Waterproof gloves are essential to most aspects of our daily activities especially during the cold seasons. We use waterproof gloves in outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, cycling, jogging and even washing our cars. Thus, it is important to choose the right gloves for your intended activity.

Keep in mind, it’s not just the water splashes you are protecting your hands from but also, keeping yourself safe from frostbite when hiking or irritation on the hands when biking. Plus, there’s nothing as comforting as warm, fluffy gloves when it’s extremely cold.

Listed below are the best waterproof gloves in 2022; showcasing their best features and why they made the cut. There is definitely a choice to pick and take home with you for a comfortable day in the outdoors.

How To Choose Waterproof Gloves – Buying Guide



When choosing the right waterproof gloves to purchase, comfort is a factor to be paid attention to. Since you will be wearing these gloves for prolonged periods of time and sometimes performing activities that require ample use of your hands, it is important that the gloves allow for proper function. How does one assess comfortability? Think of how and where you will use the gloves. If fishing for example, you should consider whether the design and make of the gloves avoid snags and whether you will be fumbling with fishing lines if you have them on. Another scenario is wearing gloves when driving; you don’t want your gloves to be too thick that they don’t allow a good grip on your steering wheel.

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Materials used in making gloves also highly determine their functionality. Material such as neoprene offer excellent waterproof as well as thermal properties – so this is a win-win situation for you. Additionally, if looking for gloves to offer maximum warmth, go for multi layered gloves which most often possess high insulation properties.


To consider insulation of your gloves, also think of why you are wearing them. If you are getting your logs in for the fire place, you probably want something with flexibility as well as warmth, if you are riding your motorbike in the cold weather you definitely want flexibility and as much warmth. If you are simply walking out or expect to be out in extremely cold weather for a prolonged period of time, you absolutely need to compromise for warmth over flexibility! Think of the ILM Alloy Steel Riding waterproof gloves; there are designed for agility and flexibility all the while maintaining full closure to enhance as much as warmth as possible. The Mountain Made Princeton waterproof gloves on the other hand, considers flexibility to a smaller extent and focuses more on fluffiness, layers and warmth!

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Fit is also an underrated factor to consider. You don’t want you gloves to either be too small or too big; this is not only an unattractive look but it also plays quite a negative role to the gloves’ function. Ill fitting thermal gloves definitely won’t function to their full capacity; they will either let the cold air or water seep through. Levels of comfortability and flexibility also fall with ill fitting gloves.

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It doesn’t hurt to get gloves with more functional features. I mean just because its cold, it doesn’t mean you put a pause on life. Nowadays, gloves are fitted with more and more features to ease life. Some of the more common and celebrated features include;

  • Touchsreen sensitivity to allow operation of smart phones and music players
  • Pockets for smaller personal effects

However, all good things come with consequences. Most touch screen sensitive gloves for example, tend to have thinner layers so this means for the price of being able to operate your phone, the gloves may at some point not be able to provide the much needed warmth to your hands.

Water Resistance

When we think of waterproof gloves, our ever so programmed minds think of keeping water out but never think of the sweat we produce fro bodies. In cold weather, our bodies are so insulated from the warm and protective clothing that we actually sweat. Thus, it is good to consider investing on a pair of gloves with moisture wicking properties. Basically, this material that works to quickly absorb the sweat our bodies constantly produce. Nobody wants to go through the sweat discomfort!



Q: Why Do I Need Waterproof Gloves?

A: It is essential to own and wear waterproof gloves during colder weathers especially wet ones. Waterproof gloves not only protect you from the cold but prevent water and snow from seeping into your hands and causing damage.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Waterproof And Water Resistant?

A: Most gloves are simply water resistant, this means that their materials will repel water and not let water through. However, water resistant gloves if submerged or fully merged into water or any liquids for prolonged periods of time will eventually let water in. Waterproof gloves however, are hardcore water repellent and no matter the circumstance will not let water through.

Q: How To Properly Size My Gloves?

A: Different brands have their own sizing charts to correspond with their sizing categories i.e. XS, S, M, etc. However the basic technique to size gloves is as follows; Using a measuring tape Glove Sizing measure the fullest part around the hand excluding the thumb, then measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the hand and use the largest of the two measurement s for the correct size, e.g. a maximum read of 7”will translate size 7 or small. Measure the hand you are comfortable with.

Q: How Clean And Store Gloves When Not In Use?

A: The cleaning guidelines of gloves highly depend on the material used. Some gloves require spot cleaning with a clean cloth, lukewarm water and mild detergents whilst some are machine washable. Always read the label before cleaning. Gloves should be store in a clean and dry pace however; the place should not be too warm.

Globosurf Overview

We have reckoned that waterproof gloves are an essential keep for the cold weather. These items are most often taken for granted however; they serve quite an importance in our daily lives especially during the cold weather. Some thought also needs to be put into consideration when choosing the right pair of waterproof gloves for your activities. Taking a few moments to think about the functionality of your gloves can really pay off and save you quite a lot for a long time. Well, the 10 best waterproof gloves listed above are sure to capture you and you can’t go wrong with any of the ten choices above as long as you choose the right pick for the intended use.

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