Regular hiking boots are great for most of the year, but if you want to explore in the snow and ice, you should consider investing in a pair of top rated hiking boots for winter. But finding a pair of the best hiking boots for winter is easier said than done.

To help you get started in your search and to provide you with detailed information, we have made a list of the ten best winter hiking boots and included a comprehensive buying guide. With snow hiking boots, you can get back to the trails and exercise all year long.

Tip 1:

Most winter boot temperature ratings are based on the assumption that you're moving vigorously? So if those boots say they're rated for -40, they actually rated for vigorous movement at -40. If you're not moving around and generating plenty of body heat, those same boots are probably only good to -20 below, or maybe even less.

Tip 2:

If you're hiking in snow or slush, consider wearing gaiters to keep the snow and wetness from creeping in to your hiking boots. Keeping your feet dry is especially important during the winter, because once the inside of your winter boot starts feeling wet, your feet will be more prone to chafing, blisters and cold injuries. 

Tip 3:

It can be tempting to layer on ALL the socks to keep your feet warm in the winter. Stick to just one or two sock layers, and make sure you still have room to wiggle your toes freely inside the boot. If you crowd in too many sock layers they'll compress your feet and cut off your circulation, leaving you colder than when you started.


How To Choose Winter Hiking Boots – Buying Guide



Winter hiking boots can be made of natural or synthetic fibers and frequently, many designs are a blend of the two. While finding quality material is important, it is crucial that the most excellent winter hiking boots use a waterproof material to protect against the elements.


With better durability in the construction, materials, and design, your boots are more likely going to protect your feet against the cold and be longer lasting. The more durable the boots, the higher quality the design or brand is going to be, which means a better investment in the long term.


With comfortable waterproof winter hiking boots, your feet will have quality materials for cushioning and support. The best hiking boots for winter will use a sturdy midsole to support your feet and keep them stable. No matter whether you use women’s winter hiking boots or men’s, your boot should be comfortable for all day long trekking.


Quality is an important consideration if you don’t want to invest in a pair of boots every year. Top rated hiking boots for winter that are high quality will be long lasting and have multiple features to keep your feet comfortable and warm.

Winter hiking boot reviews are a great resource that you can use to gauge the quality of a specific design or brand. The reviews can help you determine whether the boots are worth the investment or if you should look elsewhere.


Winter hiking is unique and hiking shoes aren’t going to cut it in the cold temperatures. Winter hiking boots for women and men will have insulation incorporated into the design that is aimed at retaining the heat from your feet inside the boot.

Warmth is important for your feet because it contributes to your overall comfort during your hike, but it also keeps your feet mobile so that they can maneuver the trail without causing discomfort.


The height of the shaft will determine the amount of support for your ankles and calves. Most men’s winter hiking boots will have a taller shaft because men have longer legs. Women’s winter hiking boots may be slightly shorter to accommodate shorter statures. Height isn’t a great concern but should be considered a personal preference.

Traction and Tread

Traction is important because snow and ice are slippery. The best hiking boots for winter will have deep lugs in the tread, which work to dig into the snow and improve your traction. Rubber is a strong material that can dig into the snow and resist the cold to keep you stable.


As we mentioned, insulation is important, and liners are the best way to insulate snow hiking boots. With liners, you are adding an additional layer of protection that will keep the cold of the boot and stop it from reaching your feet. Top rated hiking boots for winter will use removable liners that can be easily washed or removed for warmer weather.



Q: What is the difference between regular and winter hiking boots?


Regular hiking boots are pretty thick, but they still lack the additional features like insulation and deep lugs to make them suitable for winter. The most excellent winter hiking boots will have a removable lining, a winter specific lug pattern, and a fully waterproof construction to keep the snow at bay.

Q: How to dry hiking boots?


When you want to dry your boots, the best way to start the process is to strip your boots down to the bare bones. The more open you can make the shoe, the faster it will dry, so remove the laces and footbeds. We do not recommend using heat to dry your boots as this could cause warping and damage. Instead, leave your boots inside in a warm environment and leave them to dry at their own pace.

Q: How to break in hiking boots?


Hiking blister prevention can save your feet from unnecessary pain. One of the best ways to do this is to learn how to break in your hiking boots so that they aren’t stiff or uncomfortable. With a looser and more comfortable feel, your boots are less likely to rub or chaff your skin.

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Whether you’re a hiking beginner or expert, winter hiking can be an exciting new way to stay active in cold weather. But to fully enjoy the experience, you need the right gear and a pair of winter hiking boots for women or men will help you step in the right direction. With better insulation, warmth, durability, and moisture resistance, you can conquer the snow and ice with the most excellent winter hiking boots strapped to your feet.

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