What Is The Best Time To Buy A Boat


If you are looking to buy a boat, then a question that may be passing through your mind is when is the best time to buy a boat.

If you were to ask a retailer, they would probably tell you that today is the best time. However, if you did your research, then you would notice that there is much more to buying the boat such as checking for the best marine speakers.

You will need to consider the location where you plan on using the boat, and the time of year.

Some people may advise you that the best time is at the end of the month since sellers need to meet their monthly quota. While there is some truth to this, this is not the only time to buy the boat.

Best time to buy a boat

The first thing that you may need to take into consideration is the time of year. Summer is the new model year. This means that the boats will go for a high price as the season approaches summer since the new models are going to be released.

However, you can’t wait for June or July to buy your boat as some models will sell fast. You may find that the model you were waiting to buy found a buyer and you are suddenly left without a boat.

As far as the seasons go, however, each has its benefits.

Spring and summer

Many boat owners will consider spring and summer among the worst times of the year to buy a boat. These are generally considered as boating seasons.  Many people are looking to buy a boat during this time which means that the prices are taken up by the demand.

This increase in competition with the resulting rise in price causes many buyers to avoid purchasing during this time.

If you are one of the many others who choose to buy a boat during this time, look out for the best boat covers as well.

However, keep in mind that many people will prefer to buy a boat during this time of the year. Since summer is the boating season, you can buy in the spring and then prepare for the activities of summer.  You can enjoy the water immediately if you bought it in the summer.


Many believe that the best time to buy a boat is in the Fall. Many boat manufacturers and sellers will begin to offer discounts during this time around September and October due to falling demand.

As the demand begins to drop, one of the best incentives that sellers can offer is deep cuts in prices.

Even better is that when you get your boat during this time, you can then use the remaining time until summer to add all the other accessories that you are going to need such as boat deck chairs.


You might never think of winter as a time to even think of buying a boat but this could actually be the best time of year to buy a boat. This is the time of the boat shows where dealers and manufacturers show off their latest models.

Even sellers from warmer climates will bring their end of year inventory and showcase. Potential buyers can view the different models on offer and decide what to purchase later.

Even better is that this is often the time that you can strike a really good deal. You will find different boat models including inflatable boats.

That said, perhaps the absolute best time to buy a boat is when you are actually ready to buy one.

When you attend the expo, always make sure that you do proper preparations. Go online and search for your favorite brands. Learn what to look for in a good boat and check out the websites of the models that you are interested in.

When you get there, take time and inspect the different models. Ask for a brochure and note down the prices. Of course, while the price is a big determining factor, you also want to check the quality, space, and other factors to make the best decision.

With background information plus the amazing prices that will be on offer, you are going to find a boat that is best suited for your needs.

Control your emotions


Emotions have an important part to play when buying a boat since without them you will actually not buy the boat in the first place. However, be careful in letting your emotions drive your decisions as this can cause you to rush things and end up making mistakes or not getting the boat that you want.

Take your time and do as much research as you can. Read blogs and watch YouTube videos to enable you to be conversant with the buying process. After you have done enough research then let your emotions kick in and have fun while choosing the right boat for you.

At the boat show, you may want to find a boat that has among the best marine stereos.

Also, when at the boat show, always talk to the dealers. How they respond to your questions, provide relevant information, and guide you in your purchase decision is a huge part of the overall package. You can tell a manufacturer’s adherence to quality by talking to the sellers.

Where to actually buy a boat

Now that it is clear that the off-season is the very best time of year to buy a boat, what many people will not agree on is the best place to buy one. Should you buy at the boat show, or should you contact a dealer?

After all the boat shows have prices cut really low and conventional wisdom is to target the time when the boat prices are at their lowest. However, some will agree that it is instead better to contact a dealer.

A point to note is to always check the type of bilge pump that the boat model has as this is among the most important parts of the boat.

In fact, talk to the dealers themselves and you will quickly learn that the best prices are in fact not at the boat shows. They will instead encourage you to visit a dealer at their showroom. Why is this? Because the dealers will pay thousands of dollars for the space that they use to showcase their boats.

And we haven’t even considered the costs of transportation and hauling the boats to and from the showroom. Somehow the dealers are going to need to recover the costs and so they will pass these onto the boat show customers.

The last day of the boat show is when the dealers are really looking to get rid of their boats and are therefore even more likely to cut prices down even further.

While you are inspecting the different models also check for a good quality boat anchor.

You can even start by noting down the prices of the boats at the boat shows. Then afterward you can visit the dealer. The fact that they are not trying to recover any costs at this point means that they are more likely to give you a great deal even better than at the boat show.

What’s more, is that the dealers can form a good relationship with the customer and even help them make a better purchase decision.

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Buying a boat is much more than finding a model that you like. You also want to strike the best deal. This is a combination of finding the best time of year to buy a boat as well as knowing how and when to talk to the dealer.

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