Safety should always be your top priority wherever you go rock climbing, and your harness is one of the most important pieces of equipment that can help prevent injuries or falls. For women, attempting to find the right-sized harness can be a big challenge. But with the best women’s climbing harness, you won’t struggle to find the proper size and fit.  

Women’s harnesses have been specifically designed to fit a woman’s body, which means having the correct rise, padding, and measurements. But not all women’s climbing harnesses are made the same and you will have to decide between lightweight or fully equipped designs, as well as determine what features will suit your needs. 

We have made a list of the eight best women’s climbing harnesses, which are all designed to provide safety and comfort while you climb. With our help, you’ll find a top-rated climbing harness for women, whether you’re an expert or just getting started in the sport.

How To Choose A Women’s Climbing Harness – Buying Guide



Women’s harnesses are not all made the same and there are a few different types of designs. The type of harness you purchase will normally correlate to the type of climbing activity in which you’ll participate. 

A top-rated climbing harness for women can be made to suit indoor, outdoor, and extreme climbing conditions, since each type of climbing has an ideal type of gear that will keep you safe and enhance your experience on the rocks. 

An indoor female climbing harness is one of the most basic designs that is used in controlled climbing environments like a gym or artificial rock. The designs for these harnesses are normally lightweight and do not have too many gear loops because you don’t need to haul too much extra equipment. 

An outdoor women’s climbing harness would be more durable than an indoor design, which means that it will also have thicker straps with padding. Durability is important for this type of climbing harness because it guarantees that the harness can be used in rough conditions without breaking or failing. These harnesses will also have multiple gear loops to manage extra equipment. 

Finally, other types of harnesses can be used for extreme climbing conditions like climbing on ice. These types of harnesses will be built to withstand the harsh elements, as well as incorporating special features like ice clipper slots to help you manage your climb. 

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The best women’s climbing harness will also be versatile so that it can be used in more than one type of climbing situation. Most climbing harnesses can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings, but you should be conscious of the different features in each harness to determine whether it will suit your needs. 

Women’s climbing harness reviews can be a great resource to help you determine the versatility of a specific design. Many climbers will be honest in what types of climbing the harness is most comfortable and in which conditions it performs well. 


A climbing harness for women should never obstruct or hinder your mobility. Rock climbing requires a high level of flexibility so that you can find your foot and handholds. You may also be required to reach or stretch, which means that your legs need the freedom to spread and move. 

The best climbing harness for women should sit securely so that it can actively stop you from a fall, but it shouldn’t ever stop you from reaching a foot or handhold. You should always take the time to find a properly fitting climbing harness and take the time to make the right adjustments. By doing this, you will ensure that you have maximum mobility to navigate your routes.


Comfort is also an important consideration because you will likely be wearing the harness for extended periods. This means that you will want to be comfortable while wearing your harness and feel as if it was never there. Lightweight harnesses are the best because you will experience the most mobility and flexibility while you climb. You should also check the waist belt and leg loops while you climb or belay to ensure that they are comfortable and don’t dig in too much or cause other types of discomfort. 


You should always purchase a climbing harness for women that is the correct size for your body. Specific brands should always include a size chart for their gear, which will give you the best estimate as to how the harness will fit around your waist and legs. Women’s climbing harness reviews can help you determine whether the size chart is true to size or provide you with sizing suggestions. 

Overall, your climbing harness should be snug but not too tight. All-female harnesses should be adjustable with various straps around the waist and leg loops that can help you tighten or loosen each section. If you are climbing in heavy gear for cold temperatures, you will need to consider the thickness of your clothing layers and accommodate those into the size of your harness and its level of adjustability. 

Gear Loops

Gear loops are more important for climbers who are out on the wall and not in the gym. Gear loops will help you carry various gear items like cams, tricams, stoppers, quickdraws, slings, and rappel or belay devices. The best climbing harness should have multiple gear loops that are placed on various sides of the harness. Gear loops should also be made of strong metal so that they sit further out from the harness, which keeps your equipment hanging out of the way as you climb.


Other features that may be important for your women’s rock climbing harness include tie-in points or a belay loop, and risers. Tie-in points are where you thread your rope as you climb, and they are essential for your safety. A belay loop (one form of a tie-in point) will attach to a belay device and assist when you’re belaying or rappelling off of a climb. Finally, risers are placed in the back of the harness and attach the leg loops to your waist belt. The best risers are adjustable and help ensure that the leg loops do not twist as you navigate the rocks.



Q: How Tight Should A Climbing Harness Be?


Snug but not restrictive. The best climbing harness for women should fit so that it does not hang loosely around your waist or legs, but you also don’t have it so tight that it digs in and is uncomfortable. However, if a harness is too loose, you risk slipping out or it not accurately catching you if you were to fall.

Q: How Do You Use A Climbing Harness?


A climbing harness is worn to protect you from falling during a climb, but it can also be used to assist you in descending from the mountain if you choose to belay. A harness for women will function like any other climbing harness, but it will be sized to specifically fit women’s body types.

Q: Is Rock Climbing Good For Weight Loss?


Yes. Rock climbing is a good workout that helps your aerobic fitness and can assist you in building muscle. Active rock climbers are constantly burning calories, as well as increasing overall stamina, which can help you perform well in other sports too. With a lot of technical skills, rock climbing can also help keep you mentally healthy if you learn how to navigate the rocks.

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While there are a lot of health benefits of rock climbing, you must always put your safety first. But for women who have found it difficult to find properly fitting gear, you don’t have to worry. The demand for female-specific climbing harnesses has been heard and there are now various models and types available specially for women on the market. By taking the time to find the best climbing harness for women, you’ll not only stay safe, but you’ll be more comfortable too.

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