Under Armour is one of the world’s leading sports apparel manufacturers, which is quite impressive considering that the company is relatively young. The secret behind the huge success is their dedication to product quality and innovation, which has created a loyal customer base of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who know they can rely on these products.

Thanks to the huge number of options and the quality that every piece brings, the line of backpacks designed by Under Armour has also become recognizable. They are well-designed and made from tough materials, so you can always count on functionality and durability. In addition, they put a big accent on comfort too.

Their goal was to make a quality backpack available to everyone, so you won’t see overblown prices here – you can be sure that you’re getting plenty of value for what you paid for. But when there are so many to choose from, how do you find the best Under Armour backpack? In our buying guide below, we will discuss all of the features you can get and show you how to make the right choice, so don’t miss out.

How To Choose An Under Armour Backpack – Buying Guide


The backpacks from Under Armour are made to withstand the trials of everyday use, and we’re not saying that lightly. We’ve had the opportunity to try them out first hand, and we weren’t the least bit disappointed. They make models for work, school, sports, and outdoor activities – you name it they have it. To find the right one, you need to consider things like design, storage capacity, and the materials used to make it. Take a look.

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Size And Storage Capacity

As you’ve had the chance to see in our product reviews, each Under Armour backpack comes in one universal size. However, there are some differences in size between models. In addition, some are designed as kids’ models so it makes sense that they are a bit smaller, both in dimensions and in volume.

When talking about adult backpacks, most models have a height between 18 and 20 inches. This is somewhat a universal size, since it offers the best balance between comfort and functionality, meaning you don’t have much to worry about when sizing the backpack. Most manufacturers use this size for their backpacks because it’s the best fit for most people, especially given that all Under Armour models come with adjustable straps.

But it’s not just about outer dimensions – you also need to think about the volume of your new backpack. It’s perhaps even more important than the bag’s size because it shows you how much stuff you’re going to be able to pack inside. Most Under Armour models have around 30 liters of volume, and even the biggest Under Armour backpacks exceed this mark by only a few liters.

However, this is just the right size for everyday use, because you don’t want your backpack hanging loose and causing discomfort. You have enough room for your school books and a personal computer, or your sports equipment including a pair of sneakers and a ball. If you need some help organizing, be free and read our article on how to pack a backpack.

If the size and volume are correct, most of the best Under Armour backpacks can be used for hiking too. They are sturdy enough to withstand outdoor conditions, and have more than enough space for packing your clothing, a pad, and some backpacking food. It really goes to show that this type of backpack offers a really high level of versatility.


One of the best things about Under Armour backpacks is their universal light weight. Even the largest models you come across won’t weigh much over 2 pounds. In relation to this, all of the models we featured on our list weight somewhere between 1 and 1.5 pounds. Compared to other manufacturers, this is pretty light and allows anyone to carry them without trouble.

If we’re talking about kids’ models and sackpacks, these even go under a pound in weight. They are designed to be light because you don’t want to load a kid’s back with any unnecessary weight. As far as our experience goes, the weight won’t be a problem when using Under Armour backpacks.

While we were only discussing empty backpacks, you also need to consider the weight of the backpack when loaded (has to do with the volume we talked about). While these backpacks can generally handle all the added weight, we advise you to pack only as much as you can carry.

It’s very important that the loaded backpack sits properly on your back. Having a padded back panel and adjustable straps significantly helps in distributing the weight, which is why we’ll separately discuss this a bit later.

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Under Armour carefully chooses the materials for their backpacks, so every model can have the sturdiness and durability they are known for. Most UA backpacks are based on a combination of polyester and nylon, which gives them the strength and water-resistance they need, while still keeping the backpack lightweight and affordable.

Polyester is a great material of choice for making a backpack because it offers excellent durability without adding too much weight. In addition, it’s also an inexpensive material, which is a big plus for customers. On the other hand, nylon is a bit heavier but offers increased strenght and a degree of water-resistance. To further improve durability, most models have a reinforced bottom panel made from PU.

When talking about water-resistance, most Under Armour backpacks use their patented Storm technology for keeping your things dry. This is a special surface coating that repels water and prevents soaking into the backpack. This means that, even if you get caught in some rain, your electronics and clothes won’t get immediately wet.

However, this water-resistant coating has some limitations too. It’s only water-resistant (not waterproof), meaning that even the best UnderArmour backpacks won’t tolerate being exposed to heavy rain for long, and you shouldn’t drop the backpack in water.

In any case, the Storm technology is widely appreciated among customers, since the protection it gives you is usually more than enough. At one point or another, you’ll get caught outside in a drizzle so this will come in handy. But if you’re into backpacking in the rain, we suggest that you invest in a good rain cover to make sure everything is completely dry.

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When Under Armour designs a new backpack model, comfort ranks very high on their list. As we mentioned at the beginning, this is one of the things that users really appreciate about this brand. Padded shoulder straps and back panels are a standard for their models, so no matter which one you buy you always know what to expect.

In addition, most models in our Under Armour backpack review use HeatGear technology on the shoulder straps. What this means is that the straps are made of a highly breathable fabric that is able to wick sweat and regulate temperature to keep you cooler. This way you won’t feel sweaty but instead stay dry and comfortable.

Breathability is very important for the overall comfort, so, in addition to the straps, the back panel is highly breathable too. As we mentioned earlier, the straps are highly adjustable so you can easily find the best position on your back. Their shape well-designed to prevent them from cutting into your shoulders. All these features make them very popular among hikers, as the comfort they give you can easily be compared with other hiking backpacks.

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Compartments And Pockets

With the exception of sacks (Ozsee sackpack), all of the models we featured have multiple compartments. Buying a backpack with separate compartments is important because it makes packing and organizing your stuff much easier. Each model has a spacious main compartment used for gear and clothing, as well as one or a few smaller compartments for books and valuables.

A thing we particularly like about Under Armour backpacks is that they include a dedicated laptop sleeve on every model, located in the main compartment. This sleeve has a soft lining, and keeps your laptop secure and protected no matter where you are going. The smaller compartments often come with gear organizers, so you can keep everything neat and tidy.

When talking about pockets, there can be significant differences between models. Depending on the intended use of the model, it can come with up to 10 internal and external pockets. Almost every backpack has side pockets made of mesh, designed for holding water bottles.

Also, we like the addition of the waterproof front pocket on many models. It’s really convenient for stashing a smartphone, wallet, or other valuables, and keeping them dry. Models with a larger number of pockets can be used as travel backpacks, as they have everything you need to pack for a shorter trip. We just want to point out that even though they usually comply with airline limitations for carry-on luggage, always check the airline regulations before you travel.

Quality And Durability

Regardless of which model you buy, you can always expect at least decent quality from Under Armour. This is the main thing that all of their products have in common, and it’s probably the main contributor to their popularity all around the world.

This being said, there are still significant differences between specific models. Some were designed for heavier use, and are much better for withstanding everyday wear and tear. This includes models like the Storm Recruit or the Undeniable series. On the other hand, models like the Ozsee are made for carrying gym equipment and lighter gear, so you can’t expect it to last long if you overload it constantly.

As we mentioned in the materials section, all Under Armour backpacks come with a reinforced bottom panel. Since most of us tend to throw the backpack around and don’t pay much attention where we place it, the polyurethane reinforcement protects it from unnecessary wear on rough surfaces. In addition, the stitching on Under Armour backpacks is excellent too, so you don’t have to worry about them falling apart.

The production quality you get from this brand is a solid guarantee you’re investing in something that can last for many years. However, it’s never a bad idea to check the user experiences for a particular model. These will give you a clearer picture of what you can expect in the long run. We want to add that Under Armour has excellent customer service, and you can count on them to help you if you have any problems.


We already mentioned that Under Armour puts a lot of effort in innovation, and the design of their backpacks is where this is most visible. The products on our list offer a really large number of stylish and functional designs for every purpose and situation. They range from more conventional darker-colored backpacks that are suitable for work, to colorful kids backpacks for youngsters going to school.

In addition to the design features we already discussed (HeatGear shoulder straps, soft-lined laptop sleeve, and the Storm technology), we want to add that some of the best Under Armour backpacks come with Molle webbing and D-rings on the outer surface. These allow you to secure any backpack attachment to your bag and give you additional options for the gear that can’t fit inside the backpack.

Thanks to the smart use of space inside and the well-designed compartments, these offer the kind of versatility you need for both everyday use and various outdoor activities. Considering the number of different Under Armour backpacks available, you can rest assured that you can find a model that suits you.


Before you buy any backpack, you need to think about where and how you plan to use it. If you need a backpack for work, then a more composed model like the Hustle will do a great job. On the other hand, if you need a sports backpack, then an sc30 Undeniable might be an excellent choice since it has room for a full-size basketball and a pair of sneakers.

Even though Under Armour doesn’t make many different types of backpacks, you still have some choice. You can choose between a standard backpack and a so-called sackpack, a stuff sack with drawcords. A traditional backpack has a larger volume and is generally stronger, but it’s also bulkier. If you need a smaller backpack for your gym or swimming gear, then a sack pack is a much better choice.

As you can see, Under Armour makes backpacks that are best for everyday use but offer a variety of options. However, there are some limits – while they can also be used for activities like hot-weather hiking and cycling, you might be better off with a specialized product like CamelBak backpacks for this purpose.

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Q: Why Choose An Under Armour Backpack?


If you appreciate quality and functional design, Under Armour backpacks have plenty to offer. They pay a lot of attention to detail and find a way to get the most out of every model. It’s because of this that they’ve received so many customers, and their constantly increasing popularity speaks for itself.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, there is a huge chance you’ll be able to find it. Our best UnderArmour backpacks list includes universal unisex models, as well as products designed for men, women, boys, and girls. While some of them are specially made for sports and training, others give you the versatility of using them for both work commutes and outdoor activities. Finally, the prices are more than reasonable, making this brand even more attractive.

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Q: How To Clean And Care For Under Armour Backpack?


A good thing about Under Armour backpacks is that most models can be machine washed. The material and stitching quality allows you to put it in a machine without the fear of tearing. They are usually washed in cold water on a gentle cycle, but we recommend that you always read the manufacturers instructions about the particular model.

Additionally, always make sure to empty all the pockets and compartments before putting it into the machine. When the cycle is done, you should hang it to completely dry (never put it in a dryer). If you want to wash it by hand, we recommend that you use a microfiber cloth or a gentle sponge with mild detergent and scrub the stains. If you want to learn more about proper backpack maintenance, make sure to read our article on how to clean a backpack.

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Q: What Is Under Armour’s Return Policy?


We already pointed out that Under Armour’s customer service is pretty good. However, there is a small catch. To get the warranty and their customer support, always make sure you buy the backpack from an authorized seller. If you have a problem with your backpack, you won’t get a refund but they will solve the problem and replace the backpack in most cases.

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Ever since they were founded a little more than 20 years ago, Under Armour has been constantly growing. A great testament to the product is the number of customers who recognize what they are trying to do. They also make some of the most beautiful backpack models, so you’re sure to be noticed at school, on the campus, or on the subway.

Compared to the competition, you’ll have a hard time finding a better value for the money you invested. Other manufacturers that offer the same quality level usually put much higher price tags, so the choice becomes pretty obvious. We hope that our guide has helped you find the model you were looking for, and with a good Under Armour backpack you’re ready for any type of adventure.

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