When you’re on a road trip or an outdoor adventure, sleeping in the back of your truck can be an excellent way to save money or have a flexible and easy way to rest wherever you may be. Try and improvise, however, and you risk spending one of the most uncomfortable nights of your life and even getting a wink of sleep will seem like an impossible task.

If you decide to equip yourself with one of the best truck bed air mattresses on the market, such as the ones we have listed below, you will be able to enjoy your days in the outdoors knowing that you have a soft, comfortable bed to sleep it at night. Your back and your bones will be ever grateful if you take care of them with a top rated truck bed mattress, maybe combined with a good truck tent, so let’s dive into the reviews and see which model can better suit your needs.

How To Choose A Truck Bed Air Mattress – Buying Guide


Mattress Size

When buying a mattress for truck, the first and foremost detail you have to pay close attention to is its size, especially the width. You can purchase the best truck bed air mattress you can find but it goes without saying that if you’re not able to fit it into your truck bed even buying the top of the line brand won’t make your sleep more comfortable. Therefore, be extra sure to take precise measurements of your truck bed (more on this below) and to carefully read our truck bed air mattress reviews before you click the “buy now” button. Consider also that the length of your bed will increase if you take down the tailgate, so you might want to buy a mattress that is longer than your actual truck bed if you would like to be extra comfortable. Some brands also provide a tailgate extension precisely for this purpose. In any case, most air mattresses come in a variety of lengths and sizes so you should not have any problems finding the one that suits you best.

Pumping Mechanism 

Depending on your budget, you can choose between three different options for pumping up your air mattress, each of which requires different levels of effort. You can use a manual pump, which as the name implies will bring you to physically heave up and down until your mattress is comfortable enough, a battery operated pump or a DC pump. For the former, you just have to make sure that you’ve got enough juice to do the job, while for the latter you usually need to plug it into your car’s lighter socket to allow it to dram power from the engine. Both of these pumps are surely less tiring than using a manual pump, but it might be a good idea to bring one along in case everything else fails on you, as automatized things tend to do sometimes and always at the last moment. Furthermore, some models of air mattress have a pump that is built-in to their side and represent the top of the line as far as comfort is concerned. This way, you’ll never have to worry about displacing or losing your pump, saving you from a great deal of possible mishaps. Just make sure your battery is charged, otherwise not even all of that technology will be able to help you.


Most of the air mattresses we have reviewed are made out of PVC, and with good reason. These products are designed for outdoor use and camping, and therefore need to be extra tough and capable of not getting ripped or punctured. PVC meets all of these requirements, making it an excellent material to build mattresses with, since they also need to deal all the loose and sometimes pointy bits and pieces that live in truck beds. On top of the PVC, the best truck bed mattresses also feature a brushed fabric layer to give them a softer feel and avoid you slipping off. This can come especially handy if you forget to bring sheets or something to lay on top of the mattress, providing you with a reasonable soft surface to sleep on. Premium mattresses usually come with integrated air coils, to better distribute the person’s weight and increase comfort, as well as wheel well cut outs on both sides to ensure that the whole space of the truck bed is used and you can stretch out as much as you wish while resting. If you have a penny to spend, you should definitely consider buying an air mattress that includes these premium features, your bones will surely thank you for it. 


Q: Can A Mattress Fit In A Truck Bed?


A mattress can surely fit into a truck bed, but you have to be careful to measure it correctly and keep the wheel wells into consideration. The space between the wheels well is, in fact, the narrowest point in the truck bed and it is crucial that you keep it in mind when purchasing your truck bed air mattress. A regular air mattress might not fit, so you should look for one that is designed to accommodate for the wheel wells. Also, be sure to thoroughly clean up the truck bed before you lay on your air mattress as it is usually littered with debris that can damage or puncture it.

Q: What Is A Pickup Bed?


A pickup truck bed is the open cargo area at the back of the truck, behind the driving seats, with low sides and a tailgate. It is designed to carry items and fulfils its duty perfectly, but as we have seen it can also be easily converted into a mobile hotel. In this case, the best truck air bed mattress is a product you will absolutely need so we encourage you to read our reviews to find out which one is the best for you.

Q: What Size Air Mattress Fits In A Truck Bed?


Since truck beds come in all different sizes, air mattresses have also been designed to fit with all of them. You will be able to find mattresses that will fit in truck beds from the shortest, around 5 feet, to almost 8 feet for the longest, so you just need to know how big is your truck bed and you’ll be sure to find what’s good for you. Be wary that short mattresses are sometimes called full size, medium ones can be referred to as full XL and the largest one as Queen size, so be careful not to get confused when you are making your decision.

Q: How To Measure My Truck Bed?


As we have said, measuring your truck bed is a crucial step in ensuring that the air mattress you choose will fit. You need to accurately measure the length of the bed, including the tailgate if you want to fit a longer mattress, the distance from one sidewall to the other and especially the distance between the two wheel wells. Having precise measurements is crucial to making the right decision when buying your truck bed air mattress so make sure you take your time and double-check your results!

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The best truck bed air mattress is one of those items you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without after you buy one. Easy to transport but extremely useful, a good air mattress can make the difference between an enjoyable trip and a long gruelling experience that you can’t wait to see the end of. Since outdoors activities and camping have proven to be beneficial for our health, you need to make sure everything goes smoothly. In our reviews you can find a comprehensive overview of the best the market can offer, so you can make an easy choice knowing that comfortable and cozy nights are waiting for you wherever you go. You’ll be glad to take the time to make an informed choice and your bones will be too! 

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