Climbing shoes are the most iconic piece of gear that is associated with the sport, the one that will let everyone around you immediately identify what is your passion. The best trad climbing shoes become such an integral part of your adventures in the mountains that even simply putting them on can get all your senses tingling in anticipation, visualizing what lies ahead.

Aside from the sentimental reasons, the best shoes for trad climbing are a crucial part of any serious climber’s bag. They allow your feet to hold on to walls where they normally could not, and are shaped is such a way to let you get the maximum amount of leverage from them. In this article we will take you through the top rated shoes for trad climbing, so you can choose your equipment wisely and have the confidence you need between the rocks.

How To Choose Trad Climbing Shoes – Buying Guide



One of the most crucial aspects you need to look for in a pair of climbing shoes is a good fit. This is the only way that your feet will work at their absolute maximum, providing you with all the power and stability you can muster. Traditional climbing shoes, in particular, are designed to give your feet a little more space and are not as aggressively downturned as other models. Don’t let this fool you however, they still need to fit tightly and snugly around your feet, so try them on and make sure you like them before you head out.


Your everyday shoe size is a good starting point to determine what size you need for your trad climbing shoes. Manufacturers also provide detailed size charts to allow you to make the best decision when looking at their models online. Don’t be alarmed though if your shoes feel a little tight despite being the right size, since this is what they are supposed to do to let you get the most out of your feet.

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While climbing is not on the top of anyone’s list when you talk about comfort, manufacturers have tried to add features to their shoes to help you out somewhat with the pain. Especially on trad shoes, which you end up wearing for hours on end, there are several models which incorporate padding to protect your feet and ankles. Also included are moisture wicking abilities to help keep your feet as dry as possible and avoid blisters.


Trad climbing shoes are tough, and they need to be. They are constantly faced with hard, sharp rocks and they have to be up to the challenge, which is why manufacturers use only the strongest materials such as leather and rubber to construct them. Don’t choose shoes made from anything else than the best materials, or you’ll risk regretting it when it’s less advised.


When climbing, every additional gram matters as any extra weight will slow you down on your ascent, so you want all of your gear, from helmets to backpacks to harnesses, to be as lightweight as possible. This cannot, however, be at the expense of durability and toughness since those are also features you cannot be without. Don’t be fooled by shoes that are too light to be true, because they probably are, and despite you wanting to stay as light as possible it may be better to bring on a few extra grams if it makes the whole experience much safer.


Another crucial element of trad climbing shoes is the sole, as it is the part that comes directly in contact with the rock and has to provide life-saving grip. Soles are made from rubber or other, high-tech, synthetic materials, all of which are designed solely to help you cling on to the side of the mountain as best you can. Different soles can be more or less stiff, and this will let you hold on to smaller holds for longer at the expense of some sensitivity, so it’s up to you to try and find the balance that suits you best.


The uppers of trad climbing shoes have to be strong and durable, but unlike the sole, they also need to allow some air to get in touch with your feet to let them breathe. You will find uppers made from a variety of different materials ranging from leather to textile and to synthetic. All of these provide excellent durability with leather being the most breathable, while synthetics may be even tougher but risk leaving you with feet dampened by sweat.

Closure System

Most trad climbing shoes can be closed with laces, since these provide the best way to customize the fit for the shape of your feet. Some models, however, can be closed with a velcro strap so they might be more useful if you don’t want to waste time tying laces with fingers tired from holding on to rocks.



Q: What Does Trad Mean In Climbing?


Traditional climbing means that the group of climbers that ascend the wall place all the gear required for the ascent themselves and remove it when they are finished, without using existing bolts in the walls or placing new ones.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Sport And Traditional Climbing?


Traditional climbing is the first thing that pops in your mind when you think about climbing, and is a physical and mental game of man versus mountain that can take several weeks or even months. Sport climbing, on the other hand, is more focused on speed and physical strength rather than epic ascents, and can even be done in a simple rock gym.

Q: How Do I Start Trad Climbing?


Like most other activities, the best way to get into trad climbing is to sign up for a course. Maybe having a more experienced friend that can show you some tricks or lend you some gear can help, but pretty soon you'll realise that it's mostly about a lot of practice and determination.

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Climbing shoes are the centerpiece of any trad climbing ascent, but the options on the market are many and can quickly become confusing. In our trad climbing shoes reviews we have shown you the ones that, in our opinion, stand out from the rest. Following our guide, you can choose your gear with care, and hit the walls with the confidence you need.

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