Most people, whether they are experienced or beginner climbers, know that rock climbing shoes are meant to fit snug. But for some people, the snug fit is hard to find because they have wider feet. For climbers who struggle to fit their feet into their shoes, the best climbing shoes for wide feet will provide the relief you need. 

Climbing shoes for wide feet will have a little extra room in the shoe’s width (duh). With a better fit, your feet will be happier, and you’ll be able to climb for longer. But climbing shoes for big feet still need to be durable, which means that you should take the time to find a quality pair of shoes. 

Now that rock climbing has become so popular, there are a lot of different brands that make wide feet climbing shoes so it can be a challenge to pick a pair. Our list of quality products will help you in your search to find exactly what you need so that you can customize your comfort on the rocks.

How To Choose A Pair Of Wide Feet Climbing Shoes – Buying Guide



The best climbing shoes for wide feet will be extra durable so that you can use them in any climbing situation. Top rated rock climbing shoes for wide feet are a decent investment and you don’t want to have to rebuy them every year. Some shoes can last you multiple years with the proper care. 

Quality materials are the best way to guarantee good durability, but you can also use climbing shoe reviews as a guide. Reviews are a great way to choose between different brands and can help you make an educated decision. 

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As we mentioned, the durability of your shoes will rely on the materials that are featured in the design. But the materials are also important in determining your level of comfort. Men’s and women’s climbing shoes for wide feet can be made out of synthetic or natural materials and you’ll have to decide what best suits your needs. 

Synthetic materials will be stiffer than natural materials and last longer. With more water resistance, synthetic materials will also keep your feet dry. Weight can also be an issue and the lightest rock climbing shoes for wide feet will be made of synthetic materials. Popular synthetic materials include nylon and polyester.

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Natural materials are sometimes favored because they will conform to the shape of your foot over time, which makes them more comfortable. However, the initial stiffness of the shoe means that you’ll have to spend a lot of time climbing to break them in. But the overall durability and protection of the thicker natural materials may be better for skilled or experienced climbers. 


The sole is important because it is how you grip the rocks and keep your foot comfortable. The best rock climbing shoes for wide feet will use a high-quality rubber on the outsole and a lightly padded insole for comfort. The rubber should be strong so that it adds to the durability of your shoes, but also sticky. With an extra stick, you’ll be less likely to slip and will have a secure grip on the rocks. 

Different brands may use their breakdown type of rubber or may feature the Vibram outsole, which is a very popular choice amongst climbers of all skill levels. 


The thickness of climbing shoes for women with wide feet will determine how stiff or flexible the shoe is overall. The same is true for men’s climbing shoes too. In general, the thicker the shoe, the flatter and stiffer it will be for the climber. It also means the shoes are less sensitive. 

For beginning climbers, a thicker shoe will help them develop the strength and skill they need to advance their techniques. But for experienced climbers, thicker shoes are often a nuisance. Instead, pro climbers will often choose a thinner shoe that provides more flexibility and sensitivity on the rocks. 

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Size and Fit

One of the things that you’ll have to get into is wearing snug shoes. For beginning rock climbers, the feeling of a tight fit may be uncomfortable but all experts know that it is important that your shoes are quite tight so you can get grip on tiny holds and edges. For this reason, climbing shoes should be available in a variety of sizes. 

Most brands will include their own size chart, or you can read climbing shoe reviews to determine whether the shoes run true to size or not. But if you’re still having trouble finding the fit, you can use our Climbing Shoes Sizing and Buying Guide to help you. But it is important that when you’re shopping for climbing shoes for big feet that you make sure they have a little extra space to fit your foot so that you are comfortable. 

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Downturn refers to how the toe and heel of the shoe are angled. Wide feet rock climbing shoes with less downturn are more comfortable and suited for beginning climbers. But more downturn means that you’ll have more power to maneuver on steeper terrain. However, only expert climbers should use shoes with high or heavy downturn as they have built up the strength to support their own feet without relying as much on the construction of the shoes. 

Type of Climbing

There are different types of climbing with most people breaking it down to indoor and outdoor locations. In indoor locations you are in a more controlled environment, so you can use shoes that are more comfortable and may not be as durable. This is because the fundamentals of indoor rock climbing make it easy to practice your skill safely. 

Outdoor climbing shoes need to be tougher because you are in an uncontrolled environment and unexpected situations or events may arise. A more durable shoe would better protect your foot from the sharp rocks and assist in your climb. 

If you break down the types of climbing more specifically into categories like sport climbing, trad, or bouldering, you will be able to better estimate what shoes would suit your needs and enhance your performance. But for many people, the division between indoor and outdoor is a good place to get started in your search for top-rated rock climbing shoes for wide feet. 



Q: How Much Wider Is A Wide Width Shoe?


Most wide shoes will increase the width by ¼ to ½ inches. A ¼ inch increase is a small adjustment that suits climbers who have feet that are just slightly bigger than the average. But if your feet are really wide, you may be better suited with a ½ inch increase. However, it’s best if you can try on multiple pairs of shoes to test for fit and comfort before you make a purchase.

Q: How Many Inches Is A Wide Foot?


The average foot width ranges from 3.2-4.05 inches, depending on your shoe size. Size 7 women’s climbing shoes for wide feet would normally be a snug-fitting 3.45 inches, but if you are anything over that measurement, you would be considered to have a wider foot. Most people’s feet will only increase by ¼ or ½ inches in width. 

Q: How To Adjust Shoes That Are Too Tight?


If you are still struggling to find the proper fit, you may want to try adjusting the fit of your shoe by soaking it in hot water and climbing with the wet shoes. By softening the material and wearing the shoes before they dry, you may be able to gently stretch the fabric so that it comfortably fits your foot. 

The best rock climbing shoes for wide feet will also have adjustable straps, which can help you prevent the shoes from being too tight. For some climbers, this is the easiest fix as they have simply tightened the shoes too much and a quick adjustment of the strap will bring instant relief. 

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When it comes to rock climbing, you want quality gear. For climbers with wider feet, it can be a frustrating experience trying to find a shoe that fits. But with a surge in popularity of the sport, your needs have been addressed and there are now plenty of climbing shoes for wide feet. The best climbing shoes for wide feet will keep you comfortable while providing you with that small increase in size to keep your feet happy. Get after it! 

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