For cyclists, using your tailgate is a convenient way to convert your truck into a bike rack, so you can transport your bicycle to the trailhead. The best tailgate pad is a great investment for your truck because you don’t have to buy an expensive bike rack.  

A bike tailgate pad will cover your tailgate, which allows you to hang the wheel of your bike over the gate. This will help you save space, so you can safely load and transport more bikes in your truck bed.

We have made a list of the best tailgate bike pads on the market to help you find the perfect product. With one of these truck bike pads, you can confidently and safely take your bike on all your outdoor adventures.

How To Choose A Tailgate Pad – Buying Guide



The fit of a pad is the first feature that you should consider when you are looking at top rated tailgate bike pads. Most products will come in a small, medium, or large size. However, if you buy a small-sized mat for a large truck, it doesn’t mean that the mat won’t fit your truck. 

Many of the best tailgate bike pads are universally sized and the straps can be adjusted to fit any tailgate. The size of the pad refers to its length. A smaller pad will be shorter and cover less of your tailgate. If you choose a longer tailgate pad for bikes, it will cover more of your truck and allow you to carry more bikes. 

If you are concerned about how a truck bike pad might fit your tailgate, read some reviews. Tailgate pad reviews can help you determine whether a design will be too small or too large for your truck, which can help you find the right product for your needs. 


The best tailgate pad will put safety at the forefront of its design. This means that the pad has a system of straps, loops, or bumpers that can be used to keep your bikes in place on your tailgate. 

An unsecured bike can quickly become a hazard on the road, but you can prevent an accident by looking for a tailgate pad that uses straps or loops to keep your bike locked into place on the mat. With features like these, you can prevent your bike from shifting or falling out of your truck. 


Every time you load up your bikes for an adventure, it is important to consider how the mat will prevent your truck from getting damaged. The best tailgate bike pad turns your tailgate into a bike rack, so look for a design that is thickly padded and lined with a soft material to prevent damage occurring to your truck’s paint. 


It is also important to look at the durability of the pad and consider how often you will use your pad. If you want to keep your pad installed at all times, you need an extra durable design that can withstand damage from the sun, weather, and other elements. However, if you will use your pad occasionally and remove it from your tailgate to store it during the off season, you don’t need the pad to be as durable. 

The durability of your pad will also determine the life of your pad and its price. The best tailgate bike pad will be long lasting and extra durable, but it might be more expensive too. Tailgate pad reviews can help you determine the durability of a pad and decide whether it is right for your needs. 


Whether you want to install your tailgate pad and leave it on or only put it on when you are going to use it, it is important that you correctly attach your mat to your truck. The vast majority of top rated tailgate bike pads are installed using a series of straps that wrap around and tighten against your tailgate. 

The straps should be durable, but that doesn’t prevent them from being cut. If you are worried about thieves stealing your pad, you should not leave it permanently installed on your truck. Instead, take the pad on and off each time you use it. 

Size and Shape

Similar to fit, look at the size and shape of your tailgate pad. A tailgate pad for bikes is usually designed with straps that will fit any truck, but many are listed as being a certain size. Instead, the size refers to how the pad covers your tailgate. Large sized pads will cover the entire length of your tailgate, while smaller sized pads may only cover half of your tailgate.



Q: What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Tailgate Pad?


A tailgate bicycle pad is used to protect your bike and truck from damage during transportation. Instead of having to install a bike rack, a tailgate pad allows you to use your tailgate like a rack. But to protect your truck and your bike, it is important to use the pad to prevent scratches, dents, or other types of damage.

Q: What Size Cover Do I Buy To Fit My Truck?


Mountain bike tailgate protectors often come in various sizes from small to large. The size of the pad will determine how well your tailgate is protected against damage and how many bikes you can transport. Larger truck bike pads can fit up to 7 bikes, while smaller designs may fit only 2 bikes. 

Q: What Are The Best Materials For A Quality Truck Pad?


For durability and longevity, it is important to look for the best tailgate pad that uses high-quality synthetic materials in its construction. Fabrics like nylon or polyester are great choices because they are naturally resistant to damage and have better durability than other materials. Nylon and polyester can also be coated in a water or weather resistant material to make them more durable.

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The best tailgate pad will make it easy to load your bike into your truck, so you can hit the road. With plenty of sizes and designs to choose from, you should be able to find the perfect product that will keep your gear safe. Our article highlights the best products and helps you sort through the competition, so you can find the perfect pad for your bike.

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