Not all umbrellas are created equal. Some umbrella designs will stand out more than others because they will protect you from the elements better. It’s hard to tell from online shopping and looking at photos, which umbrella is sturdy. There also may be features to different umbrella styles that you prefer. Umbrellas come in many different shapes, sizes, and have different opening and closing mechanisms. There are golf umbrellas, travel umbrellas, and even patio umbrellas to be stationed around your home. When you are looking for a new umbrella, you should look at the features too.

Umbrellas are a great investment to keep yourself protected from the rain. These portable roofs can be carried in your hand and allow you to stay active in the drizzle. Modern umbrellas have packed on the tech features to ensure that you aren’t stopped by the rain. Better materials and innovative designs will have modern umbrellas battling the elements, so you can venture out with ease.

We’ve made a list of umbrellas that are innovative in their designs and top rated. Our list of the 10 Best Umbrellas in 2020 offers you top pick and helps break down what designs and features you should look for in an umbrella. The best umbrella would be sturdy enough to tackle heavy rain, snow, and wind. It would also last you throughout the years.

How To Choose An Umbrella – Buying Guide


When you are deciding which umbrella is the best to buy, it is important to consider a few key features. You will have to decide which umbrella design best suits your needs. There are many different styles, materials, and abilities to choose from and there are different elements of each design that can enhance your experience when using your umbrella.

Umbrellas are an easy way to carry a portable roof over your head. They should be sturdy, but also compact and lightweight to ensure you can transport them easily with you. Whether you are hitting the urban streets or exploring the trails, an umbrella is a great investment to add to your collection of outdoor gear. It is best to consider the differences of each design and see what features of each umbrella might best suit your needs.

Here, we have made a guide of some features of an umbrella that you should consider before making a purchase. As well, we have some frequently asked questions and their provided answer to give you all the up to date information in choosing the best rain umbrella. With this guide, you will have the ability to confidently choose an umbrella for you!


The size of the umbrella is important for a few different reasons. Firstly, you want an umbrella to be portable, so it can easily be carried with you. Secondly, the size of the canopy can determine how much coverage you get, ultimately telling you how much protection the umbrella can provide. When it comes to canopies, bigger is better. Finally, the depth of the canopy is important because it can help protect you from the wind.

As mentioned, an umbrella should be portable. This means having an umbrella that you feel comfortable walking around with, but it doesn’t mean that you need the most compact design. The size can be influenced by a person’s personal preference. Not all users would like a collapsing umbrella. Some users like to have a full umbrella that does not collapse down, which means that their choice would be a full, standing umbrella. Other users want to have the smallest option available, so that it can easily fit into a bag.

The overall size of your umbrella will also be affected by the size of the canopy. Umbrellas with a larger canopy will have to be larger in overall size to accommodate the canopy’s width. Bigger canopies are better canopies. The size of the canopy determines how much area your umbrella can cover and provide protection. By having a large canopy, you will have a larger bubble of protection. However, the size of the canopy is also influenced by relative size. A child would not need the largest canopy, but an adult might opt for a few inches more for better coverage.

The umbrella’s canopy will be found by measuring from edge to edge, when it is fully open. However, some companies measure the arc of the canopy, which can be deceiving because it will result in a larger number and makes you think the canopy provides more coverage. In general, the canopy’s measurements should give you a diameter of the coverage it provides.

The canopy’s depth can help you get a better visual of the protection the umbrella offers. Deeper umbrella canopies do a better job at providing you coverage from rain that is coming at an angle, as well as the wind. Keep in mind that deeper isn’t always better, because you can have less of a field of view as the canopy deepens.

The best rain umbrella you could find would have a balance between the canopy size and the canopy depth. You should have an umbrella that provides significant coverage and can help beat any oncoming sideways rain and wind. The best compact umbrella that can create a good balance will give you the protection you want, while still ensuring that you have a large visual field to watch where you are headed.


Weight, like size, can be affected by a person’s preference. Users who like a standing umbrella, will most likely be carrying a heavier design. People who are trying to save on weight should look for the most compact umbrella design. The weight of the umbrella will also be affected by the umbrella’s size. A larger canopy means more material and therefore, more weight to carry.

With modern umbrellas and modern materials, it isn’t all bleak. Many materials that are used in umbrellas are durable, but lightweight. If you want more coverage, you should be able to find an umbrella that is large but doesn’t add too much more weight than a smaller sized one. Again, certain designs will be heavier than others.

A full standing umbrella that doesn’t collapse, will most likely be heavier than a collapsible design. But even some collapsible designs are noticeably heavier or lighter than other similar designs. The weight of the umbrella can be affected by the style, materials used, and opening/closing mechanism. For some users, weight can be really important because they have to be careful about how much they carry. If they are adding an umbrella to a backpack full of gear, you want to save every ounce you can. Even for users in an urban setting, carrying around a heavy umbrella can be a burden.

You should always look at the weight of the umbrella, if you are worried about the length of time you will be carrying it. If you tire easily, a lightweight umbrella would be better for your needs. The best travel umbrella will be lightweight to ensure that you feel comfortable carrying it around and using it throughout your day.


There are many different types of umbrellas for personal use. Here we will list a few and provide some descriptions, so you can see the difference between all the types. There are classic, automatic, pocket, bubble, high wind, and artistic umbrellas.

Classic umbrellas: These are the most common type of foldable umbrellas in modern designs. There has been an overwhelming amount of these umbrellas over the years, with many adding their own style to this type of umbrella. These umbrellas can be made of wood, metal, or polyester and most commonly have a microfiber fabric for the canopy.

Automatic umbrellas: These umbrellas can be opened and closed using one hand. Most will feature a push button design that extends and retracts the shaft of the umbrella. Their compacting design and ease of use makes them popular options on the market because they can be easily carried in a backpack, purse, or briefcase.

Pocket umbrellas: These umbrellas, as suggested by the name, are made to be small. They are portable and lightweight with compact designs. Hence the name, they are great to be carried in a jacket pocket and used for emergency use. However, due to their small design they aren’t as durable as other umbrellas and are best used for shorter amount of time and in less harsh conditions.

Bubble umbrellas: These umbrellas are most well known for their spherical shape that features a tall and deep canopy design. These umbrellas have been made popular because they are the most common type of umbrella to be made of a transparent plastic material. There are some designs that feature plastic viewing ports instead of the entire canopy being made of a transparent plastic material.

Artistic umbrellas: This type of umbrella has a broad range of different styles of umbrellas. Artistic umbrellas can be made of rare materials or be a style that you wouldn’t normally see on the street. However, paper and parasol umbrellas can also be considered artistic umbrellas. These types of umbrellas probably won’t give you protection and are used more as an accessory. If they do offer protection, it would be against the sun. Most artistic umbrellas cannot be used in rain because they aren’t made of waterproof materials.

You may also find umbrellas that features unique handles, are mean to be worn on the body, or other unique and comical designs. With all the types of umbrellas, you should be able to find one that suits your needs. Keep in mind the differences between them all so that you find the protection you’re looking for.


The material of an umbrella is important because high-quality materials lead to durable designs. You will want to invest in an umbrella that is made of strong materials, that can withstand sudden gusts of wind, high winds, heavy rain, or even snow. However, there are many different materials than an umbrella can be made of. Some common materials include plastic, metal, fiberglass and wood. The fabric of the canopy can greatly vary too. Some umbrellas feature nylon, others a similar fabric. There are even umbrellas made of Teflon, which is a high-quality fabric that rain jackets are also made out of.

Plastic: There are some umbrellas that feature plastic heavily in their design. You should be wary if more than the handle or parts of the handle, are made of plastic. A plastic frame wouldn’t be sturdy enough for high winds and you quickly would have a broken umbrella in your hands. Plastic is great to save on the weight of the umbrella, if it is used in parts that aren’t important to the umbrella’s sturdiness. For example, the push button will likely be made of plastic and still function for a long time. The handle can also be made of plastic and still be long-lasting. The shaft and frame of the umbrella should not be made of plastic because that is where you need the umbrella to be the most durable.

Metal: Most high-quality umbrellas will be made of metal. There are a variety of metals used in umbrellas. Aluminum and stainless steel are the most common because they are sturdy and long-lasting. Aluminum is lighter than stainless steel and just a tad weaker. Stainless steel is extremely durable, but it is heavy. If you are urban exploring, aluminum should be sturdy enough for you to walk the rainy streets. If you are looking for a more rugged adventure, stainless steel would be a good idea for you.

Fiberglass: Many umbrellas will have fiberglass in their design. Normally, the frame will feature fiberglass pieces and the handle may be made of fiberglass too. Fiberglass is a durable material that has the strength to withstand weather, but it is heavy. The best umbrellas will use fiberglass minimally for structural support, to ensure that your umbrella doesn’t weigh you down too much.

Wood: Wood is a durable material and can be used in umbrella designs. However, if you are looking for a durable umbrella, only the handle should be made of wood. Umbrellas that feature a wooden frame and shaft will most likely be an artistic type umbrella. All wood umbrellas, like a paper umbrella, are great for show but not for durability. If you are looking to use an umbrella as a fashionable accessory, wood would be a great choice. For the people who need heavy-duty protection, wood is not the best choice. However, you can add wood to the handle and still have a fashionable umbrella that delivers strong protection.

Higher quality materials also can make an umbrella lighter. Depending on the frame of your umbrella, certain metals are lighter than others. Aluminum is a lightweight material, but it not as durable as the heavier stainless steel. As well, you want to ensure that your umbrella will withstand the amount of time you’d like to be out in the elements.


There are many different handle designs for all the different umbrella designs. Some handles have a curve like the shape of the letter J, others make a letter C shape, and the most common is to have a rounded and straight barrel handle. Handles that are not J or C letter shaped, will often have a wrist strap to ensure that a sudden gust of wind won’t tug your umbrella from your hand. The rounded barrel handle may also have finger grooves and a rubberized grip to assist you in holding your umbrella securely and comfortably.

The handle is an important aspect of the umbrella’s design and you need to feel comfortable when holding it because you may be holding your umbrella for a long time, depending on your activity. Therefore, it is important that the grip of the handle feels good in your hand. The handle is how you will hold the umbrella while you are using it and for opening/closing the umbrella. You need a handle that fits your hand well. For some people, that means a skinnier handle and others want the J letter shape because it has the supportive curve. No matter, which style suits your needs best, it is important that you select a handle that makes you feel at ease with carrying your umbrella.


Sturdiness is key! Similar to durability, sturdiness ensures that your umbrella can withstand any weather elements that it may encounter while you are using it. The sturdiness of the umbrella gives it strength to protect you against rain, wind, and snow. While every umbrella has a limit with wind, the best umbrella for wind should still be able to be used in fairly heavy wind, without being broken. A sturdy umbrella will also keep you dry for long periods of time in rain or snow. A study umbrella battles the elements for you, so all you have to do is walk to your destination.


Durability is everything. The same as sturdiness, in a sense, your umbrella needs to be able to hold it’s own against possibly harsh weather. However, durability also applies to the extent of your umbrella’s life. A durable umbrella should last you through years of reliable use. It would be frustrating to have an umbrella break after the first use. The best rain umbrella should be able to be used hundreds, if not thousands of times.

As well, an umbrella needs to be durable because it will probably get thrown around, tossed in bags, and banged against objects. People aren’t always the most cautious with their umbrellas, and they shouldn’t have to be. An umbrella should be able to be tossed in a bag, without breaking. Unless you are slamming your umbrella into a wall or running it over with a car, it should be durable enough to withstand rougher handling.

You should spend the time to find a durable umbrella. A durable umbrella will feature high-quality materials that make up the frame, shaft, handle, and canopy. This means that the structure will be made of a strong, but lightweight metal. The handle could be made of a hard plastic but would have a reliable way to open and close your umbrella. Finally, the canopy should be able to withstand hours of use.

Durable umbrellas will have been tested against the elements, like high wind, to ensure that the structure won’t collapse. Look out for the umbrella reviews to see what users thought about their purchase. If an umbrella has a lot of outstanding reviews that mention how well it functions in different weather scenarios, it should be a strong contender for you to consider.


Portability is also extremely important for an umbrella. Umbrellas are a tool that are meant to be used on a go. After all, an umbrella wouldn’t serve you well inside, when you already have a solid roof over your head. Umbrellas are portable roofs that you can take with you to protect against the weather elements. From sun, rain, and snow, an umbrella can provide you a cover on the go.

Umbrellas traditionally have a compact design. The canopy will have a frame, which can be expanded and closed for easy use and storage of the umbrella.  Umbrellas also feature a strap to wrap around the canopy when it is collapsed, to keep it closed so that the frame is not damaged. The difference between umbrella designs is whether the shaft of the umbrella can be collapsed or not. A collapsible shaft allows for a compact design, which makes the umbrella more portable.

However, some people want a standing umbrella, which doesn’t have a collapsible shaft. Standing umbrellas can be a great design if the person likes to use walking sticks or would like to use an umbrella for a little extra support.

For people who are on the go and need to be able to take their umbrella everywhere, a portable umbrella that can collapse into a smaller size would be best. The collapsible umbrellas can be easily expanded to give full coverage, but collapsed to fit into a backpack, briefcase, or purse. Some umbrellas are so compact in their size, that when they are collapse, they can even be carried in a jacket pocket.

Portable umbrellas are also lightweight. It would be a drag having to carry a heavy object around with you throughout the day, so the best small umbrella designs would be durable but save on the overall weight. Portability means that you can easily take the umbrella with you, without a struggle. You umbrella should be a companion that you can rely on and enjoy relying on.

Opening Mechanism

Umbrellas have a few different ways that they open and close. Traditionally, umbrellas have a manual method to open and close the frame and extend the canopy. This would mean that there is a piece to slide along the shaft, which would both extend the length of the shaft and then be pushed fully to lock the frame into an open position. This method is tried and true, but it does require the use of two hands. Modern umbrellas have a different opening and closing mechanism, which can make using an umbrella even easier.

Modern umbrellas may have an automatic opening and closing mechanism. Umbrellas that have an automatic opening mechanism would most likely have a push button system. This means that located on the handle, there will be a button that you push, which automatically extends the shaft, opens the canopy, and locks the canopy into to open position. This can be extremely convenient because it allows a person to open their umbrella with one hand.

An automatic opening mechanism will also have a way to automatically close the umbrella. This means that the same button will unlock the canopy, collapse it, and collapse the shaft down. Then all you have to do, is secure the strap around the canopy to keep your umbrella all together. Automatic opening mechanisms are popular amongst users because of the ease of use it allows. The appeal of opening and closing the umbrella with one hand, means that these umbrellas are always ready to be deployed. It also means that they can be quickly deployed without much thought.

However, not all umbrellas have the same standard opening and closing method. If your umbrella has a unique opening mechanism, it would be best to study the user’s manual or guide to understand how to safely operate your umbrella.



Q: How to properly clean a rain umbrella?


There aren’t a lot of people who clean their umbrellas, because umbrellas tend to stay pretty clean with use in constant rain. However, as with any outdoor gear, stains can always occur. You should look at the manufacturer’s user manual or guide, if provided, for how to properly care for your umbrella.

Generally, an umbrella can be spot cleaned with mild soap, a soft sponge, and lukewarm water. You should use your soft sponge sparingly and only clean the stain spots because some umbrellas will have a waterproof coating to help wick away the moisture. Rinse the umbrella well after applying the soap to ensure there isn’t any residue left.

An umbrella shouldn’t need to be cleaned after every use, or very often at all. Your umbrella should stay pretty clean by itself and with the help of a little rain. However, there is care that it is important to do after every use of your umbrella. You should always allow your umbrella to fully dry after every single use. An umbrella should always be bone dry before it is stored. You can easily leave an umbrella open to dry in the bathtub. It is important that your umbrella dries after every use and is stored dry, because a wet or damp umbrella can lead to mold, rot, and mildew on the canopy. As well, any wet parts of the frame, shaft, or opening/closing mechanism can lead to corrosion if they are not allowed to dry. By allowing an umbrella to fully dry after every use, you are extending the life of your umbrella and ensuring that it is always ready to be used when you need it next.

Another way to care for an umbrella is to take caution with the opening/closing mechanism. Specifically, for the automatic opening and closing mechanism umbrellas, you should take care of allowing the umbrella to do the work for you. If you invest in an automatic umbrella, you want to take the strain off yourself. You should allow the umbrella to do the work and not add any extra pressure, especially when closing the umbrella. You should not pull the umbrella closed like you would a manual model. The automatic mechanism will close the umbrella too and if you put more strain on the mechanism by forcing it closed, your umbrella may not last as long. You could also risk breaking the mechanism all together. So, take care and don’t pull or tug unnecessarily on your umbrella.

Q: What are the 3 most important features in a good umbrella?


It can be overwhelming choosing an umbrella because there are so many features to consider and choose from. However, the three most important features in a good umbrella are the material, durability, and portability. These three features are the most important factors to choosing an umbrella that will provide you with shelter and be long-lasting. When you combine these 3 important features together, other features like the handle and type of umbrella aren’t as important. You can most likely compromise on the handle design versus what the umbrella is actually made of.

Material is an important feature because it can affect both the durability and portability of your umbrella. The top rated umbrella are made of high-quality materials. High-quality materials ensure that your umbrella stands the best chance an providing you with protection against the elements. High-quality materials would also function for longer. A metal frame should work for years and a strong canopy should ever develop holes or wear through.

Durability is important when it comes to a good umbrella because it is what determines how decent the protection provided is and how long your umbrella will last. A durable umbrella will ensure that you are provided with constant and reliable protection from the elements. Durability allows the umbrella to do the work for you and battle the elements. A durable umbrella will also last throughout multiple uses. The better care you take of your umbrella, the better you extend its durability, which means that your ensuring your umbrella will last you throughout the years.

Portability is also an important feature because you want to be able to easily take your umbrella with you, so it can be used wherever you go. The most portable umbrellas can be carried in a bag or pocket. Portable umbrellas should be able to be easily stowed and then expanded for use. Portability allows you to always have shelter at the tip of your fingers. If you are constantly on the go, portability is extremely important for you to consider in an umbrella design.

Umbrellas are great at providing protection just for you. You may have waterproof backpacks, dry bags, waterproof cameras, waterproof MP3 players, and waterproof headphones to keep your gear secure. But you need protection too! Not just your gear. Even if you use waterproof jackets, you may not want to deal with the rain dripping off the hood. An umbrella is a great way to give you a larger space of protection, so that you are more comfortable.

Q: How to protect my umbrella from damage?


Umbrellas are constantly put into places and situation where they can be unexpectedly damaged. When you are walking around the city you can bump the frame into object that can bend it out of place or you can accidentally put a tear in your canopy. However, you can take caution when using and storing your umbrella to prevent damage from happening.

When you are out and about using your umbrella, try to be aware of the space that the canopy takes up. If you have a bearing for where the edges of your canopy are, you can avoid bumping them into object or people. You should also use caution with the small parts of the frame that may jut out. You wouldn’t want to accidentally poke someone in the face.

You should also not use your umbrella in heavy wind. Though many manufacturers state that their umbrellas have been tested to be resistant to strong winds, there is always a limit. When the wind is too strong, not only can it damage your umbrella, but you will be miserably trying to even use the umbrella because you will have to fight the wind. Understand that umbrellas do have a limit and the wind can be a factor that stops you from using your umbrella for the day.

However, unexpected or light wind may be a factor and you can protect the umbrella from unnecessary damage in those instances. To keep wind damage minimal, you should keep the edge of your umbrella tipped into a slightly down position. In a down position, the wind can go over the canopy of your umbrella and is less likely to catch the edge, which can turn the umbrella inside out or allow the wind to tear it from your hands.

When you are done using your umbrella, you should also properly care for it when it is being stored to prevent damage. As we mentioned in your previously answered question, caring for your umbrella is simple. You just have to ensure that it is fully dried after each use. This will prevent any water damage to your umbrella. It would be a bummer to have an umbrella full of mildew. You can prevent the built up of mold, rot, and mildew by storing your umbrella bone dry.

Byprotecting your umbrella from damage, you are ensuring that it will be long-lasting and is always ready to provide top notch protection. The more care you put into your umbrella, the longer it will last, and the happier you will be.

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When it comes to choosing the best umbrella, the task can seem daunting. With so many designs, one can feel lost with deciding which umbrella to choose. This guide helps you break down the design and features of choosing a top rated rain umbrella. It is important to choose an umbrella that you feel confident and comfortable using because you will most likely be using it multiple times and venturing quite the distance with it in your hands.

As well, you want to be sure that your umbrella can handle the load. Umbrellas are a tool that are meant to be used to protect you from the elements. You shouldn’t have to wrestle or struggle with using an umbrella. Whether you use it only in the city or want to venture in the woods, your umbrella will be a companion and you will want it to be reliable. Having an umbrella will ensure that you are wandering with ease with full protection from all the elements.

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