important factor for all types of climbing pants. However, it is more vital when climbing in hotter conditions. Think about it – you don’t want to uncomfortable with sweat dripping down the interior of your pants mid-climb. Thus, you want to go for climbing pant fabric that aid air circulation and thus breathability. Material such as cotton, nylon, and polyester are great at this.

Moisture Wicking 

Additionally, your climbing ants must be able to deal with moisture no matter the condition. Even during colder conditions, you will still sweat because you are engaged in physical activity. Thus, as much as cotton is breathable and effectively absorbs sweat, it is not a good wicking material because it doesn’t dry quickly. However, materials such as nylon and polyester are great at moisture wicking and dry pretty quick. 


Unlike regular hiking or running pants, our climbing pants feature special design to help maximize performance. There are several designs you can look at when choosing your climbing pants. Some of the most straight forward designs include protective coatings such as UPF 50 sun protection – an essential design for pants to be worn on sunny days. 

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Other subtle feature designs feature such as adjustable ankle cuffs directly affect performance when climbing. Adjustable ankle cuffs help provide freedom for leg movement making the pants none restrictive as you climb. Climbing pants are also normally fitted with generous pockets. 

You want the pockets to be secure enough as you will be climbing and not walking! Other pants are also fitted with loops and D-rings. Pockets, D-rings and loop designs on the pants are sometimes friendly for storing your chalk bags, brushes, and other climbing accessories. 

Other women specific climbing pants feature a high rise and wide waistbands for ample coverage so even when you are stretching or bending, there is still ample coverage. The high rise design also provides tummy control when climbing. Other pants are also fitted with elasticized waistbands with gusset details.  

The gusset details on the waistbands and their elasticity provide a proper fit. Other pants also feature gusseted crotches to prevent pressure build up on seams thus, enhancing flexibility. Other features that add value include reinforced sections such as knee and bottom areas.


The best climbing pants womens option will boast just the right amount of stretch. This is because the majority of omens climbing pants boast at least a 2-10% stretch material composition.  The stretch material such as elastane or spandex is important to the pants because they provide flexibility. The flexibility of the climbing pants is extremely important to climbing pants because they provide freedom of movement, an important factor when climbing. 



Q: What Are Good Pants For Rock Climbing?


A good pair of pants for rock climbing should feature the right design and details. Their fabrication should be rugged enough to protect your lower body. Additionally, they must also be flexible, breathable and moisture wicking to enhance performance and comfort.

Q: What Should I Wear For Indoor Rock Climbing?


For indoor rock climbing, you should wear a loose sports bra (f0or women) 0and for the bottom, climbing shorts, pants or leggings. Pair your clothing with appropriate rock climbing shoes. Keep in mind to make sure that your top and bottoms are lightweight, breathable and flexible.

Globo Surf Overview

The womens climbing pants reviews outline how useful the pants are. Women’s climbing pants feature a women specific design that helps to bring out their function. Their characteristic formfitting construction, flexibility, and enhanced breathability leave you comfortable enough to focus on your demanding climb.  

Plus, their cross-section of design style offers you a broad option to choose from – whether you are a pant lady or a leggings lady. The buying guide above also offers a detailed guide on what to look for when choosing the best womens climbing pants to invest in. the list of the 8 best womens climbing pants above is the first place you should begin your search.

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