It is healthy to properly cover and protect your body during the cold weather – items as small as winter gloves, hats and scarves go a long way. Sure, you can put on a heavy insulating jacket and equally warming pair of pants but without the right add-ons such as proper cold weather gloves, hats and scarves, you are bound to get affected by the weather.

It has been scientifically proven that properly covering your hands, head and neck, otherwise known as extremities, is highly effective at ensuring you are war throughout the day. I mean, pair of good winter gloves makes significant difference when trekking Denali, than a pair of regular gloves.

I’ve listed below the 10 best cold weather gloves in 2020, which you need to invest on right away to make sure you are effectively covered this winter season.

How To Choose A Pair Of Winter Gloves – Buying Guide



When choosing the best extreme cold weather gloves to purchase, material used is the number one priority because it determines if the gloves will be able to keep your hands warm and dry as well as how dexterous it would be. Polyester and leather provide excellent warming properties whilst cotton blend provide the same. Due to their construction, they also provide moisture-wicking abilities which are very important especially if the gloves will be worn for longer days.

Avoid gloves made from 100% cotton because as a non-synthetic fabric, cotton does not bear moisture-wicking properties. Additionally, for the right gloves for winter and mittens, insulation from material such as thinsulate enhances their ability, the higher the thinsulate grams the more insulating they become – however, highly insulated and very war gloves come with reduced dexterity due to their bulky and thick construction.

Some of the best brands such as north face gloves use material such as acrylic and spandex which feature elasticity and increased dexterity. They work well for everyday use in activities that require flexibility of your palms and fingers such as driving and texting. They also make excellent mitten liners.


The best cold weather gloves normally feature thick and dependable insulation. Material such as 3M thinsulate provides such insulation. The material is normally thick and yet breathable. The material works by trapping heat produced by the body whilst block air and wind from the outside thus, working as a two-way barrier.


To get the perfect winter glove should have the features you are looking for in mind. For example, if you are planning a backcountry skiing trip, you probably want gloves that feature thick thinsulate insulation, at least a 3 barrier warming construction with waterproof and wind proof membrane. Additionally, you will want a palm construction that incorporates triangle stitching for secure grip of your gear.

If you are looking for an everyday pair of gloves to use in temperatures that are not high, you will go for a less insulated yet warming pair of gloves. Your focus will be dexterity, touchscreen friendly abilities and increased grip.

Other manufactures increase and add more features with every product addition such as hand warmer pockets on heavily insulated gloves so when your winter hiking, you put a packet of hand warmers on each zippered pocket of your gloves for enhanced warmth.

Furthermore, other manufacturers that are well-invested into bettering their gloves production elevate every day features such as moisture-wicking abilities and anti-slip palms by designing patented systems and technology through use of branded improved fabric and construction design to further enhance the properties to get the most out. These include a winter glove such as the Heritage Extreme or the Carhartt.


Some gloves are unisex whilst some are specifically Mens gloves or Womens gloves (or kids). This is because naturally, male hands tend to be larger than Womens thus, a male small may not necessarily translate to a Women’s small. However, some manufacturers integrate their sizing system to accommodate both genders with their unisex gloves.

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Thus, with sizes small, medium, large and X-large, the first two sizes may be designed for women and the rest form men. The best way to go about picking the right size is to follow the manufacturer’s sizing charts and guides.

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Many gloves come with dark colors such as black, navy or grey. However, there are manufacturers that feature a range of colors to suit their customers.


When choosing the best gloves for winter to fit us, though important to get full covering pair of gloves, you make sure their fit is snug and not to tight that you can’t slip a finger through the cuffs. You don’t want a too tight winter glove that over time will cut of circulation or feel uncomfortable that you can’t proceed with your activities. Thus, it is important to follow the sizing chart to get just the right fit on both your fingers, palms and cuffs.

Closure System

The best gloves for winter especially heavy-duty ones, used for extreme cold conditions come fitted with extra closure systems these systems include elastic cuffs, fleece cuffs or drawstrings – and depending on the design and material used, one or whole of these systems are used.

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Other gloves use zipper closures which further fill the extra space to provide added warmth. Gloves used for less extreme conditions mostly use the elastic cuffs for full closure. Same applies to gloves that can be used as mitten liners so they can easily fit under mittens.

It is highly important for your gloves, especially ones you use in the extreme cold, to ensure no wind or cold air sips through, or even water for the case of waterproof winter gloves. And to ensure to keep your hands warm.



Q: How To Measure Your Hand For A Glove?


Different manufacturers have their own sizing charts and guides which differ to a very small margin. However, the standard way to measure the size of your gloves is by measuring the hand using a measuring tape.

Measure the area across your palm, precisely on the area below your fingers but above at the area perpendicular to your thumb. Measure your dominant hand, if you are right-handed then use your right hand and otherwise. The value you get in inches is the size of your gloves. Generally, the sizing is as below;


Additionally, this will apply to whether they are Womens gloves or Mens gloves. For example, as if a woman’s size in inches is 8, this means that they are a size M for women.

Q: Are Leather Gloves Good Option?


Leather is amongst the best material for gloves. Material such as top grain deerskin leather is naturally resistant to the cold and good at repelling wind; thus, they make very good gloves materials especially for a pair to be worn in the extreme cold.

However, leather gloves work best if they incorporate an inner lining of other materials such as fleece or cotton blend to keep the hand for a softer and warmer finish and to be protected by a waterproof shell to keep the gloves dry. You don’t want wet leather!

Q: How Do You Wash Winter Gloves?


Although some gloves are machine washable, most are not. Many leather gloves require hand wash or spot cleaning with lukewarm water and mild detergent. Furthermore, they require to be hang dried. If put in a dryer that blows hot air to dry material, most gloves shrink and lose their fit and shape due to the material used.

Additionally, if your gloves are not waterproof and get soaked, instantaneously remove them, if you are in a position that allows you to do so then dry them by hanging or wrap them around a hand warmer. Remember most leather gloves don’t like hot water or blown hot air!

Globo Surf Overview

The gloves reviews above enlighten us on how important these little accessories are. Although, they are quite a miniscule fraction of the overall winter clothing, they serve such an important role – warm and comfortable hands, which in turn means more effectiveness on to our work and recreational activities.

Their importance is also proven with their untimely catch-up with the ever-so revolving tech world – I mean, you get touch screen friendly gloves now that are both highly insulated and dexterous. My final point – you can’t go wrong with any of the choice above. Going winter hiking? Backcountry skiing? Running? Driving? – We’ve got you cover with the top-rated winter gloves, mittens and even liners!

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