When you’re planning a long trip with your bicycle, some of the most important pieces of gear are actually the bags that you’ll use to carry your gear. Panniers and backpacks are popular choices, but they force you to stop pedaling to access your gear. The best top tube bag sits on the main frame of your bike and directly beneath you for easy access, which means that you don’t have to stop or slow down to grab your stuff. 

But there are a lot of choices on the market and it can be difficult to choose which top tube bag would best suit your needs. Ultimately, your bag needs to be easy to access, functional, and versatile. Our list of quality products have all of that and more, so you can find the perfect bag to hold everything from tasty snacks to your phone.

How To Choose A Top Tube Bag – Buying Guide


Size and Capacity

The best top tube bike bags will be available in multiple sizes and capacities, but riders should consider how much space they need to ensure that they aren’t running out of space or carrying unnecessary weight. However, cyclists shouldn’t expect to find very large sizes and capacities because it can make it difficult to use the bag. 

Instead, most top tube bicycle bags will be less than 10 inches in length but may be wider to provide you more space for gear. The most common top rated tube bike bag will often hold less than 3 liters of gear, which is perfect for keeping small items like snacks or your phone in a position for easy access while you ride. 

However, some top tube bags for road bikes are extra compact and will only hold the essentials. This is great for riders who want to carry as little weight as possible, but it gives them a place to safely store their personal items. 


The size and capacity of your bike frame bag will affect how much the bag weighs. Larger bags will weigh more than more compact designs. But overall, most bike top tube bags will be lightweight. This means that often, the bag will weigh less than one pound, so you don’t have to worry about riding with too much weight. 

Mounting System

A top rated top tube bike bag should have an easy to use mounting system. The best top tube bags use multiple Velcro straps, which will wrap around and secure to your bike frame. This keeps the bag stable and immobile while you ride and ensures that it can’t accidentally slip off. The standard number of straps is two, but larger sized bags may have 3 or more straps to keep it secure. 

Versatility is also important for the mountain system and it should be able to fit all types of frames like road or beginner mountain bikes. The adjustability of the straps ensures that you can secure it to any bike frame without struggling. 


When you’re riding, it is also important to be able to easily access your gear without stopping. Top tube bicycle bags should have zippers that operate smoothly and have large pull tabs so that you can unzip the pouch while still pedaling and steering your bike. Top tube bag reviews can help you determine how functional the bag is and whether it is easy or difficult to access your gear. 


For many riders, the best top tube bike bag will also complete protection, which means that the material and zippers will be fully waterproof. Whether you’re using a top tube bag for triathlons or casual rides, waterproofing can help keep your gear dry. If you’re carrying water safe gear you won’t have to worry about it getting wet, but a top tube phone bag definitely needs to be waterproof to keep your electronic device safe. 

A bag’s waterproof level should be indicated in the product information, but you can also check top tube bag reviews for information. Many riders will also comment on how functional the bag is when wet and if any water leaked through to the interior. 



Q: Why Do I Need A Top Tube Bike Bag?


While some bikers use panniers or saddle bags, the benefit of a bike frame bag is that you will have easy access to your gear at all times. Unlike other bags that are positioned out of reach while you are seated on your bike, a cycling top tube bag sits right on top of the frame and within reach of the rider’s hands. This means that you can operate the zippers and open the bag, while you continue to ride. This makes these bags the most convenient option for riders to use to hold all their essential gear.

Q: How To Clean And Care For A Tube Bag?


The best top tube bike bag will have little maintenance requirements because of the durable and waterproof exterior. While bags may get dirty while you ride, they should be able to be easily handwashed and dried between trips. However, there should be specific care instructions included with your purchase so that you know exactly how to clean and care for the bag without causing damage.

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Top rated tube bike bags are a convenient and easy way to ensure that you have the space to carry what you need on your ride. Unlike other designs, riders won’t have to physically wear a bag or worry that their gear is out of reach. With the best top tube bag and our selection of products, you’ll find the exact bike frame bag you need to keep everything ready at your fingertips. 

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