Being safe and well protected is important when you are enjoying your fishing experience. Fishing incorporates endless elements and foundations that make it quite a versatile activity. Thus, proper preparations and fishing gear should be made available depending on the circumstances to ensure a successful fishing experience.

Wading boots, for example, are important gear to have for fly fishing especially when you expect to be striding through rivers and streams.  The best wadding boots feature an ingenious construction and design concept to offer protection for your feet as well as enhance traction. Just like hiking boots, they are designed to make walking a lot safe and comfortable especially for the slick and rocky terrains in water.

Listed below are the 8 best wading boots in 2022. Each pair distinguishes its unique construction and features that make it stand out and a better option for its core functions. The choice is all yours to go for the option that appeals most to you.

Tip 1:

If this is your first time looking to purchase wading boots along with fishing waders, It’s vital to ensure your boots fit properly as well as feel comfortable when you put them on over your waders. It’s not fun wading anywhere with wading boots that don’t fit properly, especially in places that are difficult to wade which only makes wading harder. I highly recommend looking at reviews online, as well as reach out to others who may own the same type of wading boot you’re looking for to ensure you have an idea of how large or small they tend to be size-wise. For example, I’m a size 8 in regular shoes, but for my Korkers wading boots, I’m a size 10. Depending on the brand, wading boots tend to fit differently in comparison to others around the market.

Tip 2:

If you like to hike and fish a lot like me and tend to cover at times miles of water in one day, I’ve found the less your wading boots weigh the better and more comfortable you’ll feel in the long run. However, wading boots that are light also ensure that your boots either have studded bottoms or felt bottoms. In some states, felt bottoms are illegal, and recommend checking in on the state's fishing regulations you’re planning to fish to ensure they’re allowed. Rubber-only bottomed wading boots from my experience are not very good at helping you keep traction on the water. If you plan on fishing any type of river or stream with decently fast current, using studded or felt bottomed boots is a must to avoid falling and losing traction in tough wading situations.

Tip 3:

If you like to fish and travel to many states outside of your own to do so, I highly recommend checking out the company Korkers. I have a pair of the Devils Canyon Korkers wading boots, and they are by far the lightest and have so far been very durable and reliable for me on the water. The cool feature Korkers wading boots have is that you can change the bottoms out depending on where you’re fishing. For example, I live in PA but sometimes I’ll travel to Maryland. In Maryland, using felt-bottomed boots is against the law. Rather than purchasing a second pair of boots with studs, you can order studded bottoms online for your shoe size and then take the felt bottoms off your Korkers and replace them with studs. Helps me save a lot of money as well as is very easy to take the bottoms of the boots on and off.

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How To Choose Wading Boots – Buying Guide



When choosing the best fly fishing wading boots, you must pay attention to the fit. For you to be comfortable and enhance the chances of a successful fly fishing session you want your fishing gear to be well fitting. Especially for fishing circumstances that are ever-changing and can most likely be extreme, the proper fit of your boots is very important.

When you are fishing in highly slippery or in the cold weather, proper fitting shoes go a long way to ensure you are comfortable for prolonged periods. The majority of the best fly fishing wading boots are designed to be half a size to a size larger than regular boots.

For example, a regular size 8 boot will be slightly tighter fitting that a size 8 wading boot. This helps to provide a snug fit especially after yup u on socks or tuck in your waders into your boots. If your wading boots are too tight, this will not only lead to the forming of blisters on your feet but also can increase the chances of your feet to become cold very fast.

This is because tight fitting boots block circulation making your feet cold and unable to move freely.  Keep in mind, however, that different manufacturers design their wading boots with a different fit. Thus, to better understand the fit of the boot you want to purchase, go through real customer reviews.

Going through rea customer reviews helps you to understand more about how the boot will fit your shoe size and what size to go for. Additionally, purchasing boots from sellers with flexible return and exchange policies allows you to exchange the pair for a fitting one, incase, you purchase an ill-fitting one.


A good grip is also an important and mandatory feature for the best wading shoes. The grip is basically how your boots rest on the ground and the stability and hold they provide to you. By having a good grip on your boots, you are kept safe from falling accidents. The grip of your boots is highly affected by the choice of the outsoles.

Wading boots are designed with either rubber outsoles or felt outsoles. Rubber as a material is naturally grippy, durable and flexible. Thus, no matter the terrain, rubber outsoles with articulate lug patterns provide outstanding grip.

Additionally, many manufacturers design rubber outsoles that can be attached to outsole compatible metal studs. This creates cleat patterns that help to enhance grip, especially on slippery and wet terrains. The durable and flexible characteristics of rubber outsoles allow them to be ideal outsoles for elevated terrains.

Felt outsoles on the other end are also highly effective on slick rocks. However, on other surfaces, they may not be as effective. Therefore, rubber outsoles prove to be a better and well-rounded option compared to felt outsoles.

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Unwanted Bacteria Protection

Because you are exposed in water for a long time when wading, the best wader boots should offer protection from unwanted bacteria. Wading boots built with rubber soles and quick drying hydrophobic upper material are especially good at this.

Wading boots with poor material can, in fact, play a part in the spread of invasive bacterial species. Plant invasive species will lay around the water source to which you are wading. Thus, if your boot source allows it, these plants will stick onto your boots and get transferred to areas where your fish inhabit. Thus, invading and destroying these ecosystems.

Thus, it is a good idea to go for rubber outsoles. Furthermore, when choosing the best fishing boots, also look out for details such as mesh holes. Wading boots also come with mesh holes on the side panels near the upper or midsole of the shoes to expeditiously expel excess water and to prevent unwanted invasive species as well.


Your choice of wading boots sole is also important. Rubber and felt outsoles are the most common of materials. Both materials offer high traction and performance. However, felt outsoles are less commonly used.  Because felt outsoles tend to attract and house invasive species, most US states have banned the use of these materials for wading boots outsoles, thus, making rubber a more commonly used material.

Nevertheless, felt outsoles remain to be an outstanding choice for certain terrains. Felt liners are designed to offer outstanding traction on wet and slick rocks. However, on other terrains – both dry and wet, rubber outsoles are a better option. Rubber outsoles are particularly excellent when you are walking on the banks or trails around the rivers or streams. To add traction on rubber soles in wet or slick rocky surfaces, the majority of rubber soles are compatible and can be attached to metal studs.


Q: What states have banned felt wading boots?


States that have banned felt wading boots include Alaska, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, Rhode Island, and South Dakota. The reason for felt wading boots ban is the tendency to felt outsoles to house invasive species. These invasive species can be easily transferred from one water source to the other, thus, destroying the ecosystems.

Q: What size wading boots should I buy?


Most commonly when you are choosing the best wader boots to purchase, go for your actual boot size. This is because most manufacturers design their boots with at least a half size larger than the regular size. For example, a size 8 wading boot ill actually be a size 8.5 for a standard boot to allow space for warming socks.

Q: What is wading boots?


Wading boots are designed to function just like hiking boots. They are built to provide support, protection, comfort, and traction for anglers when they are wading through water. They can be worn on their own or paired with stocking foo waders to complement each other.

Q: Why are felt boots banned?


Felt wading boots are banned in some US states because of their potential to be harmful to the water ecosystem. Felt wading boot outsoles tend to attract and house invasive species.  Thus, this enhances their chances of transferring these harmful species from one water source to the other.

Q: Do wading boots get wet?


Yes, wading boots get wet. This is because wading boots are not waterproof. Their purpose is to simply protect your feet and offer traction. However, if you don’t want the insides to get wet then you can wear stocking foot waders.

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The wading boots reviews outline how they are handy for anglers. As much adventure as outdoor enthusiasts sought after, you also have to ensure you are safe and protected at all times. Wading boots do just this when adding in different water conditions. Plus, they also boast the comfort element for a well-rounded fishing expedition. The buying guide above offers a detailed guide on what to look for when choosing the best wader boots. The list of the 8 best fishing boots above is an excellent place to begin your search for an ideal option.

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