For riders who aren’t afraid to brave the cold weather, you still need to protect yourself when you go out for a ride. The best winter cycling shoes will be waterproof and weatherproof so that your sensitive toes stay warm as the temperatures drop. With a thicker construction, the insulation of winter cycling boots is also top notch to prevent injuries like frostbite. 

While you may think that regular winter boots will get the job done, the main benefit of winter bike shoes is that they are also fully compatible with your bike and pedals. We want to help you find a pair of top rated winter road cycling shoes, so we’ve made a list of high quality products and included all our buying tips and tricks. With our help, you put all your confidence in your feet and always ride exceptional comfort. 

How To Choose Winter Cycling Shoes – Buying Guide



The best winter cycling shoes will have high quality, functional, and reliable protection that keep your feet safe from the cold winter temperatures. All top rated winter road cycling shoes need to be able to protect your feet, but the main areas where protection is essential during the wintertime are warmth and waterproofing. 

Warmth and waterproofing, which we will discuss below, will keep you safe and comfortable while you ride. Winter cycling shoe reviews can be a great resource to help you determine whether the boots have decent protection or will go above and beyond to keep your feet safe in the snow. 


When you’re going out in the winter temperatures, warmth is important, especially for your feet because they are an extremity on your body. The warmth of your feet can affect your performance and even your safety on the trail. 

Riders can feel their warm feet, which means that they can safely pedal. But cold feet lead to numb toes which means that you could find your foot slipping off of the pedal as you lose feeling due to the cold. 

But warm road winter cycling shoes will eliminate those problems. The level of insulation will determine the warm of your winter mountain bike shoes and more insulation or padding is always better than less. 


Waterproofing is another important feature that is part of the protection of your waterproof bike shoes. The best winter road cycling shoes will be completely waterproof to stop your feet from becoming wet. Wet feet will get cold quickly, which is why it is essential that you protect your feet from the snow and ice. 

Gore Tex cycling shoes are some of the best winter cycling shoes because they have a very high level of waterproofing. But the downside is that Gore Tex is a very expensive material. Fat bike winter cycling shoes may use other synthetic or natural materials, which are thicker but still provide the same level of protection as Gore Tex cycling shoes for a fraction of the price. 

Shoe Sole Tread

The best winter cycling shoes will have a strong sole tread, which means that your feet won’t slip off of your pedals while you’re riding. Thicker grooves in the bottom of the outsole can lock into place with your pedals and stop your foot from moving, even if the platform becomes slippery due to water, snow, or ice. 

Some winter biking shoes also have clip-in compatibility, which means that they can actually lock into place with your pedals. However, not all soles have this feature, so you should think carefully whether you need it or not, before you make a purchase. 

Road vs MTB

Part of the compatibility of the shoe and the pedal will rely on whether they are road or MTB clip compatible. Road cleats tend to have a slightly larger platform for more stability. Whereas mountain bike pedals tend to have a smaller platform so that it doesn’t get caught or stuck in objects and debris on the trail. 

Ultimately, the best winter road cycling shoes will be versatile for any rider. But if you are using clip compatible winter bike shoes, you should check to whether they will fit road or MTB clip systems. 



Q: Why Do I Need Winter Cycling Shoes?


Top rated winter road cycling shoes will keep your feet safe while you ride, but they will also be fully compatible with your bike so that you get the best performance on the road or trail. While it may be tempting to repurpose another pair of shoes like your winter hiking boots, its best to use a cycling specific pair because you’ll be safer while you ride. Not all shoes are made to be worn while pedaling and shoes that aren’t built for the job can leave you with sore feet or even injuries.

Q: Should I Get Winter Cycling Shoes Or Winter Overshoes?


Winter bike shoes are the best choice because they are packed full of features that ensure you stay safe and have a great time on the trail. Winter overshoes don’t have the durability you need when cycling in the snow and ice, which means that your feet may still feel cold or your encounter other problems on the trail. The increased functionality and durability of winter cycling boots really do make them worth the investment for winter cyclists.

Q: How To Know The Temperature Rating?


Not all shoes give a temperature rating, but if they do it would be provided in the product information section. However, if you are unable to find a temperature rating, you may want to rely on winter cycling shoe reviews. Reviewers will often comment on the weather conditions in which they used their waterproof bike shoes and whether the shoe kept their feet warm or lacked in its performance.

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While not everyone wants to head out in the wintertime, the cyclists who do need to stay safe. Your feet are essential when riding or else you wouldn’t be able to pedal, so riders need to take extra care to keep their toes toasty and warm. A quality pair of winter bicycling boots will not only keep your feet warm, but they will guarantee your safety while winter riding. Our choice of quality products is designed to eliminate the stress of shopping and help pair you with the boots you need to go on your cold-weather adventure. 

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