Having a high quality lighter is important for any outdoor enthusiast. Despite its recreational uses, it is important to have in any survival kit as well as you never know when staying warm will become so important. Of course, having a lighter is only good if it is working properly.

There are many times when a lighter will fail to work. Too many outdoor enthusiasts have struggled with a lighter not working due to it being exposed to water. While waterproof matches are great, having a waterproof lighter is even better.

Fire is a great way to keep you safe and comfortable in the outdoors. The best survival lighter is one that will still give you all the benefits of a traditional lighter while allowing it to be useful despite the harsh conditions.

On top of the many important camping accessories you should bring with you, the best emergency lighter is one of the most crucial. In order to find the best one for you, it is important to know your options on the market and understand the different technologies that go into making them.

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How To Choose A Survival Lighter – Buying Guide


Before deciding on a waterproof lighter, we recommend considering the following features.


There are 4 main types of waterproof lighters. Each will have its benefits and drawbacks.

The first is a quick and versatile option. These include lighters like Zippo. You know you’re going to have a reliable lighter that you can throw in your pocket and forget about. The best part of this brand is that they make some of the best backpacking lighters you can get to the point that they’ll replace the lighter if something goes wrong with it.

Butane torch lighters are great for colder conditions where you need instant warmth. These are small in size so you can stuff a few in your bag so you ensure you have a light. Butane lighters can make a large flame with little effort. This gives you the ability to make a large fire with little effort, even in unideal conditions.

If you are at elevation and in windy conditions regularly you’ll need a windproof lighter. Most of these lighters are reliable even in up to 85 miles per hour winds making them one of the most reliable types on our list. They will also be able to work at elevations up to 80 000 feet. Also, most of this type of lighter floats on the surface of the water and work even when damp.

A plasma lighter makes a flame using electricity. This means they’ll run on a battery that can be recharged by a simple USB cable. You can bring along a portable solar power charger so you can keep this lighter charged at all times. To use all you have to do is press one button and you’ll have a flame. The best part about this type of lighter is that it doesn’t rely on any liquid or fuel to make a flame.


Before you invest in a camping lighter you’ll have to know what conditions you’ll be using it in. Obviously, you’ll be using it to make a fire to stay warm, but the environment you use it in will go a long way to determine the type you’ll need. This also includes potential emergency situations.


Since a lighter is a piece of survival gear you’ll want to get the highest quality you can. There’s no point in bringing along a lighter if it doesn’t work when you need it to. Having one that can withstand a few bumps and dings will ensure you can always make your situation safe.


Every single lighter will have a lifespan. This can be from 100 uses to upwards of 10 000. Knowing how much you can use your lighter will ensure you have a reliable option. Also, being able to use it in any weather conditions will be key.

Direct Flame 

Normal lighters are not ideal for adverse conditions. Lighters that make a direct flame will be ideal for starting fires and keeping you safe. There are many options when it comes to this type of lighter.

Water Resistance

If you have a favorite lighter that isn’t at least water-resistant we strongly recommend you bring multiple lighters. Having at least one that is resistant to water will ensure you can always make a flame. This can be in the form of a waterproof housing that keeps the striking pads dry or a plasma lighter that doesn’t rely on striking materials.


You shouldn’t have to bring a lighter in a huge box to ensure it stays dry and safe. Lighters also shouldn’t weigh a ton. Having a small compact lighter in your back pocket at all times will ensure you stay safe even if your bag is floating down a river without you.


If you prefer a lighter that relies on fuel you’ll want to ensure it can be easily refilled. This will allow you to keep the same lighter for years without having to replace it. The only downfall is that you have to monitor the amount of fluid that’s remaining.


Some waterproof lighters are able to be lit with one hand making them great for people who usually have their hands full. Lots will have a single button you have to press that will ignite a fire while others you simply have to open the lid and the flame ignites. This makes it incredibly easy to get out of cold environments with little to no effort.


Waterproof lighter reviews have trouble determining what the best material is to go for. They can, however, agree that having a lighter that excels in durability is a great place to start. Typically, you will want a lighter that has a metal casing as this will be best suited to keep it safe. Aluminum is a popular choice for this. Opting for one that is stainless steel is a great option for those heading out to sea as it will provide protection from the ocean being corrosion resistant.



Q: What Is A Waterproof Lighter?


As the name suggests, a waterproof lighter is one that will still work even if it gets wet. This is a very important, and in extreme situations even lifesaving, item to have. Whether you are looking to simply light a candle to set a mood, or needing to start a campfire on a cold night, having a lighter that will actually work is so important.

Q: When Do I Need A Waterproof Lighter?


A waterproof lighter is good to have at any time where you may have some exposure to water in the outdoors. Whether you are camping or simply going for a picnic on the beach, having a waterproof lighter is a great way to ensure that you will always be able to create fire. This is especially important for camping as being able to effectively make a campfire is important.

Q: How To Recharge My Waterproof Lighter?


There are many different ways that you can charge your lighter and it depends solely on the lighter that you have. Electric lighters are a popular choice, some are solar rechargeable making it so all you need is a little bit of sunlight. For those that aren’t, you can bring along a powerbank to do this with. Some lighters can even be charged with your vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

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A survival torch lighter is an important accessory for camping and all other outdoor use. Being able to effectively use your lighter despite extreme weather conditions is important. We featured on our list all the best camping lighters that are designed to ensure that you can make the most out of your outdoor experience. Be sure to do your research to find out the best features before choosing the lighter for you and then enjoy the long lifespan of these multi-purpose accessories.

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