Kids love water, and they can easily spend hours entertaining themselves playing in the water. A child’s playfulness and curiosity often drive them to create new games or explore new things, which can make finding exciting activities a challenge. Whether they’re at the pool or the beach, spending time in the water can be a lot of fun for your child. But sometimes, going on a day trip isn’t an option, and staying home is better. A top rated kids water table will encourage your child to play, which helps develop their creativity, motor skills, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. With a children’s water table, your child can still get the hands-on fun they’re looking for but without leaving the comfort of your backyard.

How To Choose A Kid’s Water Table – Buying Guide


For parents, finding the best kids water table can be challenging. To help you out, we’ve outlined a few of the essential features that you should consider when you are looking for a quality outdoor water table.


Versatility can be a great feature for kids water play tables because it will allow you to entertain your children throughout all the seasons of the year. An outdoor water table is great for the summer months when your kids can play outside in the sun and need to cool off. But toddler water tables can also be used indoors and without water.

The best water tables for kids will be safe to use both indoors and outdoors. You should be able to fill the table with water or dry materials like pasta, rice, beans, and sand. Dry materials are perfect for indoor playdates or cold weather months.


Kids play rough, and that means that any toy they have needs to be durable. The best kids water table will be built with durability in mind to ensure that your kids can’t cause any damage while they’re playing.

Most durable water tables for babies will be made of safe and robust plastic. Plastic that is BPA free is perfectly safe to use around growing kids and has the durability to be long-lasting. A plastic outdoor water table will also be resistant to damage from the sun and can withstand being filled or drained of water.


All kids’ toys need to be safe, or else parents wouldn’t give them to their children to play. The best water tables for kids will have safety highlighted in the design and materials. Parents should also consider the safety of their kids as they use a water table. Kids should be protected from the sun either by using sunscreen or a kids rashguard, if they are playing outside.

What about the overall design of kids water play tables? There are a lot of crevices, sections, and edges to its design that could be dangerous. A water table for babies will be designed with safety in mind. It should have no sharp edges, and all corners should be rounded to prevent accidental injury. The outer edge should be exceptionally smooth so that any children can safely lean against it as they play.

Safety also applies to the materials that made the toddler water table too. Parents should ensure that any plastic is BPA and toxin-free. There should never be any harmful elements like lead or mercury included in the material of an outdoor water table. If you’re struggling to find out about the safety of a design, you can also check the water tables for kids reviews for reference.


As we’ve mentioned, most kids water play tables are made of plastic because it is durable and long lasting. But another great feature about plastic is that it is lightweight. Plus, plastic can be made safe. A BPA free plastic won’t shed any harmful toxins, so your kids won’t accidentally ingest anything that can cause damage.

BPA free plastic is also extremely durable. Your kids can play with all their toys in the water table and not worry about breaking them. The plastic of an outdoor water table should be resistant to fading and damage from the sun. It should never crack, break, or splinter while being used or transported. For transportation, plastic actually has the best advantage of being strong but lightweight. Parents can safely pick up the table and take it inside or outside to set up the play area.


Kids water play tables come in a variety of sizes, so parents can choose the one that would best fit their home. It is important to be aware of the size of your water table and the area where you intend to use it. There should always be adequate space for the table and around the table, so your child can play without interruptions or obstacles.

If you are concerned about size, you should look at the product dimensions before you make a purchase. You can use the dimensions and take measurements of your home to ensure that the table will fit. Water tables for kids reviews are also a great place to read about the size of a product. Many parents will comment on how bulky or large a table is and what you should expect once the table is put together.


Water tables for babies are really only fun if it comes with accessories to play with. Many brands will include a variety of accessories with their outdoor water table product which may include buckets, shovels, scoops, figurines, slides, and other fun toys. All the accessories included should be made of the same BPA free plastic to be non-toxic and durable.

Other accessories that you may want to consider that won’t come with the purchase of a water table are kids water shoes and a waterproof camera. Kids water shoes are a great accessory that keep your child’s feet safe as they run around and play. Plus, a few splashes of water won’t cause any damage. For fun, a waterproof camera can capture all the fun memories you make as you play with your child while they use the water table. If your child is enthusiastic about charting their growth, fitness trackers for kids can also be a fun accessory that records your child’s level of exercise as they run around the table.


Q: How important is a drainage system?


A drainage system is an important feature because it makes emptying and cleaning the water table easier. With a drainage system, you can conveniently pull the plug to drain the water and not have to tip the entire table on its side.

Q: Can I use a water table indoors?


Yes! The best kids water table will have the versatility to be used both inside and outside your home, which makes it ideal for all-year-round play. When your water table is indoors, you can fill it with dry materials, like beans or rice, for a fun new way to play. Plus, with an inside water table, you can easily pair it with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker and jam out to your kid’s favorite tunes.

Q: How to properly clean a water table?


Sometimes water tables get dirty. Whether they get some dirt from outside or drop their snack onto the table, kids are messy. You’ll want to be sure you can give your water table a proper disinfecting. Since most water tables are made of durable plastic, they can be cleaned used hot water and disinfecting solution.

Q: What are the benefits of a water table?


Water tables are a great educational toy for growing children. By playing with a water table, your child can learn and improve their coordination, cognitive, problem solving, and creative skills. With the added accessories, your child can learn the logic of weighing, balance, and powering movement with water.

Mathematics is also involved as the child learns how to make comparisons between the weight and pouring of water. There are also lots of different toys, and with a wide variety, your child can learn differences in size, color, shape, and weight. Toys are also a great way to boost your child’s imagination. You can start young by investing in a water table for 1 year old children to unlock the great benefits of playing with and teaching your child.

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If educational playing is your goal as a parent, you can easily invest in the toy of your dreams by purchasing a children’s water table. With an outdoor water table, your child can learn skills they may not even be aware of, while still having fun. Kids water play tables teach your children valuable life skills and nourish a growing mind. The best kids water table will be durable and long lasting to grow with your child throughout their most crucial stages of development.

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