A reliable wilderness survival shelter is more than just a well-insulated tent. It’s not just a good tent to use during outdoor camping (though you can, and should totally use it like that, too). It’s more like a medical-designed, military-grade shelter effective enough to protect the life of a survival victim until further help arrives.

The best survival shelters you can acquire will offer emergency protection in all weather conditions, usually for 2 people, as well as a minimal supply of survival tools and design features. The fabrics that go into a wilderness shelter are capable of reflecting up to 70% of your body heat regardless of how cold it is outside the winter survival shelter. So, without further ado, here are our top 10 picks so you can choose the best shelter for survival according to your needs.

Survival Shelter Reviews

How To Choose A Survival Shelter – Buying Guide


The options in this list of the best survival shelter seem to differ from one another quite a lot, right? Here is what you should be looking at depending on your needs.


If you plan to take hiking trips in more dangerous and remote areas, or during wintertime, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than Mylar. Aluminum-based ones or alternatives are then the middle level, and polyethylene is the lightest type of fabric to consider.


For colder conditions, you should be looking at the best survival shelters, capable of preserving 90% of your body heat. If you’re camping out in regular environments during spring, summer and fall then an 80% protection rate will be enough. Waterproof is a must, but all of the outdoor survival shelters on this list provide this feature. If you plan to use a campfire right next to your tent, then you should also look for a fire-proof one.


As you can predict, some of the more expensive options in our top are also more durable. Polyethylene is the least durable material, and Mylar is the most resistant. Still, you should look to other factors too when assessing durability (the strength of the rope or string holding it together), the toughness of the seams and so on.


Q: How Do I Make Sure I Get The Protection I Need?


The best way to get heat insulation and weather protection is by using a reliable wilderness survival shelter inside a regular tent made for camping. A survival shelter is much smaller than a classic tent in any case, so it would perfectly fit inside one. Also, just like you protect your sleeping bag from the ground’s cold by adding an insulation layer between the sleeping bag and the tent, you will also protect yourself even better by using a wilderness shelter.

Of course, the protection offered is not just about the cold, but much more than that (other types of temperatures or weather conditions etc., not to mention the paracord rope and emergency whistle included with some models).

Before you get inside the survival shelter you need, it needs to be well-grounded. Some models come with a paracord rope, such as the one you can find in survival bracelets. You are supposed to use this rope for tying the outdoors shelter to a large and heavy object before it’s ready to use. Others come with specialized steel tent pegs for an even more secure grounding. We lean towards the second type of grounding system (using tent pegs), but that doesn’t mean the rope method is not trustworthy either, as long as the item you buy is high-quality.

Q: How Do I Store And Use My Survival Shelter?


This will be the least of your worries once you make up your mind about what wilderness survival shelter to choose. All of the best ones are very lightweight and come in a case which you can use to carry them around, tightly packed.

While you’re not gone camping, you can keep your wilderness shelter in a storage closet around your home, or even in a shed outside the home.

Using your survival shelter is fairly easy and straightforward, especially if you take a look at the instructions leaflet which will come with your purchase. Some of the best survival shelters also come with multi-use features, and in these cases you will of course have even more instructions (like an e-book, for example) in order to make the most of it.

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Camping outdoors is a wonderful and exciting experience that everyone should have regularly. As long as you follow some basic safety rules and you come well prepared and well-equipped, it will be nothing but pleasant. Choosing a good option from among the best survival shelters available is part of this preparation process, of course. We hope that we managed to give you a glimpse of the features you should be looking for, and that you’ll have a great time in your wilderness trip.

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Have you been camping or hiking during winter or extreme conditions, requiring the use of a wilderness survival shelter? Do you just take one along on any camping trip or do you actually use one on a regular basis? What’s the best survival shelter you’ve tried out so far and where do you plan to take it next? Share your thoughts and experiences with our other readers below! We’re always happy to hear from you.

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