You are never short of feelings of both accomplishment and amusement when hiking. However, to be comfortable and to enjoy the activity you must ensure you have on the right gear. Proper footwear is perhaps one of the most important on the list.

Additionally, your footwear must be properly fitting and comfortable. Hiking sandals are ideal for the sport- they are designed to adapt well to multiple outdoor terrains whilst leaving your feet comfortable and well ventilated. Hiking sandals for women, for example, are designed specifically to fit women’s feet.

They offer a more contoured design for narrower female feet whilst their material and construction are well-fitting for the delicate features and physique on the women’s feet. Listed below are the 10 best hiking sandals for women – each outline their unique features and how they stand out in the outdoors. The choice is yours to go for a pair that appeals most to you.

Don't get too hung up on whether a sandal is labeled as being for men or for women. The most important thing is that your sandals fit your feet comfortable and are the right size.

Traction is a big deal for any outdoor footwear — but it's an especially big deal for sandals, because traction is pretty much the only thing they're doing for you. Look for an outsole with aggressive tread, and that is made of rubber sticky enough to provide good grip even on wet, slippery surfaces.

Consider shopping for closed-toe sandals, sometimes called water shoes. They offer the best of both worlds: Sandal-style comfort, lots of airflow for quick-dry performance, and even a toe cap to protect you from stubbing your toes on rocks or roots.


How To Choose Hiking Sandals For Women – Buying Guide



When choosing the most excellent hiking sandals for women, you must ensure they are comfortable. Some of the common details to look out for in our sandals include the midsoles. Midsole such as those made out of EVA or Polyurethane provides excellent and durable cushioning and impact shock absorption. Additionally, hiking sandals for women such as those manufactured by the Keen brand incorporates a contoured design that aligns your feet on the footbed. This allows for a more natural fit and movement.


Size is another important factor to consider when choosing the best women’s hiking sandals to invest in. other than knowing your foot size, it is also highly recommended to go through the manufacturer’s sizing guide to get a precise size to ensure proper fit. It also doesn’t hurt to go through the reviews on the specific sandals. The reviews will help you understand better how the sandals fit.


As mentioned above, the best women’s hiking sandals must be comfortable – even if worn for a prolonged period on rough or uneven terrain. The best two common cushioning for hiking sandals are EVA padded midsoles or molded polyurethane midsoles. The two padding designs offer durability, they are highly efficient at absorbing shock from impact and the best quality does not compress or break when pressure is constantly applied to them.


The best women’s hiking sandals must be of high quality. Consider that you will be exposed to different conditions and terrains in the outdoors, thus, you want to invest in a pair that can withstand this. Look out for materials that offer quality and durability such as leather, polyester or nylon uppers and rubber soles. Additionally, construction designs such as webbing on the upper as well as breathable mesh lining help to enhance the functionality as well as the durability and quality of your sandals.


Always look for sandal designs that are adapted most for hiking in the outdoors. Look out for details such as contoured designs that naturally align your feet to the footbed for comfortability, articulated lug patterns that enhance traction, and, if you opt for closed shoe designs, choose sandals that come with toe bumpers for extra protection and mesh fabric coverings or linings enhanced breathability, just to mention a few.


During hiking, you come across a range of different terrains depending on your route. In which case, you may come across wet paths, thus, it is a good idea to go for waterproof hiking sandals womens options.


The best women’s hiking sandals are designed to offer maximum support. Pick sandals constructed with durable nylon shank to provide arch support and stability for your feet.  Go for hiking sandals that mimic the flexibility and off-road performance of a good pair of sports shoes or hiking boots.

Toe Guards

The most excellent hiking sandals for women, especially closed toe designs, are constructed with toe bumpers or guards. Toe bumpers and guards are built to protect the toes and feet by effectively absorbing shock from impact.


Rubber is known to be an excellent material for hiking sandals outsoles. This is due to its natural grip, durability, and ruggedness. Thus, rubber outsoles provide excellent traction for hiking sandals – no matter the terrain you walk on.

Arch Support

Arch support is another important design for your hiking sandals. This is because with proper support your joints, muscles, and bones are always protected from injury. Look for deep heel cups and nylon shanks on your sandal features to ensure your feet are always protected.


You want to go for lightweight hiking sandals to prevent you from weighing you down. Plus, it does feel a lot better to hike with footwear that feels lighter and not more of additional luggage. However, you should also note that lighter sandals mean flatter soles. This means that your feet will have closer contact with the surface.


The best women’s hiking sandals will also feature extra details that add to their performance and durability. For a natural fit and effortless motion, hiking sandals for women will feature a zero-drop design to make the height from the heel to toe the same. Other factors include enhanced shock absorption through design and closure systems. Bungee cords and lace-up systems with speed hardware provide a secure fit and easy operation.



Q: Are Hiking Sandals Good?


Yes. Hiking sandals are good in warmer conditions as well as terrains that are not too tough. They can also serve as an excellent supplement to your hiking boots. This allows you to rest your hiking boots for a while to help minimize odor build up as well as to let them breathe.

Q: Why Choose Sandals Over Boots?


Hiking sandals offer a light and packable finish compared to hiking boots. Additionally, the sandals are even lighter on the field thus, making your hike less straining. They are also ideal for warmer weather, as they can be used in water and are packed with versatility – thus, allowing you to use them on multiple occasions whether at the beach, camping and during many other activities.

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The hiking sandals for women reviews outline how handy they are in the outdoors. Additionally, they serve as excellent alternatives to hiking boots. Their bonafide adaptability to warm weather, wet conditions and ability to be used in a range of different activities makes them worth the investment. The buying guide on the other end offers a detailed overview of what to look for when choosing the most excellent hiking sandals for women. And what better place to find your next pair than the list of the 10 best above?!

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