Staying active in the winter can be difficult, but have you ever considered taking your bike out for a spin? Winter cycling has become a popular way to keep your body moving, even as the temperatures drop. But while your bicycle won’t be damaged from the cold, the same can’t be said for your body. 

Riders who are winter cycling need to layer up to keep themselves warm. Your hands are essential when you’re riding because they allow you to control your bike. Numb hands can lead to injuries or loss of control, which is why the best winter cycling gloves are designed to keep everything from your fingertips to your wrist, warm and cozy. 

But there are a lot of different pairs of top rated gloves for winter cycling on the market and it can be challenging to choose which ones you should wear. We’ve selected some of the quality winter bicycle gloves and complied them into a list to make it easy for you to find the perfect pair. With our help, your hands will not only stay warm, but you’ll be extra comfortable every time you go cycling in cold weather.

How To Choose Winter Cycling Gloves – Buying Guide



The best winter cycling gloves need to fit your hand perfectly and for any rider that means the gloves aren’t too restrictive or too lose. Top rated gloves for winter cycling should always feel comfortable in the fit and be just snug enough that they stay in place while you are riding. 

But finding the right fit can be difficult because not all brands use the same measurements of size guides. However, there should always be a size chart included with a pair of gloves so that you can take your own measurements and pick the best size of gloves. 

Winter cycling glove reviews can help you determine how accurate or true to fit the size guide is and may also give suggestions as to whether you need to size up or down to find the right pair of winter bike gloves. 


The material of the best gloves for winter cycling will always be high quality so that you get the best functionality, reliability, and performance out of your gear. While you may be tempted to use regular winter gloves, the benefit of waterproof cycle gloves is that your hands get a better level of all-around protection. 

A warm and durable material is the best choice for cold weather cycling gloves. Most gloves for biking in cold weather will be made out of synthetic materials because of the increased durability. Synthetic materials are also better at resisting moisture and will be longer lasting. If you do choose a natural material, you should look for leather cycling mittens. Ultimately, the quality of the material will affect the overall warmth and comfort of the gloves so it’s important to consider what is used in the construction of a pair of gloves.  


While your gloves may be used out of various materials, another type of material that you need to examine is the insulation. All of the warmest cycling gloves have a layer of insulation that will keep the cold out. Insulation is the best way to protect your hands when cycling and it also makes most bicycle gloves windproof too. 

But riders should ensure that their insulation is still breathable. Breathability means that the insulation won’t trap moisture, which will actually make your hands cold. With more airflow, the insulation and your hands should stay completely dry, even if you are riding through the rain or snow. 


Another layer that is often underneath the insulation is a liner. The liner is really a feature that will enhance the comfort of the gloves and ensure that they are suited for riders to wear. A soft liner is the best option because it will keep your hands cozy and ensure that you are comfortable for the duration of your ride. Many liners are lightweight so that they don’t make the gloves too bulky. 


Some heated bicycle gloves have extra padding in the palm, which is used to keep your hands warm but also give you protection against injuries. Ice is a slippery surface and accidents can happen, so if you fall off your bike, padded cycling mittens will protect your hands from injury. The padding can absorb shock and impacts so that your hands are less likely to be damaged in an accident. 


The cuffs of gloves for biking in cold weather need to be extra secure to keep the cold weather out. But they also need to be comfortable so that they don’t irritate the sensitive skin on your wrist. Elastic cuffs or a hook and loop closure are the most popular designs because they both comfortable and functional. 

But for riders who can more customization, a hook and loop closure offer you more adjustability than an elastic cuff. But for lightweight protection and casual rides, elastic cuffs should provide you all the protection you need. 

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When you’re riding in the winter, you may encounter wet weather. Top rated gloves for winter cycling should have a grip in the palm and fingers, which increases your traction so that you aren’t struggling to hold objects in your hands. Most importantly, a solid grip gives you a good connection to your handlebars for more control while riding. But grip can also make it easy to keep your hands-on fragile objects like your smartphone or tablet. 

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Waterproof cycle gloves will give you the best protection against the winter elements because it should be reflective to wet weather conditions like rain or snow. However, not all gloves are fully waterproof. There is a difference between water resistant and waterproof, so riders need to be certain that they have found the pair of gloves they need. The level of waterproofing should be indicated in the product specifications, but you can also rely on winter cycling glove reviews for additional information. 


Finally, many riders use electronic devices that have at touchscreen while they ride. It can be a pain to have to always remove your gloves, but the best gloves for winter cycling will have a touchscreen compatibility in one or two fingers so that you don’t have to take off the gloves for your touch to register on the screen. The gloves should indicate in their product information if they are touchscreen compatible. 



Q: How Do I Keep My Hands Warm When Cycling In The Winter?


The best winter cycling gloves will keep your hands warm while you are cycling in cold weather. Gloves are a great option to keep your hands warm because the extra layers give your sensitive skin a shield against the cold and wet weather. However, if you are riding in extremely low temperatures, you may want to consider slipping some hand warmers into your gloves for an extra boost of heat.

Q: Are Neoprene Gloves Good For Cycling?


Yes, neoprene gloves are good for cycling because they perform extremely well in wet weather conditions. However, riders do need to be aware that neoprene does not mean that the gloves are waterproof. Your hands can still be wet, but the neoprene acts as an insulation. The best winter cycling gloves will not normally be made of just neoprene but may blend the material with a few other fabrics.

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Q: Do Cycling Gloves Make A Difference?


Yes, winter cycling gloves do make a different while you ride in successfully keeping your hands warm and protected. Cycling with bare hands in the wintertime will be unbearable as the rain, snow, and wind can quickly make them cold. But with multiple layers protecting your hands, the gloves will make a huge difference in staying warm in the cold weather.

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Whether you’re going out for a quick ride around the block or setting off on a long adventure, it is important to wear the right gear. The best gloves for winter cycling will keep your hands protected from the cold so that you can ride for longer and stay comfortable the entire time. With our list of quality products and buying tips, you have everything you need to find a quality pair of gloves. All you have to do is make your selection and ready your bike for a snowy ride. 

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