Even if the weather is cold and the ground is covered with snow, you can still go out and get a good run. With the right winter running shoe, you’ll no longer be limited to the treadmill during the cold period of the year.

Unlike a standard running shoe, winter running shoes need to adapt to the winter climate. This means that they should be completely waterproof, have good insulation, and feature lugs that provide a good grip in the snow and mud.

To help you get on track, we’ve created a comprehensive buying guide and selected the best winter running shoes that will make snow runs safe and enjoyable.

How To Choose The Best Winter Trail Running Shoe – Buying Guide



Traction is certainly the most important aspect when choosing shoes for running during winter. Winter trail running shoes need to come with a strong outsole that has deep lugs and an aggressive tread pattern so it can grip well whether you’re running in the snow, ice-covered ground, or mud. While crampons or carbide spikes work great for walking, you should avoid them in shoes for running in the snow and focus on finding a well-designed outsole.

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Alongside good and reliable traction, shoes for running during winter need to have good stability. Wet and frozen surfaces significantly increase the chance of losing balance, rolling your ankle, or falling and injuring yourself. Because of this, shoes for running in snow often have heel and ankle reinforcements that keep your foot firmly in place if you come across difficult terrain.


The impact that your sole endures when running can be significant, which is why every running shoe needs to have good sole support. Sneakers for snow usually have a footbed that is similar to standard road running shoes and has an arch in the middle to follow the natural foot shape. An ideal midsole should absorb the shock while running and remain fairly soft to make long winter runs comfortable.


Since you’ll be facing low temperatures, the best running shoes for the snow to provide a degree of protection to your toes and feet. Most winter shoes come with a liner inside that will provide some insulation and reduce the cold. However, if this is not enough, you can always use thick waterproof socks as additional insulation in your winter running trail shoes.

Water Resistance

Winter running often includes going through puddles, mud, and snow. For this reason, the winter athletic shoes you’re getting need to be waterproof and prevent water from getting inside. A membrane made from Gore-Tex, eVent or TPU does a pretty good job at keeping your feet dry. In addition, make sure you know the difference between water-resistant and waterproof winter shoes before buying them.


Even though they are more rugged than standard running shoes, shoes for running in snow still provide more than enough comfort. However, this can vary from one model to the next so it’s useful to keep a few things in mind.

The best winter trail running shoes need to have a comfortable footbed that will absorb shocks and provide good support so your feet don’t feel sore. In addition, the upper should hug your foot and keep it stable. Getting the right size os trail running winter shoes is very important, which is why you should measure your foot and look at size charts before ordering.

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Winter weather conditions are tough, so you need a trail shoe that can last through the snow, ice, and sleet. Your shoes for running in snow need to be durable in their design and construction. The best shoes for running during winter should have a strong rubber outsole, reinforced shanks, and a premium-quality waterproof upper that is resistant to tears and abrasion.


With such a variety of options available in running shoes, even style-conscious road runners shouldn’t have issues finding a pair they love. We understand that personal style is important, which is why we’ve included many different trail running shoes for winter on our list. Keep in mind, however, that performance is a lot more important in this type of shoe.



Q: Can You Wear Running Shoes In Winter?


Yes, you can, if the shoe has been designed to withstand that type of weather. Shoes for running in snow are made from tougher materials, have more insulation, and usually feature a waterproof membrane to keep your foot dry. On the other hand, summer running shoes are thinner and don’t have deep lugs so they won’t work well in the winter.

Q: Are Trail Running Shoes Good For Snow?


While it depends on the model, a trail running shoe is generally excellent for snow. The reason for this is that they have deep lugs and a good tread, providing traction on any type of surface including snow-covered terrain.

Q: What To Wear Running In Snow?


First and foremost, you need a pair of shoes that provide a good grip on snow-covered and slippery surfaces. In addition, you’ll need a pair of running pants, a long-sleeve shirt that wicks sweat away, and an outer layer to keep you insulated and warm. Finally, you should also get a hat or headband to protect your ears as well as a pair of lightweight running gloves.

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Cold weather and a drop in temperature don’t have to end your running season. With the right equipment, winter running can become very enjoyable. A good winter running shoe will protect you from water, keep your foot warm, and give you a good grip on slippery surfaces. We hope that our guide and reviews helped you decide on the best winter trail running shoes so you can enjoy your favorite activity in mother nature year-round.

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