Whether you are sticking to wheels or taking to the sky, traveling can be stressful. There are many different preferences that you may have with your travel accommodations, but you may not always get what you want. One of the best ways to ensure you have some hygienic comfort on the go is to use a top-rated compact blanket.

Having a lightweight travel blanket is the best way to stay warm and cozy while you travel. The best travel blankets will also be soft and durable for car, bus, train, or plane travel. If you are unsure of which design to choose or what brand to pick, you can use our comprehensive guide and the list of the five best travel blankets to get you started with your travel plans.

How To Choose A Travel Blanket – Buying Guide



It is probably safe to say that you want to travel in comfort, so your blanket should incorporate coziness and warmth into its design. A warm blanket will be made of a soft material that won’t irritate the skin. With increased softness, you’ll be more comfortable on your trip. However, having a travel blanket that can wick away moisture is important for traveling because accidental jostles may cause you to spill your drink.

Most important for a flight blanket is a water-resistant feature that keeps the blanket from absorbing water. The feature can be a lifesaver once the flight service starts, and the drinks are handed out because it will keep you dry if you ever spill some liquid on your lap.

Another consideration that can affect your level of comfort is the design of the blanket. Most fleece blankets for airplanes are just a square that is large enough to cover your body, but some unique and creative designs may keep you more comfortable on your trip. One of the products we listed had a poncho design so that you could wear the blanket and keep it secure around your shoulders. With a unique design, a poncho plane blanket may be just what you’re looking for.

If a poncho isn’t ideal, the other designs can be multi-use. Some fleece blankets come with their carrying case that when the blanket is tucked away, it can act as a pillow or for lower back support. Ultimately, you’ll want to take the time to research the most efficient travel blankets because comfort is key. Without comfort, a plane blanket would be a wasted investment.


When you’re traveling, the weight of your items when combined is an important consideration. You’ll likely want to carry the least amount of weight so a lightweight blanket would be the best choice. A top-rated travel blanket will use a synthetic material or fiber because it is both lightweight and durable. Synthetic fibers like polyester fleece and micro plush are still soft and warm without making them heavy.

Most natural fibers will be too heavy and won’t make a travel blanket. While wool and cotton are both attractive features, they aren’t great materials for fleece blankets. Instead, a warm blanket can be made of synthetic materials and still be cozy.

If you are concerned about the material of a plane blanket and how soft it is, you might want to read blanket reviews. Other buyers are likely going to comment on whether their flight blanket is worth the money and what features make it better than other brands. With the blanket reviews, you can judge whether a specific travel blanket design will suit your needs or fall short.


The size of the blanket can be tricky. You want the smallest blanket because it is convenient to carry, but it still needs to cover your body and keep you warm. While a compact blanket can be easily tucked into a carrying case and folded into a smaller size, it should expand to a large size when you need it to.

The most efficient travel blankets should be small when they are compacted into their carrying case but unfolded, they should reach 60 or 70 inches in length. One feature that can affect the overall size of your plane blanket is the material used in its construction.

Natural materials aren’t likely to be featured in a flight blanket because they can quickly become bulky and heavy. Synthetic materials are ideal because they make a compact blanket that can be folded down into a small bag. Synthetic materials are also lightweight and durable, which is perfect for traveling. With synthetic material, a lightweight blanket is more likely to be perfect for covering your body and packing away when the time comes.


One of the best features of a travel blanket is that it is versatile for a variety of uses. While the smallest blanket is designed to be used for weight-conscious travel, like in airports and on planes, it can also be used for cars, trains, and buses.

Most blankets for airplanes are small enough to be used on the go. You may find that you only use your warm blanket on the plane or the car, but have you considered taking it to the office? What about using it as a camping blanket? The best travel blanket can be used anywhere you want to feel more comfortable, whether you’re traveling, relaxing at home, or working in the office.

But you may find yourself purchasing a design that can be used in a variety of other ways. As we mentioned, a few flight blanket designs can be used as a pillow or as lumbar support when they are folded into their carrying case. This means that you have different ways to feel as comfortable as you travel. Again, whether you’re using it as a pillow or blanket, you should be able to easily take your travel blanket wherever you go.



Q: How to clean a travel blanket?


For convenience, the vast majority of fleece travel blankets can be easily cleaned in the washing machine because they are made of durable synthetic materials. The travel blankets can even be dried in the dryer so that you can get them ready for your next trip without worrying about them being wet and unusable.

However, not all blankets may be machine washable. The best way to clean your pocket blanket is to confirm the care instructions provided by the brand with your purchase or online. The specific care instruction will keep your warm blanket free from damage and ensure it is suitable for multiple uses.

Q: Are travel blankets warm enough?


It’s hard to determine whether a flight blanket is warm enough. Planes can be very cold with the air conditioning, and other methods of travel may not be much warmer. Ideally, a warm blanket for traveling will be just that — warm. A good way to judge the warmth of a plane blanket is to look at the materials used in the construction. Micro-fleece and polyester fleece are both warm materials that make excellent travel blankets.

However, sometimes even with the material, you may still be wondering if the blanket is warm. When you’ve looked at all the product specifications, blanket reviews are another great resource to determine the warmth of the design. Frequently, reviewers will immediately state whether the blanket is warm and worth the investment.

Q: Are travel blankets allowed on airplanes?


Yes. A plant blanket is designed to be used on airplanes to keep you comfortable for the duration of the flight. On longer flights, some airlines provide their blankets, but they aren’t as hygienic as bringing your compact blanket. Most airplane blankets aren’t frequently washed, so investing in your plane blanket can be a smart idea. The only restrictions airlines tend to have are with weight and the number of bags.

But the smallest blanket is designed to be tucked into a lightweight backpack or easily clipped onto the side. With a plane blanket, you should have no problems taking it with you to your seat. Just ensure that the overall weight of your bag doesn’t exceed the airline limit. But with a lightweight blanket for traveling, you shouldn’t ever have to worry.

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When you are traveling, staying comfortable can be quite a challenge. But if you can travel in comfort, you are less likely to be stressed and frustrated on your journey. Fleece travel blankets are a great addition to your travel gear that can increase your warmth, coziness, and comfort on your journey. With the best blanket for travel, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the trip. With our suggestions and comprehensive guide, we aim to help you find the best throw blanket that will become your reliable travel buddy.

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